Ecovacs vs. iLIFE Robot Vacuum: Which is Right for You?

Robot vacuums have been around for a long time. As technology gets cheaper, having a programmable robot vacuum gets more attainable. But just because anyone can make a robot vacuum doesn’t mean they’re all worth the money.

Less than $300 gets you a lot of features and cleaning power. From wet and dry mopping to vacuuming and sweeping to carpet and hardwood, each vacuum has its own set of specialties and performance.

While the list of robot vacuum manufacturers is endless, we’re going to look at two today called the Ecovacs and iLIFE.


While the Ecovacs line of robot vacuums may lack the same fancy features as the more expensive or well-known brands on the market, it does what it set out to do, and at the price point, they are fantastic vacuums for the money.

Deebot M80 Pro

The Deebot M80 Pro is the most advanced robot vacuum Ecovacs offers. You can program it and set schedules with the included remote or through your smartphone, tablet, or smart assistant.

The battery lasts 110 minutes, its dustbin capacity is 500 mL, and it has a mopping feature in addition to its ability to vacuum both hardwood and carpet floors and rugs. It is 3.3 inches tall, has a fourteen-inch cleaning radius, and weighs only 9.7 pounds.

The contents of the box include the vacuum, a charging dock, and a remote. The Deebot M80 Pro returns to its charging dock when it is low or after finishing the job it set out to do. You can connect the vacuum to your smartphone and control it via a mobile application.

The box also includes accessories. Two cleaning clothes for the mop, four brushes, a reservoir, a sponge filter, a high-efficiency filter, a measuring cup, an instruction manual, and a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

We highly recommend you set up Wi-Fi and the Deebot M80 Pro app on your smartphone. It’s easy, and while you can control the vacuum via the remote, you can access the app anytime, anywhere for scheduling, tracking progress, monitoring battery life, error alerts, and additional functionality not available on the remote.

The Deebot M80 Pro’s navigation allows it to get around each room without bumping into obstacles, getting stuck, or cleaning the same spots over and over again. This robot vacuum cleans low pile carpets and hardwood well.

The battery life is sufficient but lasts even longer on hardwood, laminate, tile, or concrete than on carpet. It doesn’t work as well on high pile carpet, so if you have thick carpeting in your home, this probably isn’t the right choice for you.

While the mopping feature is a nice add-on, it doesn’t deep clean like some other robot vacuums. It’s also a very finicky function, requiring that you keep the reservoir full and replace cloths often.

The time it takes to set up and take apart the mop takes about as long as it would if you mopped by hand. Mopping by hand would probably get the floor cleaner, but the M80 Pro does save you from having to sweat.

Deebot N79

The Ecovacs Deebot N79 is a really great vacuum for the money. It rarely gets stuck, it’s very thorough, and you can control it from your smartphone. Perhaps the best thing is that it’s more affordable than a lot of other robot vacuums on the market.

With the N79 you can change the cleaning pattern, make cleaning schedules, and start it from your smartphone while you’re at work. It’s one of the most efficient, affordable, and popular robot vacuums on the market.

The N79 rarely gets stuck, which is more than you can say for even some of the most expensive robot vacuums on the market, but it does take a while to transition from hardwood to carpet. You also have to close doors if you want to keep it out of rooms because you can’t set up perimeters automatically.

Like other robot vacuums, it returns to its base when the battery is low, or the cleaning is done, and it recognizes drop off points so it won’t fall down the stairs. Instead of using the buttons on the vacuum itself, you can use the remote, but it’s easiest to use the smartphone app.

One of the only problems with the N79 is that sometimes the effectiveness of the cleaning is inconsistent and it doesn’t pick up all the dirt; however, it has a low enough profile to fit under furniture. It also is powerful enough to knock over a pet’s water or food dish, so move things out of the way before cleaning.

It’s easy to control the N79, and for the price, it’s a great value.

Deebot N78

The Ecovacs Deebot N78 looks sleek and modern on the outside and has enough cleaning power to wipe out pet dander and human hair. Ecovacs advertises it as the best robot vacuum for households with pets.

The great thing about the Deebot N78 is that it sends hair directly to the dustbin instead of getting tangled in the brush for you to cut out and clean later. Its Smart Motion navigation technology cleans floor more efficiently instead of moving around at random.

The Deebot N78 is quiet. With a noise level of fifty-six decibels, you can talk at a reasonable volume and still hear your family or guests over the sweeper. You should also expect that this vacuum is easy to use and maintain. One button push starts cleaning, and you can quickly wash the dustbin with warm water.

Three cleaning modes allow you to choose the best type of clean for your floors. You can spot clean spills and clean edges thoroughly. The high-efficiency filter traps dirt, dust, pollen, and dust mites.

Unlike the M80 Pro, you can’t choose what type of floor you want to clean; however, the self-adjusting wheels navigate uneven surfaces with ease, so it’s effective when cleaning any kind of flooring.

Once the battery is low or cleaning is done, the N78 goes back to the charging dock. It comes with a remote that allows you to control it from afar, and you can schedule cleanings to happen while you’re not home.

The Deebot N78’s low profile allows it to clean under most furniture, unlike the M80 that’s a bit taller. Unfortunately, the N78 doesn’t automatically sense dirty areas and clean them more thoroughly. You have to specify the area you want to spot clean and turn on the spot cleaning mode.

You also can’t set up fences to identify areas you don’t want the vacuum to clean. If you don’t want a room cleaned, you have to shut the door or block it off somehow so the vacuum can’t get in.

The Deebot N78 is quiet and powerful without much maintenance required. If you need to clean up pet hair, it’s the best one for the job at its price point.

Ecovacs vacuums are the perfect combination of affordability and functionality. If you want a mopping feature, go with the M80 Pro. If you can do without the mop, but still need a smartphone app, the N79 is the way to go. However, for an efficient clean without all the extras, get the N78.


iLIFE has been around for a while, though you may not have heard of them. They have a wide variety of products, including the A Series and V Series robot vacuums. They include different technologies, so depending on your needs, you can select the product that works for you.


The V3 Series includes the V3 and the V3 Pro vacuums. The V3 includes multiple cleaning modes, better navigation than the V1 Series, and powerful suction, so it’s great for pet hair.

The V3 has large wheels so it can go anywhere and transition well between floor types. It also has an extensive cleaning area, and it can sweep, mop, and vacuum simultaneously. The LCD remote allows you to control it without getting up.

The low profile allows the V3 to go anywhere in the house. The advanced sensors allow for precise navigation. The brushes are elaborate, allowing for sweeping wall edges, giving you a more thorough clean.

The V3 Pro comes with advanced technology allowing for better suction, and the battery life is better than the V3. Other than that, the V3 is a great value. While it only includes dry mopping, not wet, it gives you a superior clean for the money.


The V5 Series includes several features that weren’t included in the V3, one of which is wet mopping. The wheels still allow for smooth navigation and you can sweep, vacuum, and mop simultaneously. The CyclonePower 3-Stage Cleaning system guarantees better cleaning.

The new dual-charging features allows the cleaner to self-charge or charge manually. It also comes with a remote control. While the V5 Pro has Max Mode that has increased suction for a better clean on carpets, the powerful motor in both V5 models delivers incredible suction.


With all of the same features as the V3 and V5, the V7 combines function and performance with aesthetics and design. The sleek design looks appealing, the battery life improved, the cleaning area got larger, and the water tank capacity increased.

The V7is one of the best vacuums on the market. Its design allows for better stain and grime removal; however, the suction power is very low, and it is best used for bare floors, not carpets. It does still include a remote, four cleaning modes, and scheduling.


The A4’s performance is simple but reliable. It works on bare floors and thin carpeting and can vacuum and mop simultaneously. It has Max Mode, enabling improved suction, but it does not offer wet mopping.

The shell is made from a durable high-grade material offering resistance to scratches. It’s hardy while maintaining a low profile. It has dependable navigation, you can schedule cleaning, and it self-recharges.

The A4’s more advanced sibling, the A4S, offers slightly better performance, battery life, deep carpet cleaning, two charging modes, and a remote.


The A6 is iLIFE’s most expensive vacuum cleaner. Its sleek low profile boosts maneuverability and offers value with the improved second generation of CyclonePower 3-Stage cleaning. The slim design beats out most other robot vacuum brands, and the battery life is unbelievable.

The A6 is the only iLIFE vacuum that offers boundary marking so you can tell it where not to go without shutting doors. It has one of the largest cleaning areas of all robot vacuums as well. For how powerful it is, the A6 makes minimal noise, which is remarkable.

Even though iLIFE vacuums don’t include Wi-Fi, they still offer a complete range of cleaning capabilities. For those who are looking for a robot vacuum on a budget, any of the iLIFE options offer great value.

Comparison Chart

  M80 Pro  N79  N78 V3 V5 V7 A4 A6
Smartphone app  X  X             
Battery life  110 minutes  100 minutes  90 minutes  90 minutes  120 minutes  140 minutes  150 minutes  190 minutes 
Carpet  Low pile  X  X  X  X    X  X 
Mopping  Wet and dry      Dry only  Wet and dry    Dry only   
Bare floors  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X 

Not every robot vacuum is created equal, but depending on your needs, you’ll find the one that’s right for you. Some offer vacuuming with high-powered suction, and others offer mopping, edge cleaning, and spot cleaning technology.

While the M80 Pro and the N79 are the only ones on this list that have Wi-Fi, you’re still getting a powerful clean and a great value from all of the others. They all automatically return to the dock for charging, and they all have their specialty.

The choice is yours.