GetSafe vs SimpliSafe – Which Smart Security System is Better?

(Last Updated On: August 14, 2017)

Do-it-yourself home security systems are becoming more and more popular nowadays.  These systems are much more flexible and you can customize them according to your needs.  If you have a large house, you can add more sensors.

If you are paranoid about burglars coming in, there are security systems that include motion sensors and loud alarms.  And if you are more concerned about smoke, flooding, fire, and other potential dangers inside your home, these security systems also have sensors for them as well.

Two of the best DIY home security systems right now are SimpliSafe and GetSafe.  Both systems are easy to install and set up, and are similarly easy to expand.  You can add more sensors to basic starter packs and get it all running in just minutes.  Moreover, because these systems and their devices are wireless, you can place each sensor wherever you want and not worry about wiring around the house.

If you are looking for a home security system, then read on to find out which between GetSafe and SimpliSafe is the best for your home.

Bottom Line up Front: I prefer going with GetSafe here because it is more compatible with other smart home protocols and devices.

First Up: SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe is one of those DIY security systems that allow you to use different sensors together to secure your home.  It uses several devices, which are wireless and easy to install.

SimpliSafe: The good stuff

  • Easy to use. SimpliSafe and all its devices can be set up with hassles, making it very easy to secure your home.
  • Flexible security.  SimpliSafe has five packages that range in rates – from only $230 to more than $500 – and that allow you to tailor-fit your home security according to your needs.  In addition, you can opt to get e-mail and SMS alerts for only $20 a month.  You might want to control your SimpliSafe system from your smartphone, in which case, you would need to pay $25 a month.
  • A wide variety of sensors.  Depending on the package you decide on, you will get these sensors: motion sensors, entry sensors, smoke detector, water sensor, carbon dioxide sensor, and freeze sensor.  On top of that, you also get the base station, the wireless keypad, the keychain remote, the panic button, and extra sirens.  One base station can accommodate up to 41 sensors.
  • Round-the-clock professional security.  You can get professional security monitoring for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  In addition, you get it at significantly lesser rates than traditional security companies.

What could be better

  • Does Not Play Well With Others: SimpliSafe does not connect with home automation platforms, which means that you cannot make it work with other devices.  You cannot, for example, set it up on Z-wave or Zigbee, and that means that you could not have it automatically lock your front door even if you have a smart lock.  Another integration it misses out on is that it cannot turn on the lights around and outside your home if it detects motion when everything should be quite.
  • Monthly Fees: You would need to pay more to get all the features such as the smartphone control and the e-mail and SMS notifications.  You pay a basic rate of $14.99 for the live monitoring and the cellular backup, but you can use your system without having to pay anything.
  • Security Cams Not Included: Plus, SimpliSafe does not have a package that offers security cameras. You can, however, opt to add the company’s security camera add-on for $99.  The camera allows you to live stream 720 pixels videos of your house.

Final word on SimpliSafe

If you are looking for a security system that is easy on the budget and flexible, then SimpliSafe is a good choice.  The company does not try to lock you in with annual contracts and you can add more sensors, and even a security camera, as you need them.  SimpliSafe offers you an easy-to-use system that is very capable.  It also has cellular connection, which means that it can still send SMS and e-mail alerts even when the power gets cut off.  It also has backup batteries.

Next Up: GetSafe

  • Similar User Friendly DIY System: GetSafe follows the footsteps of SimpliSafe and also delivers a capable do-it-yourself home security system backed by professional monitoring around the clock.  Like SimpliSafe, GetSafe promises a user-friendly system that you can install in just minutes and uses wireless sensors that eliminate the need to run wires all throughout your home.  You simply need to place the different sensors where you want or need to place them.
  • Plays with Others: GetSafe can communicate with other smart devices around your home.  Using the Z-Wave adapter, you CAN connect your GetSafe to other Z-Wave devices.  The adapter costs $65.  You can also buy wall switches, range extenders, smart LED bulbs, and smart dimmers from the company.  It also works with Nest and IFTTT recipes
  • HD Video Options: GetSafe also allows you to choose from either an indoor HD camera, which delivers high-definition live streaming of videos with a 720-pixel resolution.  The indoor camera costs $149.  If you want to save, you can get the $129 motion detector camera that can help protect entrances and other vulnerable areas of your home.  The wireless camera is battery-operated and can be placed just about anywhere you want.
  • Professional Monitoring Available: Professional monitoring costs $35 per month.  If that is too steep for you, you can go for the self-monitoring option.


Comparing GetSafe and SimpliSafe

How does GetSafe compare with SimpliSafe?

Simplifsafe is Cheaper: One of the things that you would notice about GetSafe is that it offers a starter kit for around $249, while SimpliSafe has a similar package that costs almost $20 less.  As far as equipment pricing goes, it would seem that SimpliSafe offers the better deal.

Simplisafe has Cheaper Components: This is also seen in the different sensors that are offered by both companies.  Apart from offering more sensors such as the carbon monoxide sensor and the freeze sensor, SimpliSafe also sells other sensors with more affordable prices.  Some sensors from SimpliSafe are around $20 cheaper than those from GetSafe.

A closer look at the pricing for different sensors is as follows:

Entry sensor$14.99$34.00
Motion sensor$29.99$47.00
Glass break sensor$29.99$35.00
Smoke detector$29.99$88.00 (monitored smoke alarm)
Carbon monoxide sensor$49.99N/A
Freeze sensor$29.99N/A
Water sensor$19.99$39.00

On top of the equipment, SimpliSafe also has lower monthly fees.  Both GetSafe and SimpliSafe allow you to use their system without subscribing to any contracts.  That means that you can enjoy their system without paying anything.  However if you want professional monitoring, you would need to pay $15 for standard monitoring and $25 for interactive.  GetSafe offers professional monitoring for $35.

If you find this too limiting, then GetSafe has good news for you.  If you opt for an annual plan, you can get the equipment free.  This is something that SimpliSafe does not offer.

Another point for GetSafe is that it looks much better than SimpliSafe, which honestly looks boring with its white devices and a clunky wireless keypad.  GetSafe does not have that keypad and you control everything on your mobile app.

  • Warranty.  GetSafe offers one-year warranty on all of their products, but only for manufacturer issues.  You can also return their products within 30 days if you are not satisfied with their security system.  Meanwhile, SimpliSafe offers a 60-day money back guarantee if you decide to send back their security system.  Apart from that, their products are also covered by a three-year full warranty, giving you the chance to have them replace any defective equipment free!
  • Home automation.  Home automation is where GetSafe is a clear winner over SimpliSafe.  If you want a smart home and have already invested in several connected devices, then GetSafe is the logical choice.  It works with Z-Wave home automation platforms and inherently works with Nest.
  • Security Camera.  When it comes to security cameras, you would love that SimpliSafe has the cheaper camera at around $100.  Meanwhile, GetSafe offers two types of camera, the indoor HD camera and the motion detector camera that you can place outdoors and just about anywhere, you want to monitor.

A side-by-side comparison of GetSafe and SimpliSafe should make it easier for you to compare their features:

Equipment cost without contractCheck here for latestCheck here for latest
Equipment cost with annual plan$0NA
Monthly fees$25 – $35$15 – $25
Home automation compatibleYN
Z-Wave compatibleYN
Nest compatibleYN
Window and door sensorsYY
Motion sensorsYY
Carbon monoxide sensorNY
Freeze sensorNY
Security camera$149$99
Mobile appYY


The final word: SimpliSafe vs. GetSafe

There is no contest that SimpliSafe and GetSafe are two of the best DIY security systems available right now.  If you are looking for a no-fuss and affordable way to secure your home and you do not have smart devices at home or is currently not planning to build a smart home, then look no further than SimpliSafe.

SimpliSafe is also cheaper (see here) and has sensors that would protect your home from any element.

However, if you have a smart home, GetSafe is the best one to choose because of its Z-Wave compatibility.  You would have to be prepared to shell out more for the devices and the professional monitoring, especially when compared to SimpliSafe.  In short, you pay a premium to avail of Getafe’s connected-ness.

Which Do I Personally Prefer? I don’t have much tolerance for smart devices that can’t communicate with others. Personally, this is the main reason I would opt for GetSafe over SimpliSafe. Bottom Line is that GetSafe offers more compatibility and a robust IFTTT recipe list, while SimpliSafe is only a good option if you don’t need the smart connections.

Bottom Line: Go with GetSafe here if you are keen on building a smart home that functions smoothly together.

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