iRobot Roomba 870 vs 770 – Which is a Better Buy?

Keeping your floors free from dirt, debris, pet hair, and allergens is important. You may not have as much time to dedicate to cleaning them as you need. With a robotic vacuum, you can program it to do the work for you.

Two of the options are the Roomba 870 and 770. Comparing them can help you to decide which is best for your needs.

The Roomba 870 and 770 can be used on all flooring types. It doesn’t matter if you have hardwood, tile, linoleum, or carpet. It also doesn’t matter if you have different types of flooring in different rooms of your home. You can use a robotic vacuum to get results.

It is important to point out that some consumers don’t check out Roomba models due to the round design. They worry that this design means edges and under counters will be missed during the cleaning process.

However, the Roomba robotic vacuums offer extending brushes so you never have to worry about that!

In a hurry? Take a quick look at our key advantages and disadvantages table below. Otherwise, keep reading for the full details.

iRobot Roomba 870 vs 770 – Which is a Better Buy?

Roomba 870 Advantages  Roomba 770 Advantages
1 Virtual Wall “Lighthouse” (can cover more rooms, good for larger homes about $200 cheaper than the 870 (For the latest prices and discounts, check here)
Comes with extra replacement HEPA filter Not too far behind the 870 technology
Up to 50% more effective at picking up dirt Also comes with HEPA filter
Larger dust bin
New longer lasting battery
New AeroForce 3 Stage Cleaning System

Features Compared

Bumpers: You won’t have to worry about either of these models scratching or damaging items in your home. Both of these Roomba robotic vacuums feature soft edges that are considered to be bumpers. They are in place to protect anything that the device may come into contact with.

Sensors: They also have sensors and features that allow the Roomba models to map out the room. There is no reason to worry though as you can move furniture, add items, or remove them and it can still figure it all out.

There is also a very easy transition from one type of flooring to the next room. It isn’t going to get caught up and just spin in place until the battery dies.

Noise Levels: While both the Roomba 870 and 770 are quiet, there is a difference. The 870 is quieter in its movements. If you would like to be able to sleep or have quiet time while the vacuuming gets done, this is ideal.

With a small child in the home, you may feel like you are limited as to times when you can use a regular vacuum. This could be the ideal solution!

Dust Bins: Both of these models offer a generously sized bin for picking up the dirt and debris. It is very simple to empty it when it is full. There is also a HEPA filter that helps to reduce allergens successfully. The filters do need to be cleaned regularly to ensure that they work properly.

Programming: Both the Roomba 870 and 770 feature a base with a programmer. It isn’t too difficult to program the rooms you want to clean or when.

All of the details for programming are specifically shared in the owner’s manual. After a few set ups, you will be able to do it without any further instruction.

Suction Power

Yet there are some significant differences between the Roomba 770 and 870 models. With the 870 model, the revolutionary AeroForce design was introduced. It offers 5 times more suction power than other Roomba models. This means that your floors will be cleaner than ever!

If someone in your family has allergies, this product could help to reduce overall irritations. This is because that additional suction power will assist with reducing the allergens that are lingering in the home. You can’t see them which are part of why they are so hard to eliminate with a traditional vacuum.

The 870 model is also able to determine the higher traffic areas and to clean them more than the other areas. This means the entire floor doesn’t have to be cleaned the same amount of times.

The areas where people and pets are frequently walking and moving around are the ones that will get vacuumed the most.


The Roomba 870 is significantly faster than the 770 model. In fact, it can clean the same room in about half the time. Getting the flooring clean in far less time sounds like a great idea to most consumers! The efficiency  can also prolong the life of the robotic vacuum as it will work less to get the job done.

An averaged sized floor can be cleaned in 10 minutes with the 870 model and about 20 minutes with the 770 model.

Battery Life

The battery life in the Roomba 870 is twice what you will find with the 770 and other previous Roomba models. This newest model offers the XLife Battery. This can be a huge factor for consumers in terms of what they will purchase.

If you have a large home or you want to vacuum several times per week, it makes sense to have a longer battery life. You can buy an extra battery for the 770 model, but that is another $40 you will spend according to online prices.


The average cost for the Roomba 770 is generally over $100 cheaper. The typical cost on the 870 model is about $150 more. With a difference of about $100 or more, you do get some additional features and benefits to justify it. Some consumers feel that the price on either model is too much.

However, these are durable products that are going to last. They also clean very well and save you time.


Both of these Roomba models of robotic vacuums offer a 1 year warranty. There is also a 6 month warranty for the battery. Most consumers report they haven’t had any problems at all with their Roomba 770 or 870.

While there is more data collected to look at for the 770, it is only because it is older. Yet there is no reason to think that the 870 won’t be exceptional too.

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Overall: Roomba 870 vs 770

The Roomba brand name is certainly one that customers can rely on. They offer well made products with materials that are going to last. They also pay attention to the wants and needs of their customer base.

Combining that feedback with testing, technology, and the best concepts, they are able to continually offer a better product.

The Roomba 770 was introduced in 2011 at a good price online (see here). It is a good product but the Roomba 870 released in 2014 has advanced features that make it well worth the cost. You can find the Roomba 870 right here.