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RoboMow RS622 Review – A Top Line Robot Lawn Mower

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2017)

Being a homeowner has many great qualities to it, but it isn’t an easy trip through time. Those immaculate yards and gardens you see all around your neighborhood take time to build up and maintain.

There are countless tools that can be used in your effort to make your yard look as good or better than your neighbors, and with the advancement of technology at an alarming rate, many of these tools require little to no work from you.

One tool in particular that can be used in your fight against tall grass and ugly weeds is the RoboMow RS622 robotic lawn mower. This lawn mower has many features that make it a great asset in your quest to keep the lawn cut without all the work.

What are the pros and cons of this unique lawn mower and how exactly does it work? In this RoboMow RS622 review, we will answer these questions.

How it Works

By now, most people are fully aware of how a robotic vacuum works. A robotic lawn mower works the same way, but also has its obvious differences.

The RS series of lawn mowers from RoboMow features their best products and gives consumers the most lawn coverage compared to many models across the board. Any family that has a yard of as long as ½ acre or 23,000 sq. feet and will operate in a quicker time span than other models.

To set up the RoboMow RS622 to cut your lawn, all you need to do is lay the included wire around the edge of the grass that needs to be cut. The first time you go to use the RoboMow RS622, you will set up the device to operate with such an easy operation that anyone can perform it.

Once set up, the RoboMow RS622 will leave its docking station, complete the lawn cutting process and then return to the docking station upon its completion of the cutting plan. Once back on the docking station, it will recharge its battery in preparation for the next cut.

The final step in the process is that the RoboMow RS622 will cut the grass while you sit back and enjoy the evening.


Since the RoboMow RS622 is designed for properties that span ½ acre, the average cutting time the lithium ion battery is designed to last between charges is 50-65 minutes.

If this mower does not complete the cutting process in your lawn within that initial hour of cutting, after taking 60-90 minutes to recharge, it will get back to where it left off.

One feature of the RoboMow RS622 that needs to be kept in mind, especially considering the higher price tag, is the ability for the device to not operate when it senses high humidity or even the rain itself.

The last thing any robot lawn mower owner wants to see is their large investment get destroyed by a freak rain storm.

Another feature of the RoboMow RS622 is its ability to cut grass on any slope up to 36 percent. This allows the mower to be used on most hills that would typically be cut by hand with a push mower.

Where other robotic lawn mowers struggle with slopes at this angle and still require manual work from the owner, the RoboMow RS622 eliminates any need or chance of you having to get dirty.

With the RoboMow RS622, it isn’t just about the aspects of the device that make it easier to operate or easier for you to go about your day. There are also many safety features that will protect the device and you.

If at any time during the operation the lawn mower is lifted off the ground or is tilted to a vertical position, the blades will immediately stop rotating.

Another safety feature occurs when the device hits an obstacle with its bumper, the blades will again stop, and then the RoboMow RS622 will move in another direction.

Each lawn mower is built with Child Lock, a safety feature that is designed to prevent children, or those that are unfamiliar with how to operate the machine, from operating it at any time.

In the advanced age of technology, of course there is a mobile app that will allow users to operate their RoboMow RS622 with just a touch of the phone. This allows you to ensure that your yard is properly maintained regardless of where you are in the country and around the world.

There is also a remote control that can be purchased as an add-on with the RoboMow RS622 that will allow you to direct the device to cut the grass in smaller areas that the machine otherwise missed during the cutting process.

Pros of RoboMow RS622

Most of the features that the RoboMow RS622 features are considered huge pros to consumers. Anything that can be done to help make the cleaning process simple around the home is something that is usually appreciated.

One pro of this device that hasn’t been touched on as of yet that it you can program that lawn mower to cut grass in multiple zones. It can cut each zone individually and completely before moving on to the next zone.

With any high-end product, one worry has always been, and will always be, theft. This model is equipped with an anti-theft feature that allows you to lock it after each use with a pin code.

Without the proper code, the device can’t be used. The machine also operates at a low decibel level, something that will keep your neighbors happy and allow you to schedule the lawn mower to cut at any time of day.

Cons of RoboMow RS622

The RoboMow RS622 is one of the newer models available, so there isn’t a lot that can be said of the device from a negative perspective. This isn’t the first model that RoboMow has created and there are cons that these devices had that many possible consumers will hope the company addressed.

In the past, other RS models from RoboMow have had issues electronically with the motherboard. This is one area that is hard to gauge for most technological companies as they look to improve the quality of their products.

Several years, another issue that many users had with RoboMow products included needing to replace the blades and the docking station. In recent years, the latter issue is something that has been resolved by the company.

When it comes to the blades, just like anything being used in the yard, the life of these depend entirely on whether or not you complete the proper pre-use check.

If you allow the lawn mower to go over anything that could cause harm to the blades (ex. Rocks, pebbles, dog chains), their lifespan would be altered dramatically.

With the RoboMow RS622, one thing they have done is use the strongest stainless steel possible to build the blades and also give users the widest cutting surface possible, all with the hopes of extending their life.

Features of RoboMow RS622

Coverage Area23,000 square feet
Size of Mower29 x 26 x 12
Overall Weight44.1 pounds
Premium Drive WheelsYes
Cutting Width56 cm
Cutting Height20-80 mm
Battery TypeLithium Ion (included)
Auto RechargeYes
Auto ProgrammingYes
Rain SensorYes
Retail Price$1,999.00

You never know what you’re going to get when it comes to new technological advancements, but with the everyday requirements of being an adult increasing each day, anything that help make the home life easier to handle is a plus. That is where the RoboMow RS622 is there to help.

By allowing users to take that hour that they would normally be using to manually cut the grass, this will allow for more family time, or time to take care of any other important home tasks.

Thankfully, Amazon has a special deal right now that discounts about 15% of the retail price.

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