Bobsweep vs Neato – The BObi vs Neato Signature Pro Comparison

We live in a very busy world where most people are balancing work schedules, family needs, daily chores and the occasional personal issues that come up. Most of the time this does not leave much time at the end of the day to simply relax or spend a few minutes doing what you truly love.

Fortunately, technology is starting to catch up with our busy schedules, there are some excellent products available to make life just a little easier, and save you extra time for the things you like doing.

In the following article, I’ve reviewed the Neato vs Bobsweep BObi head to head. I’ve decided to use the Neato Signature Pro as I think it is very comparable in terms of the target market. It’s not he latest Neato, but it’s one of the better selling ones. The BObi is the latest offering form Bobsweep.

Neato and Bobsweep

Bobsweep vs Neato _ The BObi vs Neato Signature Pro Comparison

Neato and Bobsweep are major names in the robotic vacuum market and offer a variety of products that make vacuuming, sweeping and mopping easy.

Robotic vacuums have been around for several years, saving consumers time and aggravation, with no shortage of choices and price ranges for different products.

Neato and Bobsweep stay on the cutting-edge of technological advances and they have proved themselves as quality companies offering products with a wide array of features and benefits.

Neato offers the XV Signature Pro Robot Vacuum and the Bobi is made by Bobsweep, two robot vacuums that deserve at least a look if you are in the market for a robot vacuum to help with the household chores.

We took a close look at both models and breakdown the good and the bad each model offers. Robot vacuums offer convenience and no hassle cleaning to keep a house as clean as possible.

Below is our comparison of two of the latest and most technologically advanced robotic vacuums on the market.

Bobi by Bobsweep Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Bobi is a Canadian made robotic vacuum whose hallmark is being the first to offer vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping simultaneously in a single unit. The mopping function uses a soft pad that the user gets wet, enabling the Bobi to mop up areas while it continues sweeping.

Infrared sensors on this robotic vacuum ensure that it will not fall down stairs and it will successfully and independently navigate furniture such as tables and chairs. These sensors also allow the robot vacuum to adjust to different surfaces such as hardwood or carpet while ensuring the cleaning process is thorough.

The Bobi does an above average job at picking up small debris as well as pet hair and other types of debris sometimes left behind by other models. The vacuum is easy to operate even for people that do not have a lot of experience with electronics or technology products.

The unit offers solid capability, good battery life and convenient cleaning service.

Neato XV Signature Pro

This robotic vacuum features a combo brush uniquely designed for pet hair and other debris that can be difficult for most other robot units to pick up.  The Neato also offers several other highlights such as:

  • One of the quietest robot vacuums regardless of the floor surface.
  • Patented laser-guided technology enables it to scan and map the area to be cleaned.
  • Plans and methodically cleans moving throughout the area to be cleaned.
  • Has an instant cleaning function as well as programmable schedule.
  • Half-square design allows for a larger dirt bin for collecting more dirt.
  • Has an automated self-recharging feature that directs it to the charging base and then resumes cleaning.

This unit has an attractive design with easy to use functions you do not have to be an expert to figure out. The overall operation of the unit is above average doing a nice job cleaning hard to reach spots like corners and crevices while also offering solid battery life.

The XV comes with programmable features, which make the cleaning schedule and recharging process simple and save time.

This unit offers good quality, intelligent design and the price is among the leaders when it comes to value in the robotic vacuum market.

Not only is it fun to watch the unit go about its work and then travel back to the charging station, you will enjoy all the extra time you have to spend with family and friends while the XV Pro does the heavy lifting around the house.

Bobi & XV Signature Pro Head to Head


At a minimal 3.2 inches in height, the Bobi is the clear winner in this category. This enables successful navigation of tight spaces such as under couches and heavy or otherwise hard to move furniture for an all-round cleaning experience.

The Neato comes in at 4 inches, which makes it harder to get under very low furniture or small spaces that need to be cleaned.

Ease of use

The Bobi is activated and operated through the use of a touch screen on top of the unit. The Neato uses a backlit button display to set functions and enter commands. Both have automated recharging during cleaning sessions, which ensures completion.

However, the Bobi wins this category because it also offers a remote to control the device if it strays off the path. The Neato requires you to catch the roaming unit and manually enter in changing the settings, not quite as convenient.


The Bobi has 80 touch sensors located all round its sleek body to help it sense the distance between objects and access the furthest and hardest to reach corners. The Neato has a laser guided mapping system, which maps out the area to clean.

The XV vacuum will avoid bumping and bouncing off of walls and furniture by mapping out the area to be cleaned before it begins, this ensures that the process is done smoothly, making the Neato the winner in the navigation category.

Programmable Functions

The Bobi offers auto adjustable cleaning speeds and programmable cleaning schedules it will follow. Slower speeds are useful for cleaning difficult areas and debris as well as mopping up spills.

The Neato allows for basic programming of the cleaning schedule and only offers one standard cleaning speed. The Bobi wins here because it allows for a fully programmable schedule covering both days and times when it should clean.

This allows the user to set a schedule that synchronizes with optimal cleaning times when no one is home or is most convenient for the user.

Powerful Cleaning

The Bobsweep Bobi combines a detachable and washable dustbin, two back-to-back rotating brushes and a UV light for sterilization. However, it struggles with dark colored rugs and needs special blinds for its infrared sensors to work properly.

The Neato beats the Bobi by using a combination of two-stage filtration, which filters dust particles and prevents them from going into the air, with the biggest dustbin on the robot vacuum market.

Furthermore, it employs a slow but thorough cleaning pace to ensure that once an area has been covered, there is no need to go over it again. The one-side square shape allows it to reach into sharp corners, which can be a challenge for most robotic vacuums.

Additionally, the Neato uses brown magnetic strips to mark off the areas into which the robotic vacuum should not go. These are easy to use and precise, but one only gets 6 meters with the initial purchase and additional markers are expensive.

There is also a feature for customizing the choice of brushes, depending on the surface being cleaned. The Neato offers a choice of brushes for use on hardwood floors as well as carpets for efficient cleaning.


The Bobi costs close to $600 while the Neato comes in at an impressive $450 see here for even more savings. When it comes to overall value this gives the edge the Neato XV Signature Pro.

Product  BObi by Bobsweep  Neato XV Signature Pro
Dimensions  checkmark
Ease of Use checkmark
Navigation  checkmark
Programmable Functions checkmark
Powerful Cleaning  checkmark
 Price  checkmark

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The Winner is…

The winner is the Neato XV Signature Pro. While both robot vacuums won an equal amount of categories of three each, the Neato priced generally lower here tips the scales in its favor as a better overall value.

If you are looking for an excellent robotic vacuum to make life easier both units are worth a look but I would have to go with the Neato on this one.