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RoboMow RL850 Review – Is it a Good Robotic Lawn Mower?

(Last Updated On: November 27, 2017)

Robotic lawn mowers are still seen by some as more of a novelty. With more established home robotics markets for vacuums and pool cleaners, making the switch to robotic mowers has not been as easy. However, there are a few leading brands that are pioneering the way forward for robotic mowers.

While still not a perfect technology, the RoboMow RL850 is by far the most marketable and reliable robotic lawn mower on the market. RoboMow has the honorable distinction for being the best selling robot lawn mower to date.

While the market is still young, this is a good testament to their ability to construct a qaulity mower that replicates the success of human operated alternatives.

In this RoboMow RL850 review, we will be looking at the top features of this mower, what it has to offer and how it works. Included will also be a video demonstration as well as a honest assessment of the Pros and Cons to purchasing this mower today.

Please feel free to comment at the bottom if you have any questions or have some knowledge to share about this model.

Top Features – How It Works

Automated Cutting: Obviously this is the single largest draw for anyone with significant grass yardage. The RoboMow automates the entire process of lawn mowing, with a “set-it and forget it” type of operation. While there is initial set-up and optimization required, once established it becomes a truly automated process.
Boundary Demarcation: The RoboMow cuts in a random pattern across your lawn, but it is contained around the perimeter by a wire. Once the RoboMow hits the boundary, it automatically edges around the perimeter. See the video demonstration below for a visual example. The wire can be set-up using either stakes above ground, or – tools permitting – burying the wire up to 6 inches below ground around the perimeter of your lawn.
Battery Charging Base: The battery usually takes close to 24 hours to fully charge. One charge is usually more than enough to complete most 1/2 acre or less lawns. As the battery ages, you may need to replace it or deal with shorter charge holding, but this is likely after 3+ years at least.

Video Demonstration

Below is a live video demonstration of the RoboMow in action…

Pros and Cons of the RoboMow RL850


Time Saver: Once set-up, this is clearly a huge time saver. You can run it multiple times a week – really as many times as you want – to maintain a fully manicured lawn, without have to break a sweat, bother the neighbors, or have to refuel with gasoline.
Near Silent: Lawn mowers are notoriously noisy, not so with the RoboMow. You can set it at night and it will never wake the neighbors.
Environmentally Friendly: Noise pollution and air pollution might seem like the staples of lawn mowing, but this isn’t the case with the RoboMow. Not only will you save money on gas, you will also drastically cut down on air pollution. Traditional gas mowers are some of the least efficient engines out there. 
The mower itself is fully weatherproof, meaning that you don’t have to worry about rain showers disrupting your grass cutting.
Safety Features: The RoboMow offers state-of-the-art safety and security features. There is a user-controlled theft prevention systems to prevent it from unauthorized use. Secondly, there is an excellent child-lock system. Lastly, there is an on-board sensor combined with bumpers to isolate obstructions like rocks, trees, garden furniture and other obstacles and navigate around them.
2-Year Warranty: Each RoboMow RL850 comes with a guaranteed 2-year full warranty. This provides peice of mind, especially for an initial purchase of this size.


Initial Set-Up: Placing the stakes or burying the wire can be the most labor intensive process. It is critical to ensure that you have enough wire and/or stakes to optimally establish the perimeter. It is entirely possible that people get frustrated and do not properly set up the wire, thereby having lower optimal performance. However, the time savings over the long term is well worth the initial set-up investment.
Charging Base NOT Waterproof: Many people findthis out the hard way, but the charging base is not weatherproof and cannot be left out in the open during inclement weather. This can be a bit confusing because the device itself IS weatherproof. Best option is to keep the charging base in the garage or shed for safety.
Price: $1,000-2,000 is not an everyday kind of purchase. It is understandably out of some people’s budgets. However, this is a state-of-the-art technology still in the early stages of maturation.

Where to Buy the RoboMow RL850

Finding the RoboMow RL850 at retail locations can be hit or miss. We recommend purchasing one online for the best deals. usually has the best offers and automatically qualifies for free shipping. See the link below for more information.


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