What is the Best Robot Vacuum for Pets and Pet Owners?

What is the best vacuum solution for pet owners? This is a question we often have posed to us here at AllHomeRobotics. Robotic vacuums are especially well suited for cleaning up pet dander and associated dirt. This page will serve as our one-stop resource for the best pet friendly robotic vacuums on the market (updated regularly)

Update: In terms of the best value for the money right now, I’d go with either the Roomba 890 or the Botvac D5 if you have pets.

The original recommendations I made below are still good, but the technology is somewhat dated and the above robots have recently come down in price.

Because most of us have pets living around us on a daily basis, the need for constant cleaning is just as present. Even for pet owners with no allergies, the build-up of dander and dust over time can have a negative effect on quality of life and general health. For pet lovers with allergies, cleaning up dander becomes a necessity to function on a daily basis.

Having an automated solution like a Roomba or Neato means that you can regularly schedule cleaning to maintain a clean and healthy environment. A robotic vacuum will clean up after pets almost as fast as they shed and move about the house. In the following sections, we will look at the leading “pet-friendly” vacuums of choice for pet owners and their families.

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The Best Neato Pet Allergy Vacuum

Neato is one of the leading brands of robotic vacuum. They feature a wide lineup of automated vacuums, but the one best suited for pet owners is the Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Automatic Vacuum Cleaner. This vacuum has been especially designed with pet owners and their pets in mind. Read our full review of the XV-21 here.

Features of the Neato XV-21

  • Works on All Floor Types – No need to worry about tile vs carpeting, the XV-21 does it all as a vacuum, collecting fur balls, pet dander, and dirt from pets as effectively as a traditional vacuum.
  • Large Dust Bin – The 3/4 quart dust bin is one of the larger bins on the market for automated vacuums. This is especially good for owners with multiple pets and/or pets who shed frequently.
  • Enhanced Pet Allergen Collection – The XV-21 was designed for pet households. It boasts extra brush bristles, particularly adept at collecting pet hairs as well as an advanced suction systems tested for optimal dirt and dust collection.
  • Allergy Filter – The Pet Allergy edition of the Neato XV-21 comes standard with an advanced filter which better collects and contains more than 3x more pet dander than comparable vacuums.

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The Best Roomba Pet Allergy Vacuums

Many of iRobot’s Roomba cleaners are strong contenders for the best vacuum for pets. With each new series, the Roomba has improved on the older models in terms of dander collection. However, the perfect sweet spot of price and features right now is the iRobot Roomba 770 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies. Below we have listed the top features that pet owners will find useful. You an read our full review of the Roomba 770 by following this link.

Features of the Roomba 770

  • Dual HEPA Air Filters – The mark of a good pet or allergy vacuum is the presence of HEPA air filters. Designed specifically to capture and filter pet dander and dust, the Roomba 770 comes standard with two filteration systems. Even tiny particles unseen to the human eye are cycled through the system, leaving behind only clean air.
  • Double Pass Dirt Detection – The persistent pass cleaning technology makes the 770 especially adept at cleaning up dirt. Multiple passes ensure that hard to catch pet dander is gathered up. Sensors accoustically locate extra debris and determine where to provide extra cleaning coverage. It functions as an insurance policy. Even the best vacuums can miss things the first time around.
  • 3-Stage Cleaning Process – One of the most appealing aspects of the Roomba 770 is the 3-stage cleaning technology. Side brushes push pet dander and debris towards the underbelly of the device. This is combined with a new powerful cleaning head to suck more dirt in from the front. iRobot has made significant investment in this cleaning technology and it shows.

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