Loftek Sansi Smart LED Review: Is it Right for You?

The nice thing about wanting smart bulbs is that your choices keep on expanding, each option offering something better, or something unique.  As the technology becomes increasingly common, you get to choose from a wide variety of smart bulbs that offer some cool features which go beyond just lighting your rooms.

One smart bulb that is worth looking into but is not getting much attention right now is the Sansi Smart LED.

Sansi Smart LED features

Some of the features that you would love about the Loftek Sansi Smart LED include:

  • Wi-Fi or mobile network connectivity. Using the Stellar Wi-Fi mobile app available for iOS and Android devices, you can control your Sansi Smart LED bulbs from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Grouped bulbs. The mobile app also makes it easier for you to control several bulbs all at once by allowing you to group bulbs in different ways.  You can group bulbs located in the same room, or even group all bulbs located in different bedrooms.
  • 16 million+ colors. You can choose any of the more than 16 million colors available.  That means you can easily brighten your room in any color you like.  If you want to mimic the orange of the sunset, have a candlelight dinner without actually lighting a candle, or relax in a green room, you can easily open the mobile app and choose the color you like.  You also have access to 20 preset scenes.
  • Music rhythm: You can also sync your lights with any music you play on your device.
  • Save on energy costs. The Loftek Sansi Smart LED eats up only 10 watts of power but gives off the same brightness as a 60-watt incandescent bulb.  It can shine a light for an angle of 220 degrees.  The white light gives off 800 lumens, while color temperature is rated at 2,700 K to 6,500 K.  The bulb has a diameter of 2.46 inches and is dimmable.
  • Easy to install. You install a Loftek Sansi Smart LED like you would any other lightbulb: you screw it into any available light socket.  You can then pair the Loftek Sansi with your mobile phone via your Wi-Fi network.
  • Eye-catching design. You might not take notice of your current light bulbs because they are just a white piece of plastic and glass.  This won’t be the case with the Loftek Sansi Smart LED.  It features an amazingly modern and futuristic design that helps it stand out from traditional bulbs and even some of the more expensive smart bulbs, such as the Philips Hue.  And while the manufacturer cautions everybody to avoid looking at the bulb directly when it’s turned on, it is going to be difficult to take heed of the warning when it looks like this:

The Wi-Fi Mobile App

The free Stellar Wi-Fi app is available on both Google Play for Android 4.2 or higher devices as well as on iTunes for devices running on iOS 8 or higher.

You can use the mobile app to remotely turn your smart bulb on or off.  Each smart bulb you connect will be initially identified by its MAC address, a series of alphanumeric code that helps identify connected devices.  But since it will be hard for you to remember whether the MAC address 5F-C3-7F-C9-D8-00-00 is the bulb in your bedroom or the one in your living room, the bulb’s name can be edited to make it easier to remember, such as “Kid’s bedroom” and “Master’s bedroom.”

Click on any of the connected bulbs and you can change the bulb’s color and brightness.  You can change colors with a color wheel, and adjust brightness by using the slider included in the RGB menu of each bulb.  Click on the “Scene” icon and you can add blinking and transitions to your lights.  For instance, you can choose to have the light flash in all the colors of the rainbow before it changes to another color or before turning off.

What’s to Like – Pros of the Sansi

Loftek Sansi Smart LED works as advertised.  It is a capable light bulb that is bright enough and helps you save on energy costs.  Imagine getting the brightness of a 60-watt bulb while paying only a sixth of the cost.  Forgot to turn off the light?  No need to rush back home as you can just turn it off using your smartphone.  Additionally, it syncs with music that you play on your mobile device.  If you have a party, the Loftek Sansi Smart LED would help you create a club-like atmosphere for everyone.

And it does not require a hub to work.  All you need to do is to connect it to your Wi-Fi network to work the lights using the mobile app.  Plus, you can save more and get the best lighting you prefer.  The brightness of the bulb can be set anywhere from 5% to 100%, which means that you can enjoy a relaxing ambience when you are ready to sleep and just need enough light to read a book.

What Could be Improved

The Loftek Sansi Smart LED does not have any integration.  You cannot use voice commands via Google Home or Amazon Echo to turn your lights on or off.  It does not connect to Samsung SmartThings and other smart home platforms and hubs, and it does not have an IFTTT channel.  And while you can get the mobile app on an iOS device, it does not offer Apple Homekit integration.

Some alternatives to consider

If you like the features you see on the Loftek Sansi Smart LED but would prefer something that would work with your smart devices, or are looking for something new for Alexa to do, then check out LIFX Plus or Philips Hue.  These two smart bulbs also offer 16 million colors, as well as the ability to control your bulb from anywhere in the world.

However, you can connect both of these with Google Home, Logitech Harmony, and SmartThings.  You can also use Amazon Echo and voice commands to operate your lights.  These are, of course, more expensive.

Here’s how Philips Hue, LIFX Plus, and Loftek Sansi Smart LED compare against each other:


  Philips Hue LIFX Plus Loftek Sansi Smart LED
Price  Check here for latest Check here for latest Check here for latest
Color 16 million colors 16 million + IR 16 million
Integrations Alexa, HomeKit, Google Home, IFTTT, Logitech Harmony, SmartThings, Z-Wave, Zigbee Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, Logitech Harmony, SmartThings, No
Lumens 800 1,100 800
Watts 10 11 10
Color temperature 2,220 to 6,500 k 2,500k to 9,000 K 2,700 K – 6,500 K
Dimmable Yes Yes Yes
Remote control Yes Yes Yes
Hub required? Yes No No

The Final Switch

For less than $30, the Loftek Sansi Smart LED gives you similar lighting features to what you can get from the more expensive Philips Hue or LIFX Plus.

You can change the bulb’s colors to any color you want and you can dim it to your preferred brightness.  You can turn it on or off even when you are outside the house.  It also offers the same brightness as the Philips Hue at 800 lumens.

However, the Loftek’s lack of integrations make it less of a serious device for people who want to have a smart home and more of a mere Wi-Fi-enabled bulb.

This is still a great choice for those who are not yet into smart homes, or those who just need a color changeable LED bulb that could help them cut on energy costs.  It is affordable enough to compete with non-smart LED bulbs.