Petzi vs Pawbo – Which Automated Pet Treat Cam is Better?

Advancements in technology offer all kinds of conveniences and capabilities that were never possible before.

Smart controllers that automatically monitor the irrigation of your lawn, the ability to control devices within your home remotely and the ability to connect to the internet from almost any place at any time now seem completely normal.

Expanded functionality and possibilities have touched almost every area of our daily lives and, believe it or not, the lives of our pets too.

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Why Go with a TreatCam?

Having a dog or cat as a pet can add amazing joy and fun experiences to your life. However, if you have a busy and active lifestyle like most people nowadays then properly monitoring and caring for your pet has become more challenging.

Fortunately, several very innovative companies now offer pet cams that can help you manage proper pet manage even while you are away from home. These pet cams are much more than a simple webcam that allows you to view what your pet is doing.

They offer a full list of features that actually make it possible to interact with your pet remotely and ensure they are not getting into trouble while you
are away.

There are several different brands of pet cams available and the model that will best work for your pet and home may differ from one what will work best for another pet owner, depending on specific features and your individual situation.

Therefore, it can be helpful to compare different pet cam models and ensure the one you select is a good fit for the proper care and love of your dog or cat.

Two of the top pet cam models on the market are the Petzi Treat Cam and Pawbo Treat Cam, both of which offer a high-level of functionality and excellent features. Let’s take a look at what each pet cam offers and find out which one might work best for your pet.

Petzi Treat Cam

The Petzi Treat Cam is much more than just a regular webcam as it offers a range of features that make managing and caring for your pet easier.

The cam can be controlled completely via smartphone or other internet capable device which means no matter where you are in the world you can make a connection with your pet.

Petzila (link to website) is the company that makes the Petzi Cam and their innovative design team added an important feature to this pet cam, a
treat dispenser.

This unit allows the complete range of interaction between you and your pet by allowing you to view the cam, speak to your pet through an included speaker and dispense a treat with the touch of a button.

The audio quality certainly is not on par with premium audio devices that are designed for playing music or movies but the audio components are designed with high-quality materials offering clear and concise communication with
your pet.

A wide angle camera lens system makes accurately viewing your pet’s activities easier than ever before and you can even share images or videos of your pet through social sharing functionality that is available within the webcam’s
user interface.

The treat dispenser can hold an ample amount of goodies for your pet and can accommodate treats that are up to one full inch in size.

The Petzi Treat Cam was designed to specifically do four functions well seeing (viewing the cam), speaking (audio system), snapping (taking pictures) and
giving treats.

The cam offers 720p HD quality video with efficient streaming via Wi-Fi and the audio system is a one-way system which means you will be able to effectively communicate to your pet but not hear if they make sounds.

This pet cam system comes with everything you need to get started for remotely monitoring your pet. In the box is a six foot power cable, rubber stabilizer feet with mounting brackets and even a few treat samples that your pet will love.

The cam is easy to setup and can easily be mounted on a wall or cabinet for optimum convenience. Once the unit is out of the box, it’s just a matter of installing the Petzi app on your device of choice, connecting to a Wi-Fi network and filling the storage bin with treats.

For more details, you can read my full review of the Petzi here.

Key Features Worth Noting

  • Interact with your pet by seeing, speaking, snapping and treating
  • Control operations via smartphone or tablet
  • Wide angle webcam lens system
  • High-quality audio components
  • Universal treat system fits treats up to one-inch
  • Easy setup
  • Wall mounting brackets
  • Social sharing capable
  • Weighs only 3.6 pounds

Critical Advantages

  1. Durable and eye-appealing
  2. High-quality video/audio
  3. 128-bit encryption secures your privacy

Pawbo Treat Cam

The Pawbo Treat Cam offers many of the same functions and features as the Petzi Cam but also has a few that the Petzi does not. The functions of the Pawbo follow the same line as the Petzi allowing you to see, speak, snap and treat your beloved pet.

However, this unit allows you to not only speak to your pet through the audio system but you can hear your pet too. This adds a whole new level to the experience of interacting with your pet via webcam and significantly improves the enjoyment factor.

Additionally, this unit includes a laser pointer that allows users to play games with their pet remotely.

Imagine sitting in your office at work or in a hotel room while traveling and still being able to play a game with your pet by having them chase the laser pointer around the room while you watch, listen and enjoy!

Not only does this feature offer a lot of fun but it can have real benefits for your pet as well. If your pet has separation or anxiety issues brought on by being left home alone for long periods of time, playing a game with them can be a great way to keep them entertained and relaxed while you are away.

The storage bin for treats on this unit is a bit smaller than what the Petzi Treat Cam offers so it’s important to ensure you purchase the right size treats. However, that is a small price to pay if the laser pointer and two-way audio functions are important to you.

Additionally, if you have a slow internet connection, the Pawbo allows you to control the quality of the video which can help keep the streaming video crystal clear.

The unit comes with a power cable and setup guide that is easy to understand.

Key Features Worth Noting

  • 720p video streaming w/ wide angle cam
  • Easy to snap pictures of your pet in action
  • Video can be automatically sent to Dropbox
  • Weighs only one pound
  • Built-in treat dispenser
  • Built-in laser pointer for pet games
  • Two-way audio capable
  • Pawbo webcam app

Critical Advantages

  1. Two-way audio capable allowing you to speak and listen
  2. Wider angle view
  3. Interactive laser pointer
  4. Adjustable video quality
  5. Compatible with social sharing

Final Thoughts

The Pawbo Treat Cam is slightly more expensive, approximately $30.00 more (check here for latest), but that shouldn’t be a deterrent for anyone that needs a great pet webcam and treat system.

The extra expense of the Pawbo in return for the added functionality of the two-way audio system and laser pointer is well worth it, in our opinion.

Both webcams offer excellent value and are easy to use but if you want the best bang for your buck and can afford the higher price, then the Pawbo Treat Cam is the way to go.