Roomba 770 vs 780 vs 790 Comparison

Keeping the house clean can be tough due to a busy schedule and people coming and going all the time. One way to reduce the workload but get great results is with the purchase of an iRobot Roomba. There are several models to pick from, and comparing them is an important part of deciding which one can best meet your household needs. It is not necessarily easy to tell the difference between the roomba 770 vs 780 vs 790.

Why the Different Models?

Consumers often wonder why there are different models of the same product out there. It allows the manufacturer to appeal to the needs of more consumers. Some are interested in only basis features, others want some perks, and others want all the amenities that the product can offer. Price is also a factor as some consumers want to pay the least they have to. Others are willing to pay more to get those additional features.

The other reason for different models of the Roomba is that when it first introduced the 770 it was quickly embraced by consumers. The company listened to the feedback from consumers and realized that they could offer some additional benefits that some were interested in. Thus, the release of the 780 model. They continued to implement upgrades which is what was released with the 790 model.

Advanced Features

It is important to point out that investing in any of these models of the Roomba is going to be a good option. However, there are advanced features with the 780 model that you won’t find with the 770 model. These features include:

  • 2 virtual wall lighthouses
  • 1 extra bristle brush
  • Flexible brush
  • Side brush

Likewise, the 790 model offers some advanced features that you won’t find with the 770 or the 780 model. They include:

  • 3 virtual wall lighthouses
  • 1 wireless command center
  • 3 extra HEPA filters
  • Extra brushes including 3 side brushes, 2 beater brushes, and 2 bristle brushes
  • Accessory storage and carrying case

Anyone that plans on using their iRobot Roomba frequently should consider one of the two more advanced models. The extra filters and brushes will make replacing those on the product very simple. The wireless command center is a bonus perk on the advanced model that many consumers are quite happy with. It allows them to easily select what they want cleaned, and when.

The 770 doesn’t get as good of reviews when it comes to overall cleaning as the 780 and 790 models do. This is because these latter two models offer the flexible brushes and the side brushes. This allows the machine to get into harder to reach areas and clean them quite thoroughly.

Overall Cleaning Power

Hands down, the 790 model offers the best cleaning results. It offers the iRobot Dirt Detect 2 Technology (so does the 780 model). The sensors allow it to find even the smallest amount of dirt or debris on the floor and to clean it up successfully. It is also able to detect high traffic dirt areas and go back and forth over them repeatedly.

The cleaning head is able to detect the difference between carpet and hard flooring. It is able to adapt the cleaning to the type of flooring without you having to change any of the settings. The wireless sensor of the 780 and the 790 model is a great improvement over the 770 model. With that earlier model, there are wires in place that can result in tripping accidents.

Every inch of the room can be successfully cleaned with the 790 model, including the corners. For many consumers, this is the huge selling point. They don’t want to have to go clean up the areas that their iRobot didn’t. That is a common scenario for those that own the 770 model and many of the consumers that own the 780 model. While it is agreed that these products do clean well and reduce cleaning time, they don’t do it all like the 790 model can.


The cost margin for the iRobot Roomba 770, 780, and 790 models all have about $100 difference among them. The 770 typically retails for for the cheapest (see here), the 780 for a bit higher than the 770, and the full featured 790 model with a price tag in the is generally the more expensive option. For the consumer that is really watching the spending, the 780 model may be the one to spend their funds on.

It offers plenty of perks and it will clean exceptionally well. The controls that the 790 model offers wirelessly can be performed with the 780 model but the consumer will have to go to the actual cleaning product and use the programming buttons that are on the top of it.

The convenience of the remote can be worth the additional $100 to many consumers though. For example, those that would love to be able to sit down on their couch and boss that little machine around! It is also a great option for the elderly that may have trouble bending over to work the controls on the top of the 770 or 780 models.

The same is true for someone with medical issues that limit mobility or women who are pregnant and find that such movements are harder to complete as their pregnancy progresses. Taking the overall well-being of the user into consideration should be part of the determination for the right model to spend money on.

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Comparing various features at a glance can help you to decide which of the iRobot Roomba products may be best for you to purchase. There is no doubt such a product will help you reduce the time it takes to clean your home. It all comes down to a personal preference and the features that you find the most valuable.

 Roomba 770Roomba 780Roomba 790
Wireless Control Centernonoyes
Virtual Wall Lighthousenoyesyes
Side Brushesnoyesyes
Flexible Brushesnoyesyes
Battery Time3 hours3 hours3 hours
Warranty (robot)1 year1 year1 year
Warranty (battery)6 months6 months6 months
PriceBuy for $469.99Buy for $544.99Buy for $699.95



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