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LawnBott Spyder Review – Review of Model LB1200 Spyder

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2017)


The technology world has expanded in recent years to include tools of all kind from robotic vacuums to robotic lawnmowers.  The latter is one of the latest advancements when it comes to helping to make the home-grooming process a bit simpler for the busy family.

At this point, most people know about how robotic vacuums work, but the way robotic lawnmowers work is not as readily known. One of the most well-known robotic lawnmowers that are on the market today is the LawnBott LB1200 Spyder.

This product retails originally at $1,599.99 (For the latest prices check here) , but for many, the ease in which this lawnmower works to clean your entire yard, many would consider it a great investment. Continue reading for my full LawnBott Spyder review.

How it Works

There are many lawnmowers on the market today, some of which are smaller and others that are a bit bulkier. Either way, this lawnmower is known as the first-ever robotic product that operates without the use of a wire perimeter.

The lawnmower was built with their patented sensors that are able to detect grass and obstacles alike. When the mower comes across these obstacles like driveways, mulch beds, and patios, it will reverse direction and continue working at making your home look remarkable.

Those that are familiar with the way robot vacuums work, one major difference you will notice is that you can’t schedule the LawnBott LB1200 Spyder to operate when you aren’t around.

Logistically, it would be too difficult to make this happen, but when the time comes and you need to cut the grass, just pick up the light robot, set it down on the grass, turn it on, walk away and let it do all the work.

You will never have to worry about stopping the lawnmower to empty the bag either, as it simply cuts the grass, throws it down, making it that much easier for you to do the job.


The battery that LawnBott uses on the LB1200 Spyder allows any home up to 5,500 square feet to be maintained with its three and half hour lithium ion battery. The 24 pound lawnmower is easy to transport from the storage area (garage, shed, beneath deck, etc.) to the grass cutting areas of your home.

After it is done cutting the grass in your yard, it is easy to bring back to its storage area and re-connect the charger. If you need the lawnmower for more than the battery allows, it will be fully charged again after just a few hours.

One positive and important aspect of this robotic lawnmower is your ability to get your robot lawnmower out there a few times a week to keep the grass trimmed neatly and maintained.

Not to mention, cutting down the grass multiple times each week will also allow you to prevent weeds and wild flowers from growing and spreading.

Another popular part of this mower is the fact that you can run it at any time of day and your neighbors wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. It requires no gas, oil and has absolutely no noise and is better for the environment.

It will also keep you in the better favor of those in your neighborhood regardless of when you operate it on your property.

The LB1200 is made with four-wheel drive and has a rubber tread design that allows it to handle any slope it may come up to with a 27-degree angle, as well as any grass type or yard.

The LawnBott LB1200 comes with a two year warranty on the robot and a one year warrant on the battery, giving potential users that may be skeptical of the machine time to use it and deal with any potential issues that could arise in the first year after purchase.

Overall, the LB1200 is a miniature version of any lawnmower you may have ever seen before. It is 10.6 inches tall, 19.6 inches long, 19.2 inches wide and weighs just 24 pounds.

Pros of LawnBott LB1200 Spyder


One of the best aspects of this product is the ability to update the firmware inside the lawnmower. By keeping it up to date, you are getting all the latest important updates from LawnBott that could be the difference between your product lasting a few more years and breaking down early.

If you have ever spent any time cutting grass, you would notice the buildup of grass, dirt and debris across the entire unit. With the LB1200 Spyder, this is possible and likely to happen and when it comes to the sensors, could pose an issue later on.

However, LawnBott made it simple to clean these important sensors with only a scraper and wet rag. Once the gunk is removed, it will look like new again.

Cons of LawnBott LB1200 Spyder

Just like with any other piece of technology and outdoor equipment, there will be certain problems that might happen with your machine, but not your neighbor.

There have been some reports of problems with the drive belts of this product in which case they would break after having a screw come loose from the casing. If you catch the loose screw before any serious damage is done, then that would be one less thing you would need to worry about later on.

If you don’t catch the problem, you will have problems with certain angles as the drive belts are what give the LB1200 Spyder its four wheel drive.

For those that are used to the quality of blades in their riding or push lawnmower, you might be upset to hear that it is essential that you replace the stainless steel blades each year.

If you keep your glass trimmed more often throughout the week, it will help the life of your blades as they won’t be getting overworked with thicker grass. Some would argue that using it more would do more damage to the blades, but that is for another time.

Those that have used the original European models might have a problem with the added six pounds that is on the American version. This extra weight could make it difficult for older people to operate the lawnmower, which may have been the main intention behind them receiving it as a gift.

One thing you need to be cautious with when operating this product is if you have solar panels or any nice flowers that don’t have a border around them.

While the LB1200 Spyder is designed to notice your driveway or a sidewalk, if an obstacle isn’t tall enough or allows the lawnmower to make solid contact, it may continue to run directly over these items.

If you are a person that enjoys creating patterns and designs on your grass each week, this product will make it difficult. It does not operate in the same pattern continuously; rather it bounces around from spot to spot.

For some, this is an issue, while for others that just want their grass cut, it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Features of LawnBott LB1200 Spyder

Coverage Area5,500 square feet
Size of Mower19.6×19.2×10.6 inches
Overall Weight24 pounds
Type of Cutting Disc4 prong blades
Cutting Width10 inches
Cutting Height1.8 to 2.8 inches
Battery TypeLithium Ion
Auto RechargeNo
Auto ProgrammingNo
Rain SensorNo
Retail Pricesee here for latest pricing

It may seem like there are more cons than pros for the LawnBott LB1200 Spyder, but for the most part, this product is something that will make the entire grass-cutting process simpler for everyone.

It may make it difficult to punish your kids when they do something wrong, but it will allow you to cut the grass and take care of any other busy work in the yard.

For the family member responsible for cutting the grass that works 60 hours a week and still tries to maintain their home, that is all you can ask for. You can generally find the best price at this listing.

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