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A smarter way to clean or not worth the money? The Full Ecovacs Deebot M80 Review

(Last Updated On: August 28, 2017)

The market is now flooded with robot vacuum cleaners that connect to your Wi-Fi network and give you the ability to control them using your smartphone.

These Wi-Fi connected robot vacuum cleaners come with various features and cost anywhere from less than $300 to around $1,000.

One of the interesting Wi-Fi connected robot vacuums now available is the Ecovacs Deebot M80.

Ecovacs Deebot M80 features

The Ecovacs Deebot M80 has a lot of features that make it outstanding.

5-stages of cleaning

The Deebot M80 certainly does a lot. One pass and there are five types of cleaning being done simultaneously! Firstly, the side brushes work to sweep dirt and debris to the center of the vacuum while the main brush picks up the dirt and debris.

They are then sucked up by the robot vacuum’s powerful motor. Afterwards, the wet and dry mopping system will get to work. The included water reservoir will then wet the cloth pad to further clean the floor, while also drying it and making it shiny as the vacuum passes.

It does all these simultaneously so you do not have to wait for the robot vacuum to finish first before the mopping can start.

Just think about it, the Deebot M80 does the work of an ordinary robot vacuum and a mopping robot. It does not only sweep your floor, but mops and
dries it, too.

Cleaning modes

The Ecovacs Deebot M80 has several targeted cleaning modes.

Auto mode: You can choose this mode for general cleanings, such as for daily cleaning sessions.

Single room mode: This mode tells the robot vacuum to concentrate cleaning in one room.

Intensive cleaning mode: This mode is more aggressive than the Auto mode and is ideal for dirtier and dustier floors. In this mode, the main brush will rotate faster and the motor will deliver stronger suction.

Edge mode: Use this mode if you want to clean the wall edges.

The Ecovacs Deebot M80 will follow the wall to clean along the edges.

Spot cleaning mode: This mode tells the robot vacuum to concentrate on one particular area to give it a more thorough clean. In this mode, the Ecovacs Deebot M80 will first go around a small circle to clean it and then go around a wider circle than the first. This mode will take around two to five minutes.

These targeted cleaning modes mean that you can rely on the Ecovacs Deebot M80 for just about any situation. From using the intensive cleaning mode the first time you run the robot vacuum and then periodically thereafter, to the auto mode for the daily sessions.

If you spill something on the floor, the spot cleaning mode will be a good idea to clean it up, while the edge mode ensures that dirt and dust do not just accumulate to the sides.

High-efficiency filter

The Ecovacs Deebot M80 uses a high-efficiency filter that traps small particles and prevents them from recirculating into the air. This will make the air cleaner as the robot vacuum does its job on the floor. This will help those with asthma and allergies be a whole lot healthier.


The Ecovacs Deebot M80 makes use of three different types of sensors that prevent it from falling off stairs or any drops higher than 3.1 inches. Aside from these anti-drop sensors, the Deebot M80 also has sensors that prevent it from bumping into furniture or walls.

These sensors guide the robot vacuum around obstacles to clean around it.

Not only do these sensors keep the robot vacuum safe from damage, they also help the Ecovacs Deebot M80 move around more efficiently as it cleans
your room.

Automatic charging

Once the batteries run low, the Ecovacs Deebot M80 would find its way back to the charging dock in order to recharge. This is very useful because you no longer have to wait on the robot vacuum so you could charge it when the battery
runs low.

Plus, if you are using the Ecovacs Deebot M80 to clean more than one room, you no longer spend time trying to look for the robot vacuum around the house because it will always go back to its charging dock.

Remote control

The Ecovacs Deebot M80 comes with a remote controller that allows you to conveniently:

  • Force the robot vacuum to return to the charging dock
  • Manually control the robot vacuum, making it go forward, backward, left and right.
  • Start or pause a cleaning.
  • Start a cleaning mode
  • Set the current time and set up cleaning schedules.

Mobile app

The Ecovacs Deebot M80 comes with a mobile app that you can download for devices running on iOS 9.0 or higher or on Android 4.0 or higher. What can you do with the Ecovacs app? The app allows you to control all your Ecovacs devices.

So if you have more than one Ecovacs robot vacuum, you can manage them all using one app.Ecovacs Deebot M80 connects to your Wi-fi connection.

The mobile app can easily replace the included remote controller, allowing you to set cleaning schedules and operate the vacuum.

The mobile app also shows you how the Ecovacs Deebot M80 cleaned your room, shows how much battery juice is left, and, more importantly, allows you to start a cleaning session with your Ecovacs Deebot M80 even when you are at the office or halfway around the world.

You can also use the mobile app to set a virtual boundary within which your robot vacuum will clean.

Affordable price

Most people who are asked to guess how much a robot vacuum like the Ecovacs Deebot M80 costs would often say it is at least $500, and could go as high as $1,000. Check out the latest prices here!

Here is the good news.

With all of the nifty features that the Ecovacs Deebot M80 offers you, from the five-stage cleaning system to the ability to remotely control everything on a smartphone, to the mopping capabilities, it is a budget robot vacuum cleaner that costs only $229.98 (For the latest prices and discounts, check here).

What’s in the box

The Ecovacs Deebot M80 has everything you need to be included in the box, with its budget-friendly price tag. Each package of the Deebot M80 includes:

  • The Ecovacs Deebot M80
  • Charging dock
  • Remote control and batteries
  • Four side brushes
  • Battery pack
  • Two advanced wet/dry cleaning cloths
  • Advanced wet/dry reservoir
  • Sponge filter
  • High-efficiency filter
  • Measuring cup
  • Quick start guide
  • Manual

What you would love about the Ecovacs Deebot M80

The Ecovacs Deebot M80 is more than half an inch lower in profile than most Roombas, which means that it can go under more furniture as long as there is a three-inch clearance underneath.

However, what probably makes most people consider the Ecovacs Deebot M80 is its attractive mix of features for a budget-friendly price. More than that, the Deebot M80 works quietly at only 56 decibels and has a 500 mL capacity for its dustbin. Each full charge gives you 110 minutes of running time.

Alternatives to Ecovacs Deebot M80

There are two main features that make the Ecovacs Deebot M80. First is its Wi-Fi compatibility and the other is the five-stage cleaning system.

The Ecovacs Deebot M80 competes squarely with Roomba 690 because of its Wi-Fi capability and price range. The Roomba 690 is currently the most affordable Wi-Fi connected Roomba, costing $374.99 (For the latest prices and discounts, check here) on iRobot’s online store.

Admittedly, the Roomba 690 is stripped of many non-essential features and uses older technologies when it comes to cleaning and navigation. Nevertheless, the Roomba 690 is still a Roomba, which means that it can be trusted for even the most stubborn dirt and dust cleanups.

It has side brushes and the main brush to agitate and pick up dust, as well as a powerful motor to suck it all in. It can also recharge itself when its battery runs low and has several sensors that both detect dirt and keeps it away
from accidents.

Sounds familiar, right? The Roomba 690 and the Ecovacs Deebot M80 basically have the same features, except that the Roomba 960 has an edge as far as connectivity is concerned because you can use voice commands to control it if you have Amazon Alexa-enabled devices.

However, the Roomba 690 does not have the Deebot M80’s wet and dry mopping capability, nor does it have a physical remote control because you rely only on the Home mobile app. Not only that, Deebot M80 is around $145 cheaper than iRobot’s budget Wi-Fi connected robot vacuum!

Another worthy alternative to the Ecovacs Deebot M80 is the ILIFE V5s. The V5s is a robot vacuum cleaner that also has a water tank and wet mopping capabilities. It also features anti-drop and anti-collision sensors, auto recharges itself, and cleans pretty much like the Deebot M80.

ILIFE V5s is cheaper, at $180 on Amazon (For the latest prices and discounts, check here), but it does not give you the chance to control it via
your smartphone.

The Final say on the Ecovacs Deebot M80

At less than $250 (For the latest prices and discounts), the Ecovacs Deebot M80 is an affordable Wi-Fi connected robot vacuum cleaner that cleans better than more expensive robot vacuums.  It comes with an optional mopping system that gives your floors another level of clean.

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