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Litter Robot Review – The Automated Self Cleaning LRII

(Last Updated On: December 15, 2017)

Pets are part of the smart home too, right? So why shouldn’t they benefit from some of the advances in technology? After all, we already have smart cat flaps, and Roombas do a great job of picking up their fur.

But, while that saves us some effort, how about something that makes dealing with the by-product of owning a pet a little less unpleasant. Enter the Litter Robot.

While it may look like an angry space robot or the laser designator on the nose of an attack helicopter, it is in fact a smart system for helping getting rid of cat poop and wee. The deposits are kept in a bagged storage tray at the bottom that helps reduce the smell and makes for far easier cleaning.

Key Features of the Litter Robot LRII

How it Works: Available in white, beige, grey or black, the Litter Robot is an automated litter tray for your kitty that removes the need for all that scooping and cleaning out.

Assuming your cat likes the enclosed space, and most do, then it uses a patented sifter to clean the litter and remove clumps and poop from tray into the storage area.

There’s a few minutes delay before it kicks in to allow the litter to clump or the moisture to be absorbed, so you may still get the usual first whiff, but once it kicks in, the Litter Robot is substantially more hygienic than anything other than an airlock cat litter tray (no, they don’t exist, but they should!).

Costing around $449 see here, the Litter Robot can store a few days worth of waste if you’re heading out, saving you on cattery fees and it also helps reduce the level of smell, which means less time cleaning it out and more time doing fun things.

The Litter Robot is mains powered, and uses a standard garbage bag and litter to do its work. The magic is in the main globe that rotates after the cat has left to pick up any litter and deposit it in the tray at the bottom. When it rotates back, that tray is sealed minimizing smells.

Pros of the Litter Robot

Guarantee: The Litter Robot comes with an 18 month guarantee and 90-day money back guarantee, so you’ll have plenty of time to try it out before deciding if its good for your cat, and your home.

Easy for Cats to Get Used To: There’s a helpful step to get the cat into the tray, and simple instructions to help your cat migrate from its old tray to this one.

Made from Recycled Materials: The device is made from tough recyclable plastics and industrial grade components, while the tray is designed to deter the growth of fungus and other

Quiet Operation: In use it is quiet and efficient, and assuming your cat is happy to go in it, there’s nothing to stop it having a useful existence in your smarthome.

Easy to Maintain: When you do need to clean it out, just quickly seal the bag and take it to the bin, put in a new bag and you’re done.

Reliable Company: The Automated Pet Care Product company has been selling them since the year 2000, so there’s no issue over immature technology, although we suspect most readers might be hoping for a smarter version, but that seems unlikely. It is also made in the US, so your cat can be a proud patriot.

Cons of the Litter Robot

Expense: The major outlay for the Litter Robot may seem like a major expense, and it certainly isn’t cheap. However by saving litter thanks to its efficient scooping, and saving you time, and using standard litter and garbage bags, it will help save you money in the long run.

To save some money, check out this listing for discounts.

Cheaper Alternatives: However, there are other self-cleaning litter boxes on the market, so you may want to investigate them before considering this option.

They are far cheaper, but not automated, which is the great advantage of the Litter Robot. One alternative worth checking out is the CatGenie. You can read my complete review of it here.

Kittens/Small Cats May Cause Problems: Note that smaller cats, or kittens, may not trip the sensor that activates the timer. There is a manual mode to help overcome this as the cat grows, but tiny cats will mean you’re stuck doing things the slightly harder way.

“Fat Cats” May Have Issues: Also the globe is only 15-inches deep, 20-inches wide  and 15-inches high, so if you own some monster moggy, then it may have trouble fitting or turning.

Final Recommendation – Is it Worth it?

If your cat is confined to the home, then the Litter Robot makes an ideal purchase to keep the smell down and your cat happy when it comes to litter trips. Yes, its a pricey option, but once up and running becomes a great asset to the pet-friendly smarthome.

A proven technology, it might not be the smartest thing in your home, but when it comes to dealing with poop, we’ll take what we can get, and this does the job quietly and efficiently with very little fuss.

Where to Buy? You can check out this Amazon listing for the Open Air version, but if you want the new WiFi app control you should order direct form Litter Robot here.

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