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Neato Botvac 75 Review – Pros and Cons of the Botvac 75

(Last Updated On: November 28, 2017)

If you are in the market for a new robotic vacuum, chances are you have already stumbled across the “Botvac” series from Neato Robotics. It can get a bit confusing, because there are earlier models made by Neato that don’t adhere to the “Botvac” branding.

Rest assured, they are essentially a similar base model with new styling and enhanced features to keep pace with iRobot’s Roomba series (and others).

One of the simple to use robotic vacuum devices is the Neato Botvac 75. It features smart technology that ensures your flooring needs are taken care of. Even though the price is low compared to other similar products, it stands apart from quite a few of them.

The patented technology offers more cleaning power. It also significantly reduces the amount of dust and allergens in the environment.

In the following review, I document some of the “Pros” and “Cons” that I’ve noticed after testing on the 75 model for a while in my single family home (yes, I am a geek and I tend to collect these “bots”).


With the heavy duty brush blades, the Neato Botvac 75 takes care of all your floor cleaning needs. This includes being able to get dirt and debris along the walls and edges. The side brush system ensures that nothing is being left behind.

Excellent Filters: There are two filters offered with the Neato Botvac 75. They ensure that dust and allergens are significantly reduced from the environment. Most of the competitor’s products on the market only have one filter.

The suction power is amazing, and up to 50% more than many of the competitor’s products.

Decent Sized Dust Bin: The dirt bin is large so you don’t have to empty it too often. When you do empty it, the procedure is fast and easy.

Smart Sensoring: The smart sensoring system allows the Neato Botvac 75 to go from one room to the next. It isn’t going to get hung up due to differences in types of flooring.

When it starts to run low on power, it will automatically return to the base to be charged. Once it is charged, it can go back to where it left off and complete the cleaning cycle that it was programmed for.

Interesting Scheduling Features: This robotic vacuum can be scheduled for routine cleaning or to take care of a spill. It can also take care of spot cleaning when you are in a hurry. This is a tool that is going to help with reducing the amount of time it takes for you to keep your home looking clean and enjoyable.

Intriguing Design (up for debate, but I think it’s a “pro”): There is plenty of debate about round versus square designs for robotic vacuums. The Neato Botvac 75 tosses in a new option – the D shape design.

It is this unique design that allows it to clean so well along edges, around items in your home, and under counters.

The Neato Botvac 75 also has an attractive price-point, roughly see on Amazon with free shipping. This is better than some of the latest Roomba’s which can be 25-60% more expensive.


No Wireless Remote: There isn’t a wireless remote control for the Neato Botvac 75. All of the programming has to be done at the base center.

Battery Life Not as Long as Expected: Some consumers have stated they wish that the battery life was longer on this product. If you have a large home or you program the robot to work daily, charging may be a concern. It may be a good investment to by a second battery to have readily available.


Technology: The Neato Botvac 75 features patented technology that includes a laser guide for navigation. This enables the entire room to be scanned and then mapped. The memory stores such information for each room.

This technology allows the robot to successfully clean each room methodically. It can go around toys, furniture, and other items without complication.

Ease of Use: It is simple to schedule the cleaning as you feel necessary. This includes daily cleaning if you would like. It is quiet enough that you can program it to vacuum while you are on the phone, watching TV, eating dinner, or even sleeping!

Suction Power: The suction power of the Neato Botvac 75 is able to remove pet hair from floors too. The design of this system ensures that the pet hair isn’t going to get tangled up in the brushes or clog the suction power.

Software Updates: There is no reason to worry about this robotic vacuum becoming outdated any time soon either. This is due to the free software updates that can be downloaded as they become available.

It is possible to sign up for email alerts. This ensures you get a notice every time such an upgrade is available for download.

Warranty: There is a one year warranty offered on the Neato Botvac 75. Since this product is still relatively new, there isn’t data yet to determine if customers often need to execute such a warranty. I’ve seen a few cases where it’s been used, but largely due to isolated issues.

The company has a solid reputation for making quality products. There is no reason to assume this one will disappoint. In fact, the information out there suggests otherwise. There are previous versions of the Neato Botvac offered.

The 75 model continues to build on what they already know to be working well. They have made some improvements to further enhance the overall cleaning capabilities.

Final Overall Assessment 

The Neato Botvac 75 is a well-made robotic vacuum cleaner. The dual filtering system helps to reduce allergens and dust in the environment. For those with allergies and other sensitivities, this can make a huge difference in how they feel on a daily basis. The product is reasonably priced when you consider all it offers.

The Neato Botvac 75 gets high ratings in regards to how well it cleans the various types of flooring. It rates much higher than many of the competitor products. It is also priced lower than most of the competitors so it is significant value to consider if you are in the market for a robotic vacuum.

Price -Where to Buy the Neato Botvac 75

The Neato Botvac 75 retails for about $450, but I’ve found it for less here. The price tag is significantly less than several of the competitor products. What is even more appealing is that this product has more features and removes more allergens.

For consumers that take the time to comparison shop, these pricing benefits will surely stand out. For the latest deals and the best prices, we recommend visiting the link below.

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