Automatic Grass Cutting? The Full Honda Miimo Review You’ll Love

Homeowners who have lush-green lawns need to spend a lot of time maintaining these and mowing the grass.  One can never be too busy and allow the lawn to get overgrown and unkempt.

So, what do you do if you would like to see your garden and lawn beautifully manicured but you just cannot find the time to cut your grass?  The answer is simple: get the Honda Miimo.

The Honda Miimo can mow your lawn and cut your grass autonomously.  That means you get beautifully manicured lawns without spending a minute cutting grass.  You can think of it as a Roomba for your lawn.


The features of the Honda Miimo include:

Three cutting patterns

The Honda Miimo has three cutting patterns:

  • Directional: This is for gardens with very narrow areas. The Honda Miimo will turn 175 degrees to get out tight spaces and continue mowing.
  • Random: The Honda Miimo will cut grass in a straight pattern and when turn anywhere from 90 degrees to 170 degrees in another direction. This cutting pattern is especially suited for big open areas.
  • Mixed: The Honda Miimo will work for 15 minutes in random mode and then switch to a directional mode for 15 minutes and then switch back to the random mode for 15 minutes. The mixed mode is great for big lawns and irregularly shaped lawn.

With these cutting patterns, you can be sure that the grass is uniformly cut.  You get a lawn that is healthier and has fewer weeds.

Long-lasting blades

The Honda Miimo has three long-lasting blades that are efficient in cutting grass.  The movement of the blades automatically alternates between counterclockwise and clockwise spinning, which minimizes the wear on the blades.

If the robotic lawnmower hits something hard, the blades will swing back into the disc in order to avoid further damage.


The Miimo has advanced sensors all over the device, making sure that it detects and avoids obstacles.  If the sensors detect an obstruction, it will instantly change direction.

The blades will also stop spinning the moment the Miimo is lifted off the ground or when it is tilted.  Not only do these sensors help in keeping the device safe from damage, it will also keep you and your family safe.

Lithium-ion battery

The Miimo uses lithium-ion batteries that give you either a 30-minute or a one-hour running time on a single charge, depending on the model you have.  The robot will go back to its dock when it needs to recharge.

Deter thieves from running off with your Miimo

Because the Honda Miimo operates outside of your house, would-be thieves might attempt to pick it up and run away.  There is no need to worry because the Honda Miimo will sound a loud alarm the moment somebody picks it up, calling your attention to it and scaring off the thief.

It will also stop operating.  You can only stop the alarm and resume operations when you key in a special PIN.  The security PIN can also be used to prevent unauthorized access and use of your robot lawn mower.


The motor used by the Honda Miimo is very silent.  Operating normally, the Miimo only rates a noise level of 58 decibels.  This is equivalent to the background music you hear in cafes or the sound of people having conversations inside a restaurant.

You can also choose to have the Miimo operate in quiet mode, which further lowers the volume down to 55 db.

Other features

  • The Honda Miimo is able to mow sloping lines of up to 25 degrees.
  • Starting points. You can set multiple starting points for your Miimo. These starting points help ensure that your lawn is mowed properly and is comprehensively covered, even if you have a very big lawn or an irregularly shaped one.
  • Spot cutting. For areas with thicker or longer grass, the Honda Miimo will spend more time in these areas to ensure that your lawn is uniformly cut. The robot lawnmower will automatically switch into the spiral cutting mode, in which it will cut grass in a spiral pattern.  After cutting in spiral mode, the Miimo will resume normal cutting.
  • Edge cutting. Apart from spot cutting, you can also direct your Miimo to do some edge cutting.  In this mode, the Miimo will cut the borders of your lawn by following the guide wire.
  • Seasonal timer. The seasonal timer on the Honda Miimo allows you to program the device to cut grass more often during the summer and spring months and less often during fall and winter.  In short, your robot lawn mower would be able to adjust the frequency of cutting according to the seasons and to the rate at which grass grows.
  • Quick turns. Unlike other robot lawn mowers that back up or stop when they reach the boundary wires or when they encounter an obstacle, the Miimo is able to turn around quickly, thus saving more time when cutting.
  • Cutting heights. With the Honda Miimo, you can adjust the cutting height just by turning a knob.  You can cut grass anywhere from 0.8 inches to 2.4 inches.

Two models to choose from

There are two Honda Miimo models available now: the Honda Miimo HRM 310 and the Honda Miimo HRM 520.

No matter which model you choose, you can enjoy the same features and functionality.  The biggest differences are:

  1. The HRM 520 can easily cover 0.75 acres or 3,000 square meters, while the HRM 310 is for smaller lawns up to 0.37 acres or 1,500 square meters.
  2. The 1.8 Ah lithium-ion batteries give you 30 minutes of running time with the HRM 310. Meanwhile, the HRM 520’s 3.6 Ah batteries give you 60 minutes of running time.  Recharging time for both batteries is equal to the running time that they have.
  3. While dimensions for both models are the same, the HRM 520 is slightly heavier than the HRM 310.
  4. The number of start points you can set up for the two models also differ. The HRM 310 allows you to set up three starting points, while the HRM 520 can accommodate five starting points.
Features HRM 310 HRM 520
Dimensions (l x w x h, inches) 25.4 x 21.7 x 10.8 25.4 x 21.7 x 10.8
Weight (lbs.) 25.6 26.2
Coverage (acre) 0.37 0.75
Automatic Charging Y Y
Minimum Cut height (in.) 0.8 0.8
Maximum Cut height (in.) 2.4 2.4
Working slope angle (degrees) 25° 25°
Cut width (in.) 8.7 8.7
Standard sound level (decibels) 58 58
Quiet mode sound level (decibels) 55 55
Lithium-Ion Battery Y Y
Ampere Hour 1.8 Ah 3.6 Ah
Charge Time (min) 30 60
Run Time (min) 30 60
28.8 Watts Work Motor Y Y
Three Razor Pivot Blades Y Y
Number of Start Points 3 5
3 Cutting Mode Options Y Y
Additional Cut Features Spiral/Edge Spiral/Edge
Seasonal Timer Y Y
Narrow Passage Control Y Y
Quiet Timer / Mode for Night Operation Y Y
Sensors-Bump, Lift, and Tilt Y Y
Anti-Theft PIN Code and Alarm Y Y
2-Year Product Warranty Y Y

What you would like about the Honda Miimo

The Honda Miimo allows you to mow your lawns even when you are not there.  This way, you can do more important things or attend to more important matters.  It also means that you can mow your lawn at any time of the day, like when you are at the office or at night.

You can just schedule it and forget about it.  The good thing is that even if you do mow the lawn at night, the Miimo is still very quiet, so there is no way you would disturb your family or even your neighbors.

Moreover, did you know that cutting your grass frequently will help you keep your lawn healthy?  Not only do you get a well-manicured lawn, but the small grass clippings can help fertilize the soil and helps in preventing moisture loss from the soil.

Further, the weeds will not be able to take hold and grow if you are frequently mowing the lawn.

The Honda Miimo is not like your traditional lawn mower.  With a lawn mower, you will be cutting grass once every week, so the grass clippings are quite big.  With Honda Miimo, it cuts grass more frequently so the clippings are smaller and finer.

This will help cover the soil to reduce moisture loss.  As the clippings decompose, it will also help fertilize the soil.

What could be better

The Honda Miimo can prove to be quite expensive.  The HRM 310 is available from a Honda Power Equipment store for $2,500, while the HRM 520 is $300 more expensive.  There are several similar devices that are priced cheaper, such as the Work Landroid, which sells for $1,000 and still delivers a great looking lawn.

Final say

The Honda Miimo can keep your lawn beautiful and well-taken care off, while also ensuring that you spend less time maintaining your lawn.

Setting up the Miimo is very easy.  You just need to put up the perimeter wire to ensure the Miimo knows where it should cut.  You would also have to find a safe and accessible place for the charging dock.

If you are serious about having a well-manicured lawn, you should get the Honda Miimo.