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Robomow RM510 Review – Is this Robotic Lawn Mower a Good Buy?

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2017)

The RM510 is the smallest Robotic Lawnmower of the Robomow fleet, but it’s an impressive device. Robomow is tailor-made for compact lawns and gardens and the automatic lawn mower is also significantly less expensive than Robomow’s bigger robot mowers.

This model should be on your list of robot mowers to consider if you are in the market for a replacement mower or if you are looking for your first robotic lawn mower.

First, let’s go over how exactly it works…

How the Robomow Works

The Robomow RM510 is a lawnmower that can cut the grass automatically, all by itself. The device comes with a base station and it can be set to depart the station and work at scheduled days and hours.

After finishing each scheduled operation the device returns to the base station for charging, this way your lawn can be maintained even if you are not at home. The RM510 is able to maintain 4500 square feet, which it will finish over a three day period.

The position of the blade head allows the edge of the 7 inch cut to be placed outside of the wheel travel and this unique design can considerable reduce trimming along beds.

Under the cover access is available by pulling the front of the hood up which lifts open to reveal the incrementally marked height adjuster, this allows easy setting of the desired cutting height.

When the Robomow is in the docking station you can use the built in charger for charging the robot’s battery. The new docking system connects easily and the power supply plugs in via the removable front cover, for mistake proof connection.

Features of the Robomow RM510

Let’s have a look at the main features of the Robomow RM510 device.

  • Base Station: The base station is used for charging the device and the Robomow is housed on the station between its operations. The device departs independently from the base station, performs the scheduled operation, cuts the lawn and then it returns to the base station for charging until the next scheduled task needs to be performed.
  • Remote Control: It may happen that the automatic lawnmower cannot reach some small patches of grass during its automatic operation. For these situations you can use Robomow’s remote control in order to guide the robot. The remote control comes as an accessory that is included with the Robomow package and is a very useful accessory which makes completing the finishing touches on a lawn easy and convenient.
  • Child Lock: The child lock is a special safety feature that is specifically designed to prevent children from operating the Robomow and getting into a situation where there could be an accident causing potential injuries. Ensuring safe and only proper use is a priority for Robomow.
  • Edge Cutting: The Robomow is the only robotic mower available on the market today that features blades which cut outside the wheels and provides more efficient cutting capability. Another unique feature of Robomow is the edge mode, which enables the robot to follow the perimeter wire in order to completely cover the lawn edges and ensure the edge of the lawn is properly manicured.
  • Anti-Theft: The Robomow also comes with an anti-theft feature that allows you to lock the robot by using a PIN code, in order to prevent theft or unauthorized operation. This is not only a feature that prevents theft but also an important safety feature which prevents unauthorized or dangerous use of the robot lawn mower.
  • One Time Setup: The setup is easy to follow even for people that are not high level technology users. All you have to do is following the setup steps on the LCD screen, follow the directions and the Robomow is ready to operate within a few minutes.
  • Heavy Duty Blades: The RM510 robot lawn mower can easily manage many types of conditions and turf with a wide cutting surface and strengthened steel blades. The blades were designed for frequent use and durability while also providing a fair amount of control to do the small jobs as well.
  • Safety Features: The device comes with safety features for secure operation. In case the blade is tilted to a vertical position or the device is lifted from the ground, the Robomow will stop operating immediately. Any time the bumper senses an obstacle, the blades stop rotating and Robomow changes its driving direction. The technology included in the RM510 is fairly good at reacting to the environment or change in position of the mower which will automatically trigger the safety procedures or shut off the mower completely.
  • Lawn Area Coverage: The RM510 can cut lawns up to 5,382 square feet, which means approximately 1/12 of an acre. Of course it can handle lawns that are much larger if it is used over several days and you allow for recharging time.
  • Slope-Handling Ability: The robot lawn mower can operates on slopes up to 18 percent, which is enough for the vast majority of typical small gardens, lawns and most landscapes that are found around the majority of homes.
  • Charging Base & Power: Like all the Robomow units, the RM510 comes with a charging base. The device uses a 24V lithium battery, which can fully charge in only 16 hours. The power source feeds two 150 watt electric motors with good capacity for high blade rotational speeds and excellent cutting power.
  • Design: The manufacturer, Friendly Robotics, stepped outside their comfort zone with the design of this advanced robotic lawn mower. The device caters to the owners of small properties with more than one grass area. This compact device can manage well confined areas with difficult access. The robotic lawn mower has a single blade design and it can run a maximum of two and a half hours per day with a fully charged battery.
  • Quieter Operation: Due to the new cogged belt drive system it was possible to eliminate whining gears, which makes the operation of the RM510 practically silent.
  • Software: RM510 comes with new software that allows a choice of pre-programmed patterns for more open areas and random patterns suitable for odd shaped areas. The RM510 operating software supports Zone Jumping for automated travel to different grass areas.
  • Control Panel: The control panel has a clean design and features start and stop buttons, a backlit display and on-off power button. Navigation of the control panel menu is easily done by using the two gray buttons to the right for scrolling up and down.
  • Program Options: The menu includes scheduling options, the random cutting pattern and the systematic cutting pattern.
  • Rain Sensor: The RM510 comes with a rain sensor which you can adjust in sensitivity. If the robotic mower senses rain it will not skip the day of work but will just wait until the rain it stops in order to perform its scheduled operation.
  • Other features: The Robomow comes with a built in charger and a new easy access height adjustment system.

What is included in the package?

RM510 Series Robotic Lawn Mower
– Docking Station Blade
– 200 Pegs
– 500′ Feet of Perimeter Wire Perimeter
– Wire Installation Ruler
– Wireless Manual Controller
– Wire Signal Transmitter
– Power Supply
– Easy Install Instructional DVD.

Price and Value

The Robomow RM510 is currently priced at around $1,200. Amazon has a relative discount at this product listing, for around $1,100. All the advanced technology present in other Robomow units is also used in this model.

The RM510 provides good value for those who want to invest in an excellent quality but small automatic lawn mower.

Other Alternatives?

I don’t like to review robots without comparing them to the competition. Here’s a few other options that I’ve tested so far:

WORX Landroid Mower

The Landroid is one of my favorite new robot mowers (the RM510 being my “other” favorite).  It offers some added perks, like an auto-rain sensor that has the robot return to base in the event of rain or inclement weather. It’s also rated up to 10,750 square feet, which is a good 5,000 more than the RM510.

However, in my experience it’s more about your particular yard peculiarities than overall size (although size does matter). Depending on where you buy, the Landroid is also one of the cheaper lawn bots out there (see this listing for details). You can also check out the full review I did here.

LawnBott Spyder

LawnBott is another one of the leading competitors to Robomow. It’s a bit bigger (and heavier) than the Robomow RS510 and is a mixed bag in terms of performance. The design of the mower itself is fine, however mastering the art of burying cables is not for the faint of heart.

Even more so than the competition, the LawnBott requires a lot of initial prep and monitoring to ensure it’s functioning properly. It’s also more expensive than the RM510. You can read my full review here.

There are – of course – other Robomow’s to choose from as well. The RM510 is one of the latest offerings, but I’ve had a good experience with the RS612 and RS622 (slightly more lawn coverage).

Bottom Line – Is the Rm510 Worth it?

The Robomow leaves a very favorable overall impression. It is a well-designed robotic lawn mower that is quiet and energy efficient. This smart device is highly recommended for all owners of small gardens and lawns who want to simplify the maintenance and work involved.

For anyone who has a lawn area of 1/12 of an acre or less, the Robomow RM510 is an affordable high-tech option. Anything bigger and you may want to investigate a few other options.

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