The Lux Kono Thermostat Review: All You Need to Know

If you find yourself ready to jump on the “smart home” bandwagon, no time is better than the present. Smart devices make irritating or annoying tasks in your home more bearable, and easier to manage. Take, for instance, a smart thermostat. With a smart thermostat, you no longer have to get up to change the temperature, or worry about programming it to specific temperatures at certain times.

Lux’s Kono thermostat ushers in a new generation of smart thermostats. It provides smart scheduling, is easy to install, and it pleasing to the eye. You can control your Lux thermostat via Apple’s Siri, Google’s Home Assistant, or Amazon’s Alexa, so not only do you not have to get up to change the temperature, now you don’t have to pull out your phone.

These are just a few of the features the Kono has to offer, so let’s dig in a little deeper and look at the pros and cons of this beautiful thermostat.


Your Kono thermostat will work with typical one-stage cooling/two-stage heating systems. It will also work with auxiliary heat and heat pump systems, as well as electric, oil, and gas furnaces. It’s a beautifully designed device, checking in at 4.5 inches high, 4.5 inches wide and 1 inch deep. For comparison purposes, it’s about the same size as an Ecobee4.

One neat feature about the Kono Lux is that is has a removable faceplate. The faceplate comes in five shades: True White, Hibiscus Red, Sea Green, Deep Blue, and Midnight Black. In addition to these five colors, there is the option to order a faceplate that you paint yourself. Don’t worry if you need to paint the room a different color in the future because you can always order more faceplates.

On the front of the Lux Kono thermostat, you’ll find a knob of brushed aluminum which is used to control the temperature, viewing and changing settings, and navigating through menus. You’ll also see a 1.7 inch by 1.7 inch backlit LED, which displays your current home temperature, whether you’re heating or cooling your home, fan mode, and what the temperature is set to.

If you push in the knob, you’ll activate the menu system, which reveals System settings (Heat on/off, Cool on/off, System on/off, Auto) and Fan mode (On/Off/IAQ/Auto). IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) is a setting that turns on the fan every once in a while to circulate fresh air throughout the home. The Kono Lux does this even if the system is not currently in cooling or heating mode.

The Lux Kono has a calendar feature that allows you to create a cooling or heating schedule, or if you prefer, to have the thermostat hold a steady temperature for a set period of time. There is a Gear button that launches the installation menu, along with a wifi option for network configuration settings.

If you’re familiar with Lux products, you’ll recognize the application for the Kono, as it is the same one used for its predecessors. Found on both the iOS and Android marketplaces, the Lux Kono application helps with setup and implementation of your thermostat.

On the mobile application’s main screen, you can view the name of all thermostats installed in your home. There is also a Set Away button that lets you put your thermostat in Away mode, which helps conserve energy when you aren’t at home. Or if you prefer to use geofencing, there is a Radius button that will tell your Kono to go into Away mode when you leave your house.

The main screen displays when you tap on the name of the thermostat. On this screen, you can view the current room temperature, along with the target temperature. You can also see the current outdoor temperature. However, the Lux Kono doesn’t provide a weather forecast the same way Ecobee and Honeywell smart thermostats do.

Close to the bottom of the application, you’ll notice buttons for Fan, Mode, and Hold. The Hold option allows you to go around the schedule settings and keep your home at the current temperature. Of course, if you want to set a schedule, just hit the Schedule button and you will be able to create a fixed schedule based on the comings and goings of your household.

The Lux Kono thermostat offers a nifty efficiency preference guide that tells you how much more you’ll spend, or how much you’ll save based on the temperature you select. Once you make your selection, you have the option to have the heat or air conditioning to come on and shut off based on your schedule.

There is an Offers section that brings rebates and offers to your attention and walks you through enrolling in programs that are available in your area. The mobile application also gives you the capability to view hourly cooling and heating temperatures through the Runtime menu. Unfortunately, the Lux Kono doesn’t provide the granularity that other thermostats offer, but you do have plenty of information right at your fingertips.

The Kono also has a Settings menu which allows you to set your thermostat to Away mode, rename your thermostat or create a schedule.

Smart Home Integration

The Lux Kono thermostat supports not only Siri, but also Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant via voice commands. Unfortunately, the commands are limited to only lowering or raising the temperature. You are unable to ask for the current room temperature, and you cannot turn the thermostat off and on.

There is also no IFTTT (If This Then That) support. Many other thermostats allow for IFTTT applets that create mini-programs that react when specific events occur. You can, however, use Apple’s HomeKit to adjust temperature settings. Using Scenes with the Lux Kono lets you lower or raise the temperature, or change the System mode.

Performance and Installation

Installation of the Lux Kono is surprisingly simple. However, if you aren’t familiar or comfortable with low-voltage electrical wiring, it may be a good idea to have it done by a professional. The Kono uses a C (common) wire, but if your system does not have one, you’ll find one included with the thermostat.

Before you begin installation of your Lux Kono thermostat, you’ll want to take a picture of the wiring already in place behind your current thermostat. Then download the Lux application, and let the guide walk you through connecting up your new device. Once it is in place, the Kono should immediately power on and ask you what type of system you have in your home, along with what fan type.

Once you have selected your fan and system types, you’ll be asked to choose an operating system (iOS or Android), and then launch the mobile application. The app will search for the thermostat, and once it finds it will automatically add it to your home wifi network. Give the Kono a few moments to come online and attach to your network, and then give it a name. Once that step is completed, set up finished!

You’ll notice that the Lux Kono has smooth controls and executes commands very quickly. Whether you’re making your temperature changes via the mobile application, the web console, or on the thermostat itself, the Lux Kono responds almost immediately. Now you can spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with your new Lux Kono thermostat and set up schedules and perimeters that work best for you.


The Lux Kono has no shortage of features available. Here are a few of the more popular ones that you’ll enjoy:

  • Geofencing for Home and Away modes for energy and cost savings
  • Adaptive smart tips
  • Learns your behaviors
  • Replaceable and interchangeable covers
  • Temperature control through Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa
  • Estimation of utility costs when temperature change occurs
  • Smart scheduling
  • Mobile application for both Android and iOS
  • Power supplied through C-Wire (adapter included) or LUX Power Bridge
  • Runtime and energy usage reports
  • Air Quality Mode for indoor air circulation


Here are some high-level specs for the Lux Kono thermostat:

  Lux Kono Thermostat
Battery Power Type  Hardwired 
Shape  Square 
Smart Scheduling  Yes 
Smart Assistant  Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit 
Thermostat Type  Heating and Cooling 
Mobile Application  Android and iOS 
Geofencing  Yes 
Compatibility  Conventional system (2H/1C), heat pump systems, dual fuel systems 
Colors  Midnight Black, True White, Sea Green, Hibiscus Red, Deep Blue 


The Lux Kono thermostat is perfect for you if you are in the market for a reliable thermostat that has great appeal. It is convenient, easy to install, and can be matched with almost any indoor decor with its replaceable covers. And don’t forget that you can control it through voice controls with Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa.

It offers Home and Away modes through geofencing, as well as a smart schedule that you can tailor to fit the needs of your household. You’ll get runtime usage reports if you need to view them, and three ways to access your thermostat (on the wall, mobile application, web console).

It does have a few drawbacks in that it doesn’t work with IFTTT and doesn’t provide some granular weather information like humidity and forecasts, but it is a great smart thermostat for those looking to start getting into the Internet of Things.