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A Roomba 890 Review: Time to Clean the Smart Way?

(Last Updated On: August 26, 2017)

The Roomba 890 is iRobot’s latest offering. It is the first and, so far, the only Series 800 robot vacuum that you can connect to your Wi-Fi network, allowing you to control the unit through a smartphone app.

Is it worth buying?


The Roomba 890 does not really innovate and deviate from the designs of the earlier Roomba models. It is still futuristic-looking and still follows the round design. The Roomba 890 also has the same dimensions as the other Roombas. It measures 13.9 inches in diameter and has a height of 3.6 inches.


The Roomba 980’s notable features include:

iAdapt navigation

Roomba 890 uses a range of sensors to find its way around the room. These sensors allow your Roomba 890 to avoid obstacles, go under furniture with enough clearance, and go around those without. These sensors also prevent the robot vacuum from bumping into walls or falling off stairs.

There are also sensors that help the 890 detect the dirtier areas of your floor, allowing it to give these areas the more thorough cleaning they need. iAdapt further uses a cleaning pattern that ensures comprehensive clean, leaving only a few or no areas uncleaned!

AeroForce 3-Stage Cleaning System

The Roomba 890 features a three-stage cleaning system that involves agitation, extraction, and suction of debris and dirt. This is made
possible by:

  • The debris extractor. The debris extractor is brushless, so while it grabs dirt and debris off the floor, it does not get tangled as often as brushes do.
  • The side brushes. The side brushes take care of the dust and dirt on wall edges, as well as push the debris under the robot vacuum where it could be suctioned up.
  • The Gen 2 motor. The Gen 2 motor gives the Roomba 890 five times the air power of the motor you see on earlier Roombas, particularly the Series 600 and Series 700 robots.

The Gen 2 motor and debris extractor ensure better cleaning performance while also lessening the robot vacuum’s need for maintenance.

WiFi support

Wi-Fi support came only recently for Roombas, and there are only four models that have this feature. There’s the higher-end Roomba 960 and 980, and there’s the budget option, Roomba 690.

The Roomba 890 also has this feature and it is seen as the perfect model to go for if you want to enjoy great functionalities plus connectivity without spending too much. WiFi support for the 890 means being able to control the robot vacuum using the Home mobile app wherever you are.

You can do some cleaning even if you are on vacation halfway around the world! With the mobile app, you can also set up cleaning schedules and let the Roomba 890 clean your floors by itself without having to prompt it every time.

Alexa compatibility

If you have an Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot, or an Amazon Echo Show and any other Alexa-powered device, you can use voice commands to tell your Roomba 890 to start cleaning or to go back to its dock to recharge, among other things.

Dual mode virtual wall barrier

The Roomba 890 comes with one dual mode virtual wall barrier, which is a navigation control device that pulses an infrared beam the 890 will not cross.

This effectively keeps the Roomba from going out of the room or from getting into an area you do not want it to go to, such as your bathroom. It can also protect certain areas in the room it is cleaning, like the area where your dog’s food bowl is.

Other features

The Roomba 890 tells you when it is time to empty the dustbin. Also, the Roomba 890 can find its charging dock once the battery runs low and it does offer spot cleaning. It uses a lithium ion battery and features a carrying handle for easy transport from room to room.

What you would love about the Roomba 890

iRobot’s Series 800 robots were the company’s flagship devices for a couple of years, and the 890 is arguably the best Series 800 robot available now.

What does this mean? Even without the fancy features, the Roomba 890 delivers an efficient clean for your floors. The Roomba 890 is even better at cleaning your floors than other robot vacuums.

The 890’s lower price, Wi-Fi connectivity, and ability to be controlled using voice commands are no doubt a bonus. You finally have a capable robot vacuum that you can control from anywhere in the world for just $500 (check this listing for the latest live prices).

You would love how there are several ways for you to interact with your Roomba 890. You can start, stop, or pause cleaning using the mobile app. You can do the same things using the buttons on the robot vacuum itself.

Furthermore, you could just schedule the cleaning sessions, or just tell Alexa to start cleaning whenever you feel like it.

What could be better

While iAdapt navigation is enough for the Roomba 890 to find its way around, it does not have the visual localization technology that the Roomba 900 series robots have. This technology literally allows your Roomba to “see” your floor and map it out. This makes way for an even smarter mapping and navigation.

Moreover, if you have carpeted floors, you should know that the Roomba 890 gives these a thorough cleaning. But you might want to get the Roomba 980 with the carpet boost feature.

The carpet boost increases the Roomba 980’s power once it detects that the vacuum is on a rug or a carpet. That’s 10 times more suction power. The carpet boost feature also turns itself off when the Roomba 980 gets to hardwood or tile floors to help save battery.

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