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Neato Signature Pro Review – What’s So Special About It?

(Last Updated On: December 6, 2017)

When you first start looking for robot vacuums to keep your home clean, there are numerous factors that need to be considered before making the purchase.

Among the important factors to consider are those robot vacuums that are made for homes with pets. These homes contain allergens that are dreadful for many people and the need to have a vacuum that will pick up all pet dander and dust is highly important.

One of the top robot vacuums to complete just this task is the Neato Signature Pro. In this Neato Signature Pro review we will look at  some of the pros and cons of this unit and what features can you expect to get out of it.


The most important factor for most people making any vacuum purchase, whether they may be upright or robotic, is how well they clean and how efficient they are. With the Neato Signature Pro, you are getting a vacuum that takes smart and efficient routes across your floors to clean all the dirt and debris.

Part of what makes this unit so efficient is the advanced laser guided technology, which tracks the best route to cleaning your home, as well as knowing where it has been and where it still needs to go.

It will go from room to room without being instructed to and will get close to baseboards and beneath furniture.

Those homes with numerous stairwells will also feel reassured by the fact the smart sensor technology used to build this vacuum will keep it from falling down and breaking and will also keep it from banging into the legs of tables, desks and couches.

The unique design of this robot vacuum is what allows it to stay close to walls and corners, getting where most vacuums can’t.

It has a high powered motor that allows it to pick up most dirt and debris and can automatically move from surface to surface without sacrificing any suction power. It has no problem vacuuming over the tassels on some rugs.

The brush system on this vacuum is one of the best on the market. The included blade brush works well on carpeted floors, while the combo brush with the blade and bristle is extremely effective at picking up debris and pet hair from any floor surface.

Another positive aspect of the Neato Signature Pro that many of the other top robot vacuums fail to do is have a scheduling function. You can set the vacuum to run at different times each day. You can also simply operate the vacuum with the push of a button.

When upgrades are made to the software, you can easily make the download to ensure your vacuum continues to operate the way it should.


Compared to many other elite robot vacuums, the battery life on the Neato Signature Pro is subpar. Since it does have superior suction power compared to many other vacuums, this might explain why the battery runs out more often, or it could just be a faulty battery.

The unit also runs louder than other models, which can again be attributed to its increased power.

The unit also doesn’t have a corner brush, which makes it struggle to get all the debris out of the corners, meaning you will still need to follow it up with a broom or upright vacuum.

Another issue this unit has it can often blow dirt on the ground with its exhaust fan, which is especially an issue when its blows the dirt into an area it already cleaned.

For those that enjoy operating their robot vacuum with a remote from the comfort of their couch or bed, this unit does not come with a remote control, and will need to be operated with the touch of a button, or through their scheduling system.

One important problem that is often overlooked is the placement of the charging station. The station can’t be put anywhere as it needs several feet between other obstacles and walls, which can be problematic for those with smaller apartments and homes.

The dust bin in another aspect of the Neato Signature that many would consider a con. Most robot vacuums have smaller dust bins anyway, but this one seems smaller than most and needs to be cleaned more often.

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  • Laser Guided Navigation
  • Smart Sensor Technology
  • Ability to Schedule
  • Two Filters
  • Superb Brush System

Neato Signature Pro Video Review

This is a robot vacuum that has great features and a few negatives. Overall, the positives certainly outweigh the negatives. While the unit runs louder than the competitors, it also has more suction power that allows it to pick up more dirt and debris.

The unit may not be ideal for getting dirt out of corners, but it rarely gets stuck to anything and has a sleek design that allows it to fit under most furniture. For every negative, there are two positives that make this worth buying.

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