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LG HomBot 3.0 Review

(Last Updated On: December 6, 2017)

The LG HomBot 3.0 provides many sweeping and vacuuming functions. They can be used for all floor types including carpet, tile, and hardwood. It is easy to program the small product to take care of your cleaning needs.

It can also get into the corners and other hard to reach areas so that your entire floor is as clean as possible!

This is also a very quiet product so it can be cleaning your floors without disrupting your activities. You can have a conversation while it is on and not have to talk any louder than normal.

In this LG HomBot 3.0 review we will go through the leading features and whether it is worth the money.


There are many features that the LG HomBot 3 offers. These features allow the customer to be able to use the product for a variety of needs they may have in their home. It is this flexibility that makes this product one of the most popular products in this category available on the market today. These features include:

Works on All Floor Types: The various settings for different types of flooring make it possible to use this product on all types of floors. This is an important feature as some of the other similar products only work on certain types of flooring.

The square design allows the LG HomBot 3 to successfully clean along baseboards and to get into corners.

Smart Floor Coverage: There are longer brushes on the sides that allow it to get into the areas where the dirt can be hidden or missed. It features two cameras instead of just one – there is one on the top and one on the bottom of the product.

It also maps the layout of the house as it is cleaning. This is how it creates cleaning paths.

Multiple Cleaning Modes: There are 7 cleaning modes that you can select based on the needs for a particular room in your home. It can automatically adjust to the different heights of flooring including different heights of carpeting.

Since it isn’t very tall, it easily fits under furniture so that you get the optimum level of cleaning.

Scheduling: Scheduling cleaning is very simple to do, and can easily be programmed into the system. This makes your cleaning schedule easier than you can imagine. There is a remote control to do this with or it can be programmed from the convenient docking station.

The HEPA filter allows many allergens that are common in a home to be removed during the cleaning process.

Large Dust Bin: The collector bin holds plenty of dirt and debris, which reduces the frequency for emptying it. The process for emptying it is very simple too so it can be done in a matter of seconds.

Due to the mapping programming, the product will return to where it left off, even if you don’t set it down in the location where you picked it up from.

Clear Communication: There are built in commands too that the LG HomBot 3.o offers. It will tell you when it is done cleaning a room. It will tell you when it needs to be recharged as well as when it is fully recharged.

It also tells you when the dirt bin needs to be emptied. There is no doubt that it is quite an advanced product with such features offered.


Easy Settings: This product isn’t limited to any certain types of flooring. It is fast and easy to adjust the setting to program it for what you have in your home. It features a long battery life and a long life cycle.

This is important because you don’t have to recharge it all the time to get the work done. For larger flooring needs, you have the confidence that the LG HomBot 3 isn’t going to die out before the job is completed.

Minimal Sound: This is a very quiet product and that is something consumers enjoy. They can have it turned on when they are watching TV or doing other things in the home.

It can even be used while the kids are sleeping without bothering them. This is a compact product that doesn’t take up much room for storage. It only weighs about 11 pounds.

Ease of Use: This robot vacuum is able to be set using the remote control or by using the docking station. There aren’t lots of complicated procedures to go through in order to set the details for what you would like to have cleaned.

Detailed Product Manual: The product also comes with a very detailed owner’s manual. It is simple to look up information during the learning process to help get the most overall value from the product.

Smart Navigation: You want your furniture and other items in the home to be safe, and it is reassuring that the LG HomBot 3 is gentle. It isn’t going to slam into items, causing nicks or scratches. Even though it is gentle, it offers plenty of power to get the cleaning done.

Plenty of Spare Parts: The product comes with some spare parts that could commonly be needed. They aren’t hard to put on the machine so that it is back to working just like it should in no time at all.


Price: The price of the LG HomBot 3 is high compared to many of the similar products on the market. However, the price is justified when you consider the overall value of what it offers. The features are above and beyond what you get with a basic model robot floor cleaner.

It also provides better overall cleaning results and it is a well-made, durable product that will hold up to the test of time. It’s worth checking out this listing on Amazon for competitive pricing, although the vaccum is not always available.

No Wet Mopping: There are some models that have a wet mopping feature which can be very convenient. However, the LG HomBot 3 doesn’t offer this particular feature. For a consumer without carpet in many rooms, that missing feature could result in more work for them.

Hard to Find: This product can be harder to find than some of the other models and brands on the market. They seem to sell quickly and many stores only keep a few in stock. Buying online can also result in the product being on backorder.

Some shopping around though can usually help the consumer to get one purchased and on the way in a short period of time.


Roomba offers several choices when it comes to robot floor cleaners. The various models they offer are more expensive than this one. Yet when you compare them side by side, you aren’t going to get any additional features.

When the LG HomBot 3 is compared to many models on the market, it tends to clean better. This is especially true when it is compared to the round models that have trouble cleaning in the corners and along baseboards.

While the Samsung models are less expensive, they don’t have the best reviews. They pick up decent but they leave plenty that is to be desired by many owners.

They can get overloaded too and they have to be turned off and then turned back on before they are able to successfully provide the cleaning that they should. A battery life that doesn’t last long enough is also a common complaint with various models of robot floor cleaners on the market.

Final Take

The LG HomBot 3.0 retails for about $800 so it isn’t a cheap product. Yet it can prove to be a very good investment to help you keep your home clean.

For anyone with a busy household, large home to clean, children or pets, or those that have physical limitations that make it hard to clean the floors, this product can be worth the investment.

This is a well-made product that gets very good reviews when compared to other similar products on the market. It is also simple to use according to the feedback from the many happy customers that have offered their own independent review about it.

The LG company also earns high marks for their attention to customer service. If a customer has any questions about the product, how to use it, or they have problems with a product and how it works, they can call to get assistance.

The company is going to work hard to resolve the issue in a manner that everyone is happy with. Customers can contact the customer by phone or email to get assistance.

Where to Buy the LG HomBot

It’s going to be difficult to find the LG HomBot in retail stores. The best option is to go online. As of this publication, the most reliable place to purchase the HomBot 3.0 is over at Orders generally qualify for free shipping, which helps keep the price tag around or below $800.

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