The Dyson Link Air Purifier Review: All You Need To Know

The products under the Dyson Link Air Purifiers line look like and work similarly to your ordinary bladeless fan. However, the Dyson Link Air Purifier cleans the air it blows because of the HEPA filter. This HEPA filter is found at the base of the air purifier and goes all the way around, making sure that the air purifier only blows clean air. The air purifier draws in all the bad air from all around the room, trapping allergens, dust and other particles, while also getting rid of cooking smells, and other gases.

Dyson’s air purifiers can trap up to 99.7% of all particles, gas, pollutants, dust, dander, and allergens that are as small as 0.3 microns.

These air purifiers connect to your Wi-Fi network, too, allowing you to use a companion mobile app to remotely operate the device. The device also monitors your home’s indoor air quality, as well as gives you usage reports. Now, you have a way of seeing whether the air quality inside your home is good or not.

Design and functionality

There are three different options for you to choose from:

  • Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower. This Dyson Link air purifier is placed on the floor and it helps keep the air circulating around your room clean.
  • Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link. This particular air purifier is a three-in-one appliance that acts as (1) a bladeless fan, (2) a heater, and (3) an air purifier. Like the Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower, you put this on the floor.
  • Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk. This is a smaller version of the Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower. You have the option to put it on the floor or on top of a table.

The Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower has four available colors: scandium, iron and blue, white and silver, and nickel.

All of these air purifiers use a HEPA filter to clean the air, keeping you safe from allergens that can cause irritation, allergies, or asthma. They also act like an ordinary bladeless fan and feature a sleep timer. You can also check out the auto mode for all of the air purifiers, which allows these appliances to correct the room’s air quality on their own. The Dyson Link air purifiers have sensors that allow them to know when they need to speed up the machine in order to clean the air.

These fans are made of plastic, but are made to look like metal. The specifications for each are as follows:

Model  Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link  Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower  Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk 
Price  $499 – $519  $349 – $369  $249 – $269 
Weight (lbs.)  8.6  10.98  6.6 
Base diameter (inches)  8.7  8.8  8.7 
Total height (inches)  24.9  41.5  24.3 
Amp diameter (inches)  6  8.1  13.9 
Fan  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Sleep Timer  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Heater  Yes  No  No 
Humidifier  No  No  No 
HEPA Purifier  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Auto Mode  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Fights asthma & allergies  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Wi-Fi enabled  Yes  Yes  Yes 

Other features of the Dyson Link air purifiers

Aside from the main features above, these air purifiers also have:

  • Great technology inside. The Pure Cool Link uses air multiplier technology that enables it to project clean air over a long range. Meanwhile, the Pure Hot + Cool Link has jeft focus control, allowing you to either concentrate the airflow to a particular area or diffuse it all over the room.
  • Remote control. If you do not have your smartphone or tablet at home, you can still use the included remote control to operate the air purifier. You would like it that the remote control attaches to the top of the air purifier by way of a magnet.
  • Automatic night mode. These air purifiers can go into an automatic nighttime mode, where it would continue to monitor the air quality inside your room but would be in its quietest so as to keep you cool or warm without being distracting. Even the LED display becomes dimmer.
  • Works with Alexa. You can use Amazon Alexa speakers to operate the Dyson Link Air Purifier.

What you would like about the Dyson Link Air Purifier

The Dyson Link Air Purifier offers you choices to suit your needs and preferences. For instance, if you live in an area where you only need to cool your space, you can get the Dyson Pure Cool Link. But if you live somewhere where you need to sometimes keep things warm and toasty, like in the winter months, you can get the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link.

If you want to keep your air purifier safe from rowdy kids or pets, you can get the Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk.

These air purifiers work like they should, helping keep the air quality around the room clean and breathable while helping keep you comfortable, as well as keeping the room at the right temperature. Even if you have to place it on the floor, these air purifiers do not take up much space.

What could be better

As with other devices like it, the Dyson Wi-Fi Air Purifier needs you to replace the air filters every so often. There are reports that the life of one air filter is overstated in the company’s marketing materials. The company recommends that you should replace the filter after 4,300 hours of use. This means that if you use the fan for eight hours a day, one filter would last you around one year and six months.

However, most reviews touching on the filter put it at less than a year. With the replacement filter retailing at around $76, it is very expensive. Thus, the cost of ownership can prove to be very high for the Dyson Link air purifier over time.

The filter is not washable, and the best you could do in order to prolong its life is to vacuum it to get rid of some of the trapped dirt.

Another turn off for current owners is how flimsy the construction feels. There is no denying that the Dyson Link Air Purifier looks sleek and modern. However, it is made of plastic. In fact, the first thing you would notice about this air purifier is how light it is. The whole thing can prove to be easily knocked over. If you have little kids or clumsy adults in the house, this is not going to work for you.

Furthermore, while not a major flaw, it can be annoying that the Dyson Link Air Purifier gets really noisy when you put it on high.

There is also some connectivity issues when you try to control the air purifier using the mobile app.

One last thing. It is quite disheartening that the company charges $2 for a copy of its user guide.

Alternatives and considerations

The different models of the Dyson Link air purifier line do their job rather well. They monitor the air quality of the room, while also keeping you comfortable. They help circulate clean air, while also warming up or cooling down the room. If they were not very expensive and did not require more money for the replacement filter, and if they weren’t so noisy and easily tipped over, it would have been easier to recommend this air purifier.

There are some considerations, however, that could help justify the higher price. The Dyson Pure Link air purifier is smart, and it has a well-designed mobile app that not only allows you to operate it remotely but also tells you more about the air quality. You can even see a history of how air quality degrades or improves over time.

Another thing to remember is that it is not just an air purifier. It also warms the air, and it also acts as a fan (depending on which model you choose). Plus it has no problems cleaning the air in larger rooms. Air purifiers designed for large rooms are usually more expensive.

For instance, a Blueair Classic Air Purifier is a smart air purifier that does not blow air like a fan. It costs anywhere from $200 to $750, depending on the size of the room you put it in.

Or, if you really want to save money, consider purchasing a Honeywell HPA200 True HEPA Allergen Remover, which sells for $170 with deep discounts from Amazon.

The final say

The thing with the Dyson Link line of air purifiers is that it functions more like a bladeless fan that purifies the air that it blows. It can also be used as a heater. This is something that you just do not see from a lot of products already available in the market. These air purifiers also do a great job of keeping the air clean and you are not left wondering if it is actually working or not. You can see the improvements in air quality on the companion mobile app.

Overall, the biggest flaw is the price. It is going to cost you a pretty penny to buy the air purifier itself, and the replacement filters will cost you more money over time. But considering the health benefits and the price of similar air purifiers, you may see it as a good investment.