The Complete Dibea D900 Review: Is It Right For You?

Budget vacuums are now coming out and there are quite a few models that are worth considering. The Dibea D900 is one of these budget-friendly robot vacuums and, at the same time, it gives you a lot of features, an efficient clean, and a range of benefits that can rival some of the pricier robot vacuums.

Should you buy a Dibea D900? Read on to find out!

Dibea D900: Looks and design

You would surely appreciate how good the Dibea D900 robot vacuum looks. Its D-shaped body combines with black and titanium brown colors for a very sophisticated look. There is only one physical button visible from the top, and that is the silver-colored Start button

The robot vacuum measures 11.4 inches wide, 11.4 inches long, and 3 inches high, and it weighs 5.7 pounds.

Cleaning technology

The Dibea D900 gives you up to 1200 pa of suction power, which works with the V-shaped roller brush and two counter rotating side brushes. With its unique D shape, the Dibea D900 can get closer to wall edges.

The side brushes will work on the edges, sending dirt and dust to the center of the robot vacuum, while the roller brush will loosen and sweep up dust. The dirt will then be sucked into the dustbin with the powerful motor.

Apart from this, the Dibea D900 also has a microfiber pad and a detachable water tank. You can use your Dibea D900 for some wet or dry mopping, allowing you to get a more thorough cleaning than what simple sweeping and vacuuming can do. The good news is that you can also use disinfectant or white vinegar if you need to.

Other things that you need to know about the Dibea D900 when it comes to cleaning are:

  • Floor types. The Dibea D900 is great for a wide variety of floor types, including tile, marble, wool blanket, low-pile carpet, hardwood, and laminate floors.
  • HEPA filter. This robot vacuum has a 300 ml dustbin that uses a HEPA filter. HEPA filters can easily trap dust particles of 0.3 microns or bigger. You breathe cleaner air as your robot vacuum works.
  • Cleaning modes. The Dibea D900 offers three cleaning modes: edge cleaning, spot cleaning, and auto.


The Dibea D900 has four different cleaning patterns. First, it uses a line-by-line cleaning pattern, where it runs in parallel lines across your floors, ensuring comprehensive coverage. It also has the V line cleaning, where it goes in a straight line until it meets an obstacle and changes direction, forming a V- shaped pattern. It also has an edge-cleaning pattern that follows your walls to clean the edges and corners. Finally, there’s the spot cleaning mode, which will tell your robot vacuum to spiral around a smaller area, effectively cleaning it thoroughly. This is perfect for small spills.

Some people report that the Dibea D900 looks like it is moving randomly. However, the company explains that this is only for the first few times that you run the robot vacuum. It will familiarize itself with the layout of the new room and will settle into the best cleaning pattern once the smart route program kicks in.

Other features

Other features that you should know about the Dibea D900:

  • Lithium ion battery. The Dibea D900 comes with a 2200 mAh large capacity lithium ion battery that gives it up to two hours of working time. That is enough to cover an area of anywhere from 90 square meters to 150 square meters.
  • Infrared cliff sensor. This robot vacuum uses infrared sensors to detect sharp drops. These IR sensors will keep your robot vacuum from falling off stairs and getting broken.
  • Remote control. The robot itself only has the start button, so the company provides a remote control that will help you operate your robot vacuum without bending down too much. The remote would also help you create schedules for your robot vacuum, telling it to start cleaning at the specified times. You can also use the remote to choose a cleaning mode such as a spot cleaning. You can also manually tell the robot to go where you want using the remote.

What’s in the box

Every package of Dibea D900 comes with the following:

  • Dibea 900 robot vacuum
  • Charging base, power cords, and adapter
  • Side brushes
  • Remote control and batteries
  • Cleaning brush
  • Microfiber mops
  • Water tank
  • 300 ml dust bin
  • Extra filter

Features at a glance

Battery type  Lithium ion 
Charger type  Charging dock 
Charge time  5 hrs 
Running time  1.5 – 2 hrs 
Dust bin capacity (dry)  300 ml 
Water tank capacity  80 ml 
Width  11.42 inches 
Height  2.95 inches 
Vacuuming  Yes 
Wet mopping  Yes 
Dry mopping  Yes 
Multiple room cleaning  Yes 
Self docking  Yes 
Remote control  Yes 
HEPA filtration  Yes 
Cliff detection  Yes 
Self adjusting   Yes 
Side brush  Yes 
Full bin indicator   No 
Cleaning sessions per week   7 
Extra Filter  1 
Warranty  1 year  

What you would love about the Dibea D900

The Dibea D900 is a very capable robot vacuum that would leave your floor clean without emptying your bank account. It is currently out of stock, but it has a suggested retail price of around $170. At that price, it is probably one of the best budget robot vacuums in the market today.

For a budget robot vacuum, the Dibea D900 is very efficient when it cleans. It can go over your floors comprehensively, and there are very few missed spots. It may look like it is going randomly but you could see that it passes over certain areas twice, ensuring more coverage. When it comes in contact with furniture legs, you would see it go around in circles, effectively cleaning the area around furniture legs. The Dibea D900 uses sensors for its navigation, but its movements look more purposeful than that of other budget vacuum cleaners available right now. Other budget robot vacuums look like they are just bumping around the room.

In addition, if you see that a certain area of your floor had been missed, you can just pick up the remote control and direct the robot vacuum to that dirty spot.

The Dibea D900 is also very silent. It has an official rating of less than 60 dB but you can use it and still feel like you are in a quiet library. You can be talking to somebody and still be able to hear every word with the robot vacuum doing its job.

Lastly, the Dibea D900 has really good anti-collision sensors. It seldom bumps into your furniture, so you have to worry less about damaging your furniture legs or the robot vacuum itself.

What can be better

The Dibea D900 is not suitable for dark-colored floors as well as high-pile carpets. The robot vacuum will get stuck on high-pile carpets, and dark-colored floors will interfere with its sensors.

Moreover, the Dibea D900 has a separate remote control that allows you to operate the robot vacuum. The remote control has some operations that you cannot access anywhere else. For instance, you need the remote control to create schedules easily. The robot vacuum itself does not have a screen for this. In short, you should always keep the remote control in a safe place where you can easily find it.

The Dibea D900 might have a wet and dry mopping feature, but this is quite rudimentary. The mop will just wipe your floors clean. It does not have the side-by-side motion that you see on iRobot’s Braava Floor Mopping Robot.

The recharging time is also quite long. For a robot vacuum that works a maximum of two hours, you need to charge it for five hours.

As far as technology is concerned, the Dibea D900 does not have the technologies that you can find on high-end robot vacuums such as the Roomba 980 or the Neato Connected Series. And this is understandable because of its price point.

For instance, it does not come with an onboard camera or laser that would have allowed it to scan your floors and create a map to help it navigate more efficiently. The Dibea D900 also does not have Wi-Fi connectivity so you cannot use your smartphone to operate your robot vacuum and you need to be near it in order to start its cleaning. The good news is that you can create schedules for your robot vacuum to start cleaning automatically.

That being said, the Dibea D900 does have some features that you cannot find on Roombas. For one, it uses HEPA filters, which can trap more dust particles than the filters you find on any Roomba. It also has wet mopping and dry mopping functions, and it works very quietly. The robot vacuum also uses two side brushes instead of just one.

The Dibea D900 can also get into more places than any Roomba. At 11.4 inches, the D900 measures narrower than the Roomba, which measures 13 inches or wider. The D900, standing only 3 inches high, also has a lower profile than the Roomba.

The final word about the Dibea D900

There are people who will find the Dibea D900 perfect. For instance, those people who are looking for a capable robot vacuum that is also very affordable. The Dibea D900 delivers a very thorough and efficient clean for only less than $170.

Then you have those people who use upright vacuum and just need a robot vacuum to make sure that their floors are clean in between sessions. They will surely love the Dibea D900. And then there are people who have hardwood and tiled floors, and who would appreciate the dry mopping and wet mopping features of the Dibea D900 to keep their floors extra clean.

No matter how you look at it, the Dibea D900 is a steal, thanks to the top-notch features it offers at a very budget-friendly price.