Neato Replacement Battery Options – Best Replacement Neato Batteries

(Last Updated On: December 15, 2017)

Neato’s are wonderful things, but when their batteries go sour it can be hard to determine which is the best replacement battery pack to choose from.

Most Neato batteries last about 16-18 months with standard use. After going through this process myself numerous times over the years, I decided to create a resource page to help others out.

Here you will find the best replacement brand recommendations, as well as brands to avoid. Finally, if you need help installing new Neato batteries, check out the section at the very bottom of the page for proper installation procedures.

Neato Manufacturer Battery

Compatibility: All Neato XV series (e.g. XV-11, etc…)

These are usually the default choice for owners looking buy the same battery set for their Neato as game in the original factory box. They are priced right around $50, making them about average in terms of cost.

If you are satisfied with the life of the original pack that came with the Neato then you can expect a similar longevity.

I originally ordered a manufacturer battery back and after the original died out on my XV-11 after 1.5 years. So far, it’s still going strong 1 year later. It’s a very safe option.

While you are not going to get any added performance or increased longevity, you get exactly what you pay for. This battery pack will work for most owners.

There is nothing wrong with going for the default factory battery pack. In fact, many people feel more comfortable using a Neato Robotics company product. This way, if anything goes wrong with either the vacuum or the battery back, the problem can’t be pushed off on the “other company’s product”.

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Synergy Replacement Pack

Compatibility: All Neato XV Series

The Synergy battery pack is one of the more popular replacement options. After the Neato factory battery pack, this is the next option I had the opportunity to purchase. They are an “ultra high capacity battery” which for our purposes means that they should last longer than the default battery pack.

What I liked about this battery pack was that it came with a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer (of the battery pack, not Neato). The one pack I have from Synergy is still going strong after 7+ months.

There are some mixed reviews of these batteries, but if you follow the proper installation and maintenance procedures (see bottom of post), these problems can be avoided.

The number one problem I see is people not installing after market batteries correctly and not properly maintaining the batteries. It’s not hard to do, but it’s easy to forget.

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HQRP Extended Battery Pack

Compatibility: All Neato XV series

The “extended” packs is where it starts to get really interesting. They are more than just battery replacements. They are performance enhancers. Essentially, what the extended packs do is provide more juice per charge.

This is especially helpful for people with larger surface areas to cover and more difficult terrain i.e. “shag” rugs/carpets.

The 7.2 volt, 3500 mAh HQRP Extended Battery Pack is one of the best purchases I have made. Not only does it have the highest number of positive reviews I have seen on popular shopping sites, but I’ve also had zero issues with it after purchasing it about a year ago.

They come with a 200 day warranty, but you likely will never need to use it.

The one downsize is that they take a bit longer to recharge (sometimes close to 4 hours). However, this makes sense as they have a vastly superior carrying capacity. In real terms, these packs are almost twice as effective.

Where my default factory packs would last 25 minutes on the shag carpet downstairs, the HQRP pack goes for close to 45 minutes! On easier surfaces, they can easily get over an hour, topping out at about 1.5 hours per charge.

Best of all, the prices are pretty reasonable relative to the other packs (see below for link).

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Super Extended 4400Ah Battery Pack

Compatibility: All XV series

The Super Extended pack is similar to the HQRP, but with more power and juice. This is the high-end of the replacement battery market. While the price is almost double a normal replacement, you do get some serious punch.

I only buy extended battery packs these days. If the family budget allows for it, I try to always go for the “super extended”.

At 3800mAh, this battery pack is the long lasting one currently available for purchase. One of the first things that I noticed was the enhanced efficiency of the neato with this battery pack on board.

Where certain rooms used to need 3 passes, now they only need 1 to be fully cleaned to my standards (or my wife’s standards).

The Super Extended batteries can cover very large areas of real estate and are best for larger homes and dimensions. Make sure you charge the batteries fully per the instructions that come in the box. Consider these batteries the “turbo-charger” for your Neato device.

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Lithium Neato XV Series Replacement Battery

Compatibility: Neato XV Series (all – including Signature and Signature Pro)

Because the XV series is now quite a bit older, many of my Neato’s of this era are starting to give out. Battery is usually the culprit. Lithium batteries are better for a variety of reasons, but essentially they are more reliable and longer lasting than traditional batteries.

If you are looking for a good Lithium replacement, I’ve had luck with this particular company as a replacement for my Neato XV-21 which recently went into a battery “coma”.

This battery pack offers 4400 mAH vs 3200 standard in retail Neato’s of this era. That’s a lot of extra juice and the best I’ve see for the XV series. They claim to last up to 4x longer. I’m still testing this out, but so far they’ve lasted 2x as long for me. I just haven’t had them long enough to see if it’s truly “4x”.

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Botvac Replacement Battery

Compatibility: Botvac 70e, 75, 80, and 85)

Neato has just rolled out their new line of Botvac vacuums (the 70e, 75, 80, and 85). While our new Neato 80 has not had any battery issues yet, eventually I will probably need to find a replacement.

From discussing in the forums I’ve seen a few people who needed a replacement and it looks like the there is a great Super Extended Botvac battery pack available. I might even do an early upgrade, if only for the enhanced performance and peace of mind.

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Neato Batteries to Avoid

I have now had a poor experience with Powerextra both with my Roomba and now my Neato. I really just bought them as a test, because I had previously determined that they were not good options for Roomba devices. Similarly, the one pack I did purchase for my Neato XW-21 flaked out after a month of use.

Even while they were functioning, I noticed my Neato making more trips to recharge than usual. I would stay away from these battery packs and this company in general, until they can definitively improve their product.

Another set to steer away from are the Crucial battery replacement packs. While I haven’t personally used them, I have a few friends in the robot vacuum community who have. They last about 6-8 months. This isn’t terrible, but it’s not great either.

Ideally, you’d like to get at least a year (preferably 2-3 years) out of a replacement pack. They are mediocre at best and not work the $54 you’ll have to pay for them.

It’s much safer to stick with one of the options listed above. At this price point, the Neato Robotics manufacturer packs are a far better value for the money.

How to Properly Change Neato Batteries

I decided to add this piece at the end. I see complaints from buyers of almost every variety of Neato replacement battery about their new battery packs not charging properly or not working/dying out shortly after install.

While I can’t speak for every situation, I am reasonably confident that 75% of these problems are due to an improper install. With this in mind, I have outlined the steps to take below when installing a new back (of any variety):

1. Remove the battery cover (using a Phillips head screw-driver)

2. Replace the old battery pack  with the new one. Note: you can’t really get this step wrong because the connector will only accept it a certain way.

3. Screw the covering back into place.

4. Turn the Neato on, to “Menu”, “Support”, “New Battery”, “Okay”

At this point, do the following:

– Fully charge the Neato

– Run it until it notifies you that it needs to be recharged

– Do NOT charge it; let it sit idle over-night

– 12-24 hours later, place it on the charger

For these last steps, repeat every 6-8 weeks as a way to maintain the battery pack. Because of the kind of battery that the Neato uses, you need to keep the battery fluid in a “liquid” state. Letting it sit near low or without cycling the liquid will cause it to lose it’s effectiveness over time.

This is what many people have experienced when installing new battery packs, mainly because they are not follow these steps properly. It’s also a good idea to do this to extend the life of any existing battery packs for Neato devices that you have.

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  • Which battery do you suggest of all that you have listed? I myself have a Neato xv-21 and just reordered new batteries after two years! I enjoy my little cleaner, as it is great for animal hair and getting under beds and things so much easier, then me bending over to do that. LOL
    I hope that I get as much use of these new batteries as I have of my original ones!
    I for one would recommend the Neato robotics to my friends and family!
    I clean mine, and remove the batteries when I do, and give it an overhaul. Maybe that’s why I have had no issues with mine!!

    • Hi Val,

      Out of the ones I listed here, I’d say my favorite is the Super Extended 3800mAh Battery Pack listed above. It’s my “go-to” for Neato battery replacement. Not that the others are worse, but looking at my purchase history that’s the one I’ve re-ordered the most for my various Neato’s (it’s an expensive hobby).

  • Just replaced the batteries in mine. Got them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Tally was $63.72 for the pair, and they sent only one pack; had to wait a week for the second one, during which time Herby was pretty lame at cleaning. Just noticed that Wal-mart and the other store are about ten bucks cheaper than this. First set of batteries lasted less than a year. Installing the new ones really perked the little fellow up. I went hunting for better alternatives; the batteries are 4/3 AF cells, which can be bought reasonably at 3800 mah, but you have to spotweld the packs together, which pretty much negates any financial advantage.

    Got any rec’s on brushes or filters?

    Thanks for the info here.

    • Hey Terry,

      Thanks for the comment. I find the differences between the brands are less pronounced than with the battery backs. I tend to order filters and brushes in bulk. The factory default ones have been okay for me, but I’m going to be testing out some 3rd party brands to see if there’s a major difference.

      I’ll be doing a write up on brushes and filters soon.

  • Hi, Patrick, thanks for your easy to read/understand recommendations for the Neato replacement batteries. I went to another site before yours that was apparently geared toward nuclear physicists! (I didn’t want to make a battery – just buy one!) Appreciate your style of geekiness and your time 🙂

    • Thanks, Denise! I try and go back and update this post with new information every few months as new battery packs are released. In the early days it was REALLY hard to find legit replacement batteries third party…

    • Hey Frank, if you are using it regularly during the week, you should leave it on. The only reason to turn it off would be to 1) conserve battery if you don’t want to use electricity or 2) you are not planning on using it for about a week. You can put the Roomba into “vacation” mode if you are leaving it for an extended period of time. Like any machine, the Roomba likes to be exercised regularly and functions best when charging overnight (or when not in use). However, there is definitely a point where you will want to turn it off/vacation mode it if it’s not being used, just like a car or other device that isn’t being used.

      • Sorry, I did not make it clear- I was asking about the battery changing procedure, should it be turned off or leave it on while letting it rest overnight?
        Also, would this help re-condition the battery similar to the battery discharge procedure?

        • Leave on overnight. It’s meant to stay docked. I don’t think you can recondition the battery after the fact (at least I haven’t tried it). It my experience, once it starts to go it’s a fairly predictable downward trend.

  • Thanks for the site and reveiws. Looks like the hqrp is now 4000 mAH. Assuming that gets the not over the super extended since the reviews are better and less expensive?

  • Thanks for the site and reviews. Looks like the hqrp is now 4000 mAH. Assuming that gets the not over the super extended since the reviews are better and less expensive?

  • I just replaced by Neato Botvac battery. I noticed your battery replacement instruction adds the step to not allow neato to return for charger for 12 to 24 hours. I am try to incorporate your instructions with the Neato battery instructions, which say to run until low then put on charger 3 times. So to incorporate the 2 sets of instructions, would I run until I get the low message then not allow on the charger for 12 – 24 hours before recharging, then run again until low message, but allow on charger the 2nd and 3rd time? Thank you

  • I don’t want to be the one to tell you that it definitively won’t. I can only say that it didn’t fry the motherboard (yet) on mine. Then again, I haven’t used it in some time now due to the newer models I’m testing.

  • I have a Signature Pro. I have had a lot of issues with battery error codes, 0007 (its not cold!), 0009, reset the button under the dust bin etc. I take the batteries out (they are my second set purchased at your recommendation about 18 months ago) and put them back in then it works for a day with recharging and it runs for at least 30 minutes each time. But if I let it sit it for several days it starts getting the errors and I have to repeat pulling the batteries. I did notice that one of the batteries has exposed wires (the plastic coating is torn) right where it goes into the plug but they appear intact. Do you think new batteries will solve these issues?

      • Thank you for your reply, I already bought a lithium battery. And I am flabbergasted of the great work. It does the whole ground floor without charging. I bought the intensilo lithium ion with 4400mah and 24 months of warranty on ebay. Ide like to thank you for this post it help me choose.

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