What is the Best Robot Vacuum for Pets and Pet Owners in 2018?

What is the best vacuum solution for pet owners? This is a question we often have posed to us here at AllHomeRobotics. Robotic vacuums are especially well suited for cleaning up pet dander and associated dirt. This page will serve as our one-stop resource for the best pet friendly robotic vacuums on the market (updated regularly)

Update: In terms of the best value for the money right now, I’d go with either the Roomba 890 or the Botvac D5 if you have pets.

The original recommendations I made below are still good, but the technology is somewhat dated and the above robots have recently come down in price.

Because most of us have pets living around us on a daily basis, the need for constant cleaning is just as present. Even for pet owners with no allergies, the build-up of dander and dust over time can have a negative effect on quality of life and general health. For pet lovers with allergies, cleaning up dander becomes a necessity to function on a daily basis.

Having an automated solution like a Roomba or Neato means that you can regularly schedule cleaning to maintain a clean and healthy environment. A robotic vacuum will clean up after pets almost as fast as they shed and move about the house. In the following sections, we will look at the leading “pet-friendly” vacuums of choice for pet owners and their families.

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Updated Guide for 2018: What are the Best Robot Vacuums for Pets Right Now?

One of the biggest reasons why pet lovers also love robot vacuums is because the right robot vacuum could help them clean up after their pets.

There is really no reason why they should wait for the weekend to clean up pet hair and dander, which could trigger allergies for some people.

AllHomeRobotics originally recommended the Neato XV-21 and the Roomba 770 for this function, and then updated the recommendation to include the Roomba 890 and the Botvac D5.

After a few years and because of updates, new technologies coming out, and new manufacturers throwing their hat in, our list of recommendations have changed.

So what are the best robot vacuums for pet owners in 2018?

Samsung Powerbot Turbo Robot Vacuum

This robot has a bigger dustbin capacity at 0.7 liter, as well as a wide main combo brush of 12.2 inches.  With a suction that encompasses the whole length of the brush, the vacuum gives you a cleaning speed of 12.6 inches per second.  It uses Samsung’s patented CycloneForce and Visionary Mapping Technology.

Visionary Mapping Technology and Fullview Sensor.  The Samsung Powerbot Turbo Robot Vacuum has an onboard camera that allows it to create a map of your floors.  It then uses this map along with nine different sensors to help it know where to go.  This navigation system allows the Powerbot Turbo to give your floors a comprehensive clean.

CycloneForce Technology. The Powerbot Turbo uses centrifugal force that not only helps it pick up more dirt and debris, but also segregates bigger debris and sends it to an outer chamber.  This means that the filter becomes less clogged, ensuring more efficient cleaning for a longer time.

Point cleaning.  You can direct the Powerbot Turbo to the dirtier areas you see.  So, if the robot vacuum missed a clump of hair on the floor, you can just tell it to go there.

Combo brush.  Samsung Powerbot Turbo Robot Vacuum uses a combo brush that is more efficient in picking up pet hair without worrying about tangles.

The Samsung Powerbot Turbo Robot Vacuum connects to your Wi-Fi, allowing you to operate it manually.

How good is the Samsung Powerbot Turbo Robot Vacuum for cleaning up pet hair?  The suction power has been rated to be 70 times more powerful than the leading robot vacuum cleaners in the market.  And if you have pets, you would certainly need all that power to clean up all the hair that they shed.  But that’s not all, the combo brush is also a godsend for those pet owners who have to deal with a lot of pet hair!

If the Samsung Powerbot Turbo Robot Vacuum‘s price tag is a little bit too steep for you, you might want to consider the Samsung PowerBot R9250 Robot Vacuum, which sells for $200 less.  There is not much difference in the features, but the R9250 has a weaker suction at only 30W compared to the Powerbot Turbo’s 40W.

Roomba 980

Roomba has a reputation for being the best robot vacuum in the market.  It simply does not back down from anything, and that includes pet hair.

Roomba 980 has all the latest technologies from its manufacturer, iRobot.  It has Aeroforce vacuuming technology, which enables it to pick up a lot of dirt with the more powerful suction.  It also has smart mapping and vSLAM technology, as well as a range of sensors, helping the robot vacuum find its way around the room.

The Roomba 980 is the first Roomba to have Wi-Fi connectivity and it comes with an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile app that also delivers a lot of features, including cleaning maps and cleaning history, as well as allowing you to operate your robot vacuum while you are away and schedule cleaning sessions.

How does Roomba 980 help with your pet hair situation?  The Roomba 980 is a robot vacuum that you can rely on for daily cleaning runs without you having to do anything.  Set up a schedule and it will run on its own.  It is great at picking up pet hair and, with its side brushes, it can pick up pet food debris that settle in the corners of the room.

Furthermore, the Roomba 980 has the Dirt Detect technology that allows it to find the dirtier areas of your floor and concentrate on cleaning there.

If are worried that the Roomba 980 will knock over your pets’ food bowls, don’t.  The Roomba 980 comes with navigation control device that creates a halo around the places you do not want it to clean.

Moreover, instead of using a bristled brush, it has the debris extractor, which is made of rubber.  This means that pet hair is not going to get tangled in the brush bristles like what happens with ordinary robot vacuums.

If your pets are shedding more hair than normal, then you would love how Roomba 980 has the Carpet Boost feature.  It is meant to provide your carpets a deeper clean, dislodging the dirt that hides in the fibers of your carpet.  It is also effective for pet hair pickup.  Lastly, the Roomba 980 uses the highly efficient AeroForce filter that traps 99% of allergens, pet dander, and small particles that are 10 microns or bigger.

The Roomba 980 IS among the more expensive robots, but check here for the latest pricing.

Neato Botvac Connected Series

Neato claims that they designed their robot vacuums with shedding pets in mind.  And we agree.  In fact, one of our original recommendations for vacuums that are ideal for people with pet allergies is the Neato XV-21, which comes with an allergy filter that can trap at least thrice the usual amount of pet dander.

Neato currently offers several robot vacuums that are just perfect for cleaning up pet hair.

The Neato Botvac D85 has a combo brush that picks up pet hair easily.  The best thing about it is that not only does it have a bigger brush, a bigger dustbin, and a laser-guided navigation system, but it is also very quiet.

However, if you want a Wi-Fi connected robot vacuum, you can choose from the many models in the Botvac Connected Series.  All robot vacuums in this series have laser-guided navigation, have a D-shape that allow them to get closer to corners and edges, and use the SpinFlow power cleaning system.

All of these robots are designed to clean up after your shedding pet, so do not be surprised to find a lot of pet hair in the dust bin.  You can also invoke the spot cleaning to clean up after your pet’s mess, such as spilled over food.  What’s more, these robots can recharge on their own and then automatically resume cleaning after charging.

There are differences among these connected robot vacuum models, though.  For example, the filters and brushes they use are different.  Runtimes also differ.  The cheapest, which is the Botvac D3 Connected, does not come with a boundary marker out of the box, but you can buy it separately.  Meanwhile, the new dual-band Botvac D7 Connected is meant for bigger homes, which explains its $799 price tag.


  Botvac D3 Botvac D5 Botvac Connected Botvac D7
MSRP $399 $599 $699 $799
LaserSmart navigation Yes Yes Yes Yes
D-Shape with CornerClever Yes Yes Yes Yes
SpinFlow cleaning system Yes Yes Yes Yes
Eco / Turbo mode available No No Yes Yes
Performance filter type Standard Ultra Performance Ultra Performance Ultra Performance
Main Brush Combo Brush Combo Brush Combo Brush & Spiral Blade Brush Spiral Combo Brush
Side Brush No Yes Yes Yes
Max. runtime (minutes) 60 90 120 120
Auto-charging & resume Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cleaning preparation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Boundary marker No Yes Yes Yes
FloorPlanner feature No No No Yes
Scheduling Yes Yes Yes Yes
App features
Stop/pause/stop cleaning Yes Yes Yes Yes
SmartLife App Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cleaning history & statistics Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cleaning summary with coverage maps Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spot clean Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manual Drive remote control No No Yes Yes
Find Me No Yes No Yes
Works with Amazon Alexa Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google Home Yes Yes Yes Yes
Neato Chatbot Yes Yes Yes Yes
IFTTT Yes Yes Yes Yes


As you can see, there is a Neato Botvac Connected for every pet owner’s needs.  From having a model that’s fit for your budget to something more powerful that can cover a bigger area.

Also worth considering are:


ILIFE V3s Pro is especially aimed at pet owners who have shedding dogs and cats.  With a powerful suction, it can easily clean up pet hair, dust, and dirt.  What’s more, it has the AirAway technology that separates the debris and the dirt, so that the high-performance filters do not get clogged too soon.  And the best thing about this robot vacuum cleaner is that it is among the most affordable robots on the market.

Furthermore, if you have pets that are still being toilet trained, or pets that like to leave little messes around, you might want to get the ILIFE V5s.  This robot vacuum is equally efficient in picking up pet hair.  And because it does not have a main brush, there is no tangling!  What’s more, it has a dry mopping feature that uses a nanofiber pad to give your floor a wipe down.  This makes it perfect for cleaning up those trails of mud or muddy footprints that your dog or cat leaves behind.  This model costs around $210.

bObsweep robot vacuums

This manufacturer also makes products that are aimed for pet lovers.  We can recommend three models that are especially good for pet hair cleanup:  The Bob PetHair, the Bob PetHair Plus, and the bObi Pet.  The bObiPet has a strong suction and long battery life that gives your floors more cleaning and that makes getting rid of pet hair so easy.

The company also has a product that is specifically for pet hair, aptly named the Bob PetHair.  Lastly, you have the Bob PetHair Plus, which has 4x more powerful suction for those days when your dogs are shedding an extra amount of hair.

Eufy Robovac 11+ Pet Edition

The Eufy Robovac 11+ stands out because of its low price.  It sells for a very reasonable price on Amazon, yet has smart features that are comparable to more expensive robot vacuums.

It works with Amazon Alexa and has a companion app that you can use to operate the robot vacuum remotely.

It also comes with a powerful suction that is perfect for picking up pet hair, a three-stage cleaning system, and 100 minutes of run time on a single charge.  It also has the BoostIQ technology that increases suction power when necessary, as well as a HEPA style filter that is more efficient at trapping dirt, allergens and small particles.