LG HomBot 1.0 Review – First Generation LG Robot

When you see the LG name, one usually thinks of home electronic devices like television, DVD and Blu Ray players. The one item that doesn’t always come to mind is robot vacuums. One of their best robot vacuums is the HomBot 1.0.

The vacuum retails for around $600 and comes with everything you would need to keep your home clean and dirt free.

In this LG HomBot 1.0 review we will be looking at the value this vacuum can provide for the price. To start, what are the pros and cons of this robot vacuum and what are some of the features that come with it?


There are numerous features on this robot vacuum that make it stand alone as one of the top available choices. One of the best positive aspects of the LG HomBot 1.0 is the ability to schedule it to run at your convenience.

For many people, the deciding factor as to which robot vacuum to purchase comes down to this feature. Whether you want to it clean while you sleep, are at work or gone of the  day and night, this vacuum can be set to do just that and it will even go back to the charging station when done.

If the battery begins to get low while cleaning, the vacuum will return the charging station and will automatically resume where it left off when it is charged.

Another positive aspect of this vacuum is its stat-of-the-art camera mapping system that maps your home while cleaning. There is a camera mounted to the bottom of the unit and while cleaning, maps the quickest and best route to clean your home.

There are many other robot vacuums on the market that are simply too loud to use when you are home. When this vacuum is cleaning your home, you can be watching television without any issue and it can be even be used to clean the floor in the bedroom of a sleeping baby.

The sensors LG used on this device are some of the best on the market. They installed anti-collision optical sensors that are able to track exactly where the walls, table legs and turns are in your home. The sensors can also track where stairs are ensuring your investment doesn’t take a big tumble.

When the first robot vacuum was created, it was large and bulky, but as time has gone on, these devices have gotten smaller and more powerful. The HomBot 1.0 is included in this. The unit is small and sleek and has a modern design. The unit is also able to be operated using a remote that comes with the package.

For those with cats and dogs, this is the unit to have when it comes to cleaning all the loose hair. The device is on par with its competitors, but the one positive aspect that this unit has compared to others is that the brushes don’t get clogged with hair like other vacuums do.

The hair does get caught up in the filter of the unit, but that doesn’t take much time to remove and clean.


There are many cons to this device that may make people decide against this purchase. Among the negative features on this robot vacuum is that it has a rounded top edge that may get caught underneath objects.

This allows it to get scuffed and scratched quickly. This vacuum can also get stuck rather easily, but at least at that point, it will put itself in reverse to get unstuck.

If you have a lot of floor space occupied by rugs with tassels, it will get stuck on them. This is one area that this device struggles in comparison to other models. The unit also has a small dust and debris bin, which is about the part for most robot vacuums available.

It also operates without a bag, which means the filter will need to be replaced more often. This is another con that is one that many robot vacuums suffer from.


  • Camera Mapping System
  • Two Automatic Cleaning Modes
  • Automatic Scheduling
  • Li-Ion Battery
  • Quiet Operation

Overall, the LG HomBot 1.0 is a vacuum that is worth the price because of all the positive features it has and comes installed with. From being able to schedule your unit to operate while you’re away and its ability to recharge itself and then pick up where it left off makes it so beneficial for many people.

If you have a large house and are going out for the day, your LG HomBot can make as many runs as it needs to for your floor to become cleaned.

Its ability to map out your home makes it a great asset in the fight against dirt and dust, but you will still need to be cautious about curtains and rug tassels as this unit is not made to avoid these and will actually get stuck. Despite the negatives, there are still more positives to this unit that make it worth your purchase.

If you are looking for a good place to buy the HomBot 1.0, it is going to be hard to find even online. The first place to check is Amazon via our link below.