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The Best Smart Power Strips for 2018: Get the List Here!

(Last Updated On: June 4, 2018)

If you have a lot of appliances and devices, it is very easy to run out of power outlets to plug them into.  Not only that, but you will probably need to plug in your devices near your existing power sources.

How many times has your iPhone fallen down the floor because you placed it on top of something unstable while charging it?   

Power strips are a good idea if you have this kind of problem.  Power strips give you two to six more power outlets that could accommodate your various devices and appliances.

With long power cords, these power strips also serve as extension cords, giving you the flexibility to place your appliances further away from your outlets.    

Power strips also have an added advantage in that you are able to save money that is otherwise wasted by keeping your appliance on standby.

Now that there are smart power strips in the market, you will love the added convenience of being able to turn your devices and appliances on or off even when you are not home, saving you more money as a result.

Think of it as smart plugs, only instead of accommodating one device, you can plug in a whole lot more.  

So, what are the best power outlets out there? 

Weton Smart Power Strip Socket  

The Weton Smart Power Strip Socket works just like older power strips, allowing you to plug in more devices.  It has four AC plugs and an additional four USB ports: enough for four devices plugged in while four other devices are charging.  

At $32.89 on Amazon, the Weton Smart Power Strip Socket does not only give you space for eight devices, but it also connects to your Wi-Fi network and you can download a free mobile app to turn each outlet on or off separately.

The USB ports may also be controlled remotely, but if you turn these off or on, they will do so as one unit.  

The smart power strip also works with Amazon Alexa devices, allowing you to use voice commands in switching off individual outlets.  You can also schedule each of the power outlets to turn on or off at specific times.

This way, you do not have to constantly worry about overcharging your devices or leaving them plugged in when you go to sleep or go somewhere else.    

The Weton Smart Power Strip Socket comes with a 12-month warranty.  

What you would love about the Weton Smart Power Strip Socket  

The Weton Smart Power Strip Socket is made of anti-fire ABS plastics, which helps keep you safe from fire and explosion.  Moreover, you can rely on it as an extension wire.

The Weton Smart Power Strip comes with a five-foot cord, allowing you more flexibility in placing your devices.  You do not have to set up your computer, laptop, or any devices you need to plug in near an in-wall power outlet.

What’s more, it is very easy to set it up and get it running.  Including the pairing process, everything should be good to go in less than five minutes.  

The ability to control each of the four AC plugs is a good touch.  You can turn off your devices even when you are outside the house without having to turn off everything else.

That means that you can, for instance, turn off your game console, but not your DVR so that it could record your favorite shows while you are at work or out of the house. And if you are at home, you can use Amazon Alexa to turn the plugs on or off.  

What could be better  

This power strip is rather plain-looking as it uses hard white plastic materials.  In addition, it can prove to be very bulky, measuring 7.8 inches long, 3.9 inches wide, and 1.1 inches thick.  

Also, there are complaints that you really cannot control each AC outlet individually if you use Amazon Alexa.  You will still need to use the smartphone app if you want to control different outlets separately.  

What’s in the box  

The Weton Smart Power Strip Socket comes ready to use from out of the box.  No assembly or installation required; you just take it out of its packaging, plug in your devices, plug it into any power socket, and you are good to go.

Once you have done all these, you can download the Jinvoo Smart mobile app to your iOS or Android devices and then just pair the smart plug with your smartphone app.  

The user manual is also included in the box.  

WiOn 50051 Indoor Wi-Fi Smart Surge Protector  

The WiOn 50051 Indoor Wi-Fi Smart Surge Protector gives you six additional power outlets so that you could plug in more of your devices.  You can connect it to your Wi-Fi network, allowing you to use a mobile app to control the AC outlets even when you are not home.

You can also use the mobile app to set up a maximum of 12 schedules for each of the outlets.  

The mobile app also shows you the amount of energy used by each plug.  This way, you have an idea as to which of your devices are energy hogs and you can save money by using these devices less.  It also protects your devices and appliances from electrical surges with a 900-joule surge protector.   

The WiOn 50051 sells for $34.24 on Amazon.  

What you would like about the WiOn 50051 Indoor Wi-Fi Smart Surge Protector  

There are different modes that you could use for the schedules you create for the four Wi-Fi-controllable outlets.  You can have it countdown, which is very useful if you are charging something and you do not want to overcharge it.  The outlet will turn off after the set time.

Another mode will allow you to follow sunrise and sunset schedules, and yet another will turn the plugged in device on or off at random.  The random mode is useful when you go on vacation, making it appear that somebody’s home.  

The WiOn 50051 Indoor Wi-Fi Smart Surge Protector measures 12.5 inches long, 2.2 inches high, and 1.5 inches thick.  This makes it very easy to hide if you prefer to keep it out of sight.  

This smart surge protector keeps your devices safe from a sudden influx of electricity.  It is also very easy to use.    

What could be better  

You could only control four of the six AC outlets.  This might not be a problem because we do have devices that we would like to keep plugged in and ready to go on at any time.

It also does not have USB ports, which would have given you more slots to charge your devices in without taking up too much space on the power strip itself.  

The outlets are somewhat close together.  If you have devices with plugs that are on the bulky side, you might not be able to use the adjacent plug.

Also, there are complaints that the WiOn 50051 Indoor Wi-Fi Smart Surge Protector often disconnects from your Wi-Fi network, although it is relatively very easy to reconnect it.  

This smart surge protector does not work with Amazon Alexa.  

Geeni SURGE Smart Wi-Fi 4 Outlet & 4 USB Surge Protector   

The Geeni SURGE Smart Wi-Fi 4 Outlet & 4 USB Surge Protector allows you to control your devices remotely.   

 It would seem that the Geeni SURGE Smart Wi-Fi 4 Outlet & 4 USB Surge Protector brings the best of both the Weton Smart Power Strip Socket and the WiOn 50051 Indoor Wi-Fi Smart Surge Protector in one nifty package.

This power strip has the same configuration as the Weton smart power strip – four AC sockets and four USB ports – allowing you to plug in four devices and charge four others at the same time.  Plus, it gives you surge protection of up to 450 joules.  

Like the Weton, you can also use voice control and Amazon Alexa speakers to control the Geeni SURGE.  It does up the ante by also being compatible with Google Home Assistant.  

The Geeni SURGE Smart Wi-Fi 4 Outlet & 4 USB Surge Protector also allows you to set up schedules to help cut down on electricity costs.   

What you would like about the Geeni SURGE Smart Wi-Fi 4 Outlet & 4 USB Surge Protector   

If you have Google Assistant, then you would love how you could use that with the Geeni Surge.    

You will also like the way the Geeni SURGE Smart Wi-Fi 4 Outlet & 4 USB Surge Protector allows you to control all of your plugged in devices, whether as one unit or individually.  

What could be better  

The Geeni SURGE Smart Wi-Fi 4 Outlet & 4 USB Surge Protector comes in a white plastic construction that may be too plain-looking for your taste.  It looks like regular power strips, but being 12.9 inches long, 1.5 inches wide, and 4.1 inches thick, it might not be an easy power strip to hide.  

There are also some complaints that the Geeni SURGE Smart Wi-Fi 4 Outlet & 4 USB Surge Protector is not that easy to set up, especially when you pair it with Google Assistant.

You also cannot customize the names of your outlets in the app.  You would be stuck with just the generic Switch 1, Switch 2, Switch 3, and Switch 4.  The Geeni SURGE also does not have instructions, so you are left to figure out what to do.  

Further, at $40 on Amazon, it is more expensive than most power strips.  

Smart power strips are a worthwhile investment as they can really make your life a whole lot more convenient, while also helping you save money.  You can control these using your smartphone when you are not home, and you can use voice commands to operate your devices when you are.

Those smart power strips with surge protectors also help prevent your appliances from being damaged if there are unexpected spikes in your electricity supply.  

These three represent the best smart power strips for 2018.  If these are not enough, you might want to check out these two brands as well:  

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