Kuna vs. Ring: Which One Is the Better Security System?

In the past, having your own security system at home meant that you also need to wire everything or have professionals do it for you. It was a hassle, to say the least, plus you have to get strangers into the house.

Fast forward to today, DIY security systems make things a whole lot easier. You just buy the devices you need to keep an eye on your property and they all connect to one another. You can remotely see how things are at home.

Two of the smart security systems available right now are Kuna and Ring. But which one is better?


Kuna describes itself as a DIY home security platform that relies on its companion app to help you monitor your house. With Kuna, you can monitor and control several smart and connected devices such as motion sensors, cameras, and lighting.

The range of devices that you can use with Kuna includes:

Maximus Smart Security Light

The Maximus Smart Security Light is dual purpose: it acts as a lighting fixture and an outdoor camera. The outdoor light works in any weather, with an IP43 rating and an operating temperature range of -40C to 55C.

There are four designs to choose from: the Craftsman, Traditional, Contemporary, and Coach. Everything you need to install the lights is included in the box, including the mounting brackets, screws, and decorative accessories, among many others.

There are several ways to control the Maximus Smart Security Light. You can manually turn it on with the app, or you can use voice commands if you have an Alexa speaker. It can also turn itself on when it detects motion. Or it can follow a set schedule, turning itself on at dusk and then off at dawn.

Maximus Camera Floodlight

The Maximus Camera Floodlight is an outdoor security camera that has a motion sensor. When it detects movements, it will instantly turn the floodlight on, lighting everything up. If somebody is sneaking around the shadows, then they are in for a bit of surprise.

This way, the camera on the Maximus Camera Floodlight can capture everything in crisp detail, even when it is nighttime.

Maximus Camera Floodlight works with Amazon Alexa, but if you are not home, you can just use the mobile app.

Toucan Surveillance Kit

The Toucan Surveillance Kit is a wireless security camera that you do not have to wire to install. The premise of the Toucan Surveillance Kit is that you can easily retrofit it to any lighting fixture that you have, using the smart socket and a USB cable. The camera gives you images and videos with resolutions of up to 720 pixels.

Kuna app

You have access to several features including the live stream, two-way communication, app alerts, 911 hotkey, lights and other devices, pre-recorded messages, and automated greetings. You can also use the app to manually record when you want to.

Kuna Plans

Kuna offers a basic plan for free. With the free option, you can get a full two hours of recordings.

The company also offers premium plans that have more features. The Essential Security Plan costs $5 monthly for each device and comes with seven days of video recordings, while the Absolute Control Plan costs $20 for a full month for up to eight devices. You get 30 days of recordings and theft protection. The most popular plan, however, is the Peace of Mind that costs $10 for up to four devices and gives you theft protection and 14 days of recordings.

These plans offer unlimited downloads of the recorded videos. It also gives you discounts the next time you buy a Kuna device.

Kuna AI

Kuna uses artificial intelligence technology to help reduce the number of false alarms. With other security systems that use only a motion detector, everything that moves in front of it would trigger an alert. Imagine having a camera that sends you an alert every time a car passes by a busy street. You would probably get so annoyed that you would turn off the notification altogether. This practically defeats the purpose of having a security system in place.

Kuna AI can tell between cats, people, and cars. It can even tell you how many people are moving around. You can also set a particular area where the motion detector would work. So if your camera is by a busy area with a lot of human traffic, you can just exclude that area and the motion sensors would ignore any movement coming from that place.

What could be better

Kuna is only available in the United States and Canada. What’s more, Kuna’s AI technology is only available for those who are subscribed to their premium plans.


Ring started out with its video doorbells, but it has since branched out to other security-related products. For those who want to use Ring for home security, you can start with the Ring Alarm Security Kit. The security kit costs $199 and includes the keypad, motion sensor, freeze and flood sensor, smoke and carbon monoxide listener, and contact sensor.

You can add in other Ring products into the mix.

Ring Video Doorbell

First off, of course, is a range of video doorbells. This is where Ring is king, and you can choose from four available models ranging from $179 to $499. All of these video doorbells allow you to answer your door, as well as see and talk to who is ringing your doorbell without having to open the door and even when you are not home. Ring’s video doorbells can also alert you when they detect motion.

Side-by-side comparison of all Ring video doorbells available

Model  Video Doorbell  Video Doorbell 2  Ring Pro Ring Elite
Price  $179  $199  $249  $499 
Video Resolution (pixels)  720  1080  1080  1080 
Selectable motion zones  Yes  Yes  No  No 
Customizable motion zone  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Max. battery life (months)  12  12  N/A  N/A 
Dimensions (inches)  4.98 x 2.43 x 0.87  5.05 x 2.5 x 1.08  4.80 x 2.75 x 2.17  4.5 x 1.85 x 0.80 
Field of view (degrees)  180  160  160  160 
Face plates  4  2  4  4 
Livestream  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Motion detection angle (°)  180  180  160  160 
Operating temperature (°C)  -20.5 to 48.5  -20.5 to 48.5  -20.5 to 48.5  -20.5 to 48.5 
Can be hardwired  Yes  Yes  No  Yes 
Other power options  Battery  Battery  PoE  N/A 

Floodlight Cam

The Ring Floodlight Cam is an outdoor security camera that can detect motion. When it senses movements, it will light up the lights to make sure that nobody can hide in the shadows. The hardwired floodlight camera has scheduling and activity zones, and it can alert you promptly when movement is detected.

Spotlight Cam

The Ring Spotlight Cam works just like the floodlight camera, but with an HD resolution for the video streams, motion detection, and two-way communication. It has three versions depending on how you want to power it. There’s a Ring Spotlight Cam that runs on battery, hardwired, or with solar panels.

Ring Protect

Ring Protect is a cloud video recording and storage service that you need to purchase if you want to review your videos. While you technically can use Ring without purchasing a premium plan, you cannot review or share these videos. Ring protect gives you 60 days of storage.

Comparing Ring and Kuna

Ring is known for its camera-related products and having the security kit means that not only will the Ring System “see” things at home, it can also “hear” and “feel” things because of the sensors. Kuna, meanwhile, is more focused on the camera aspects of its products.

Ring’s biggest negative point comes from the fact that you will need to pay to store and access to your recorded videos on the cloud. With Kuna, you get two hours of recording for free. So even if you do not want to pay, you can still playback recorded videos if there is a security event happening at home.

However, this is probably the only area where Ring loses out to Kuna. Let us take a look at the various products that each one offers with this side-by-side comparison:

  Kuna  Ring 
Free storage option  Yes  No 
Lowest cloud storage fees   $4.99 per month per device  $3 per month per device 
Devices available 
Light with security camera  Yes  No 
Price  $179   
Camera resolution  720 pixels   
Field of view  116 degrees diagonal   
Night vision  Yes   
Two way audio  Yes   
Siren  100+ dB   
Floodlight  Yes  Yes 
Price  $249  $249 
Camera resolution  720 pixels  1080 pixels 
Brightness  2400 lumens  1800 lumens 
Field of view  150 degrees  270 degrees 
Two way audio  Yes  Yes 
Siren  100+ dB  110 dB 
Spotlight camera  No  Yes 
Price    $199, $229 
Camera resolution    1080 pixels 
Brightness    700 lumens 
Field of view    140 degrees 
Two way audio    Yes 
Siren    110 dB 
Standalone security camera  Yes  No 
Price  $149.99   
Camera resolution  720 pixels   
Field of view  116 degrees diagonal   
Night vision  Yes   
Two way audio  Yes   
Siren  100+ dB   
Video Doorbell  No  Yes 
Price    $179 – $499 
Video resolution    720p, 1080p 
Motion sensor    Yes 
Operating temperature    -20.5 to 48.5 

When it comes to devices offered, Ring gives you more compatible devices and sensors, making it more holistic than Kuna. With Kuna, you can see what’s happening at home even if you are halfway across the world. With Ring, you can also see things remotely, but you can also monitor smoke, carbon dioxide, flooding, water leaks, and frost. It can also detect if somebody tries to open a door or window.

Even in the devices that both offer, Ring gives its users better resolutions. Kuna’s products all have 720-pixel video resolutions, while Ring offers full HD 1080-pixel resolutions.

On top of these, Ring also has more integrations with other smart devices. Kuna is only compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Ring, on the other hand, is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant, as well as IFTTT recipes, Samsung SmartThings, and other platforms.

The final say: Kuna vs. Ring

Kuna does a lot of things right. It incorporates its cameras with lighting, allowing you to get two devices in one that also helps you become safer. It shows a lot of promise as well, especially with the artificial intelligence technology that it uses.

However, right now, Kuna is rather limited in the things that it could monitor. You are basically limited to cameras, and even integration with other devices and platforms are not that numerous. Right now, you can use voice commands to operate your Kuna devices if you have Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Ring allows you to do all these things and a lot more. Not only does it have more devices and sensors, it plays well with other devices as well. If you are currently looking for a DIY smart security system, and you are choosing between Ring and Kuna, then get Ring. Kuna might be able to catch up in the future, though, because they are constantly working to improve their products.