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Comparing the Petcube Play vs Petzi Cam – Which is Better?

(Last Updated On: April 10, 2017)

Pet cameras allow you to keep an eye on your pet cats or dogs when you are not home.  It gives you the peace of mind and keeps you from missing your pets terribly when you’re away.

So, if you are looking for a pet camera, you may want to consider either Petzi Treat Cam or PetCube Play.

Introducing the PetCube Play

PetCube Play offers you a 1080-pixel HD camera that lets you to see what your pets are up to when you are not around.  It connects to your Wi-Fi and Internet, so that you could access it on your smartphone via the companion mobile app.

Using the mobile app, you can view live feeds from your house and you can even play with your pets using the built-in laser.  You can even choose the auto-play mode if you are too busy to play.  What’s more, you can talk to your pets through the PetCube Play’s built-in speakers.

Key Features of the Play

  • Smart Ergonomic Design: The PetCube Play stays true to its name; it takes on a cubic form factor, measuring 3 inches on all sides with rounded edges for a softer, more playful look.  The camera comes in three colors: carbon black, matte silver and rose gold.  It has a shiny black face.  The camera and the laser light are up front.  You can place it just about anywhere with its non-slip rubber bottom, or you can mount it on a tripod.
  • HD Video: It makes use of an HD camera that streams 1080-pixel videos.  The camera has a wide angle, capturing up to 138 degrees of what’s in front of it.  It also has good night vision capabilities, allowing you to see your pets even at night and in very low light conditions.  You can also zoom in to see what your pets are doing more clearly as the camera offers 3x digital zoom.
  • Plenty of Alerts Customization: The PetCube Play also comes with motion and sound alerts to help you know if there are problems with your pets at home.  The system will know when something is amiss and will be able to detect background noise.  That means you do not get alerted with false alarms.  Plus, if you are busy, you can always turn on the “Do Not Disturb” mode to turn off the alerts.
  • 2-Way Communication: Moreover, the PetCube Play allows for two-way communication as you can talk to your pets and hear them at the same time.
  • Well Developed Smart App: You can download the companion apps on any iOS 8 or Android 4.3 device or higher.  These apps help you operate the camera, including taking screenshots or recording the streaming video.  You can also use it to share photos and videos, use the different features such as zoom and the laser game, and you tweak the settings, too.  You would also need the mobile app to register your PetCube Play and share access with your friends.

What’s in the box

  • Petcube Play
  • 3M anti-chewable USB-C power cord
  • AC power adapter
  • Quick Start Guide

PetCube Care

PetCube offers a cloud storage service for your PetCube Play.  PetCube Care gives you 10 days or 30 days of video recordings, which are triggered when motion or sound is detected.  It will also start recording when you choose auto play mode as well as when you interact with your pets.

PetCube Care costs anywhere from $10 per month for a 10-day video history to $30 per month for a 30-day video history.  You can enjoy lower rates with an annual plan.

Pros of the PetCube Play

  • Video Quality: PetCube gives you high-definition videos that are crisp and clear even at night or in low light conditions.
  • Sound Quality: The sound quality is also top-notch and the laser is great for interacting with your pets.

What could be better

  • Storage Options: You need to avail of the cloud storage service to get the alerts, and that can be quite expensive for some people.  The videos recorded by PetCube Care are only up to 30 seconds each, so if you are playing with your pet for five minutes, that activity would be cut into 10 clips.  You also cannot have audio recording on play sessions with the laser game, even when the sound is recorded when the recording is triggered by sound or motion detection.
  • Multiple Camera Issues: There is no way to connect multiple cameras to one account, which would have been useful if you have a big house.  Instead, you would need to create several accounts for each camera.  There is also a privacy issue in the fact that you cannot use the mobile app to turn off the PetCube Play remotely.

Final word on PetCube Play

If you are one of those pet parents who cannot stop worrying about their pets when they leave home, the PetCube Play is a good pet camera for you.  You can see your cats and dogs in crisp and clear videos no matter where you are, and even soothe them with your voice when they become agitated.  You can even play with them.

What’s more, if you are the paranoid type, you will appreciate the 128-bit encryption and SSL security features on the PetCube Play.  Definitely a good investment for pet lovers!

About the Petzi Treat Cam

720 Pixel Camera w/Night Vision: Petzi Treat Cam is another product that allows you to check in on your pets when you are not home.  It has a 720-pixel camera that also features night vision capabilities and a wide angle of vision.  You can talk to and hear your pets, as well.

Mobile App: It has a companion mobile app for iOS and Google Play devices that allows you to see your pets at home, say hello to them, and even snap a photo when they do something cute while you’re watching.  What’s more, it dispenses treats for your pets.

Treat Dispenser: So, with Petzi Treat Cam, you not only gain a way to check in on your pets but also a way to reward them for good behavior even if you are half the world away.

Easy Setup: It is very easy to set Petzi Treat Cam up.  You just take it out of the box, remove the front cover and then put your pet’s favorite treats into the container, and then replace the front cover.  Take the power adapter and then plug your Petzi in.  After that, you would need to download the companion app and then enter your Wi-Fi password.  The Petzi Treat Cam is now connected to your smartphone and ready for action.



Pros of the Petzi Treat Cam

  • Cost Effective: For only about $170 as of this writing (check the latest price here), you get two devices in one: a pet camera to help you keep track of your pets while you are away and a treat dispenser.  And even with these features, installation and set up is very easy and painless.  You do not have to connect it to your Wi-Fi, or fiddle with your router.  All it takes is to get the mobile app and then pair the device with your smartphone.
  • Duability: What’s more, it is made of durable materials, and is designed so that it would not be easy for your dog to chew on.  In fact, the plastic construction has rounded edges and is generally bigger than the average dog’s jaw.

What needs to be improved with the Petzi Treat Cam

  • Power Cord Limitations: The power cord that comes with the Petzi Treat Cam is only four feet long, and this limits the places that you could place the camera on.
  • Audio/Video Quality: The audio and photo quality could also be better.  There are times when the streaming video is not that crisp and the audio quality generally sounds terrible.
  • Treat Dispensing: There are also concerns that the Petzi Treat Cam launches the treats in such a way that it would give your pets a head start.  And it throws the treats out onto the floor.  For some, this might translate to crumbs settling deep into the carpet.

The final word on Petzi Treat Cam

The Petzi Treat Cam works well enough as a pet camera that delivers 720-pixel videos and photos.  The price is really affordable, considering that you are getting a pet camera and a treat launcher in one.  However, the video and audio quality might turn some pet parents off and there is no way for you to see the feeds from the same camera using two phones.

Side-by-side comparison: PetCube Play vs Petzi Treat Cam

To make it easier for you to decide between a PetCube Play or a Petzi Treat Cam, you might want to look at this side-by-side comparison:

ModelPetCube PlayPetzi Treat Cam
PriceCheck here for latestCheck here for latest
Dimensions (h x w x d) 3″ x 3″ x 3″14″ x 8.25″ x 6.25″
Weight1.1 lbs.4.0 lbs
ResolutionHD, 1080 pixels720 pixels
Wide angle of vision138 degreesYes
Two way communicationYesYes
Night visionYesYes
iOS mobile appYesYes
BluetoothBluetooth Low EnergyNo


What should you buy?

If you are not out of the house for long and very often, and you just want to keep track of your pets while you’re out on a grocery run, picking your kids up at school, or doing some errands, then you would appreciate the features that you could get from Petzi Treat Cam, while also saving $30.

High Quality Video is Most Important: The PetCube Play, however, is perfect for pet parents who do not want to miss their pets because of the better audio and video quality that it delivers.  The PetCube Play also has an included laser game that would help your pets get the exercise they need even when you do not have the time to play with them.

Treat Cam Dispensing is Needed: On the other hand, the Petzi Treat Cam can dispense treats to reward your pets.

Further, if you are the type of pet parent that puts a premium on looks, you should spend more and get the PetCube camera.  PetCube has a smart design and a sleek look, with three different colors to choose from.  Also, it has a brushed aluminium look.  Meanwhile, Petzi Treat Cam looks solid with its plastic body.

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