RoboMow RS612 Review – Another Automated Lawn Option

RoboMow announced their latest robotic lawn mower in mid-2014 and it’s definitely been well received across the robotics market.

There’s a growing phenomenon growing around robotics, it’s folks who have enjoyed the free time afforded to them from their robotic vacuums and want to enjoy the same freedom of having their lawns mowed for them too.

Robotics companies are absolutely thriving off this growing trend.I’ve previously covered the Worx Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower, and I thought it’d only be fair if I followed it up with my thoughts on the new  RoboMow RS612.

The RoboMow RS612 was designed and built for lawns ranging from 0-14.000 square feet or ¼ of an acre. The RoboMow RS612 has been created to provide you with maximum lawn mowing enjoyment, with as little mowing time as possible.

Similar to a robotic vacuum, and like many other robotic lawn mowers, the RS612 uses a base station where it recharges after a long day (or night) of lawn mowing. Fitted with a rain sensor, the RoboMow retreats to its base on humid or wet days.

Setting up and using the RoboMow RS612 is incredibly easy, simply install the included wire in the box around the perimeter of your lawn, complete some basic configuration steps and plug in the RS612’s dock; which should be kept undercover to ensure maximum longevity of the RoboMow.

It’s now ready to get mowing, it really is that simple.With the RoboMow RS612’s ultra robust design, heavy-duty blades, and easy configuration, it’ll have your lawns looking trimmed and clipped in no time!

Let’s Take a Closer Look at the RoboMow RS612

Specs RoboMow RS612
Maximum Lawn Size ¼ Acre
Maximum Incline 36%
Noise Level 66dB
Mowing Width 22 inch
Dimensions (WxHxD) 28 x 25 x 12 inch
Weight 44 Lb
Battery Type 26V Lithium
Battery Consumption 17 kWh/ month
Battery Life 60 min
Charge time 90 min


Key Features of the RS612

  • Heavy Duty Blades. With an incredibly strong, sturdy steel blade and the widest cutting surface, the RoboMow can impressively manicure even the thickest of lawns.
  • Mobile App. We’re not afraid to admit it, you are reading a review online for a robotic lawn mower, and everything else seems to happen online now too – technology is becoming increasingly popular in our day-to-day lives. You can operate and communicate with your RoboMow through your smartphone or tablet.
  • Eco Mode. RoboMow endeavours to limit your carbon footprint by providing you with an Eco Mode. Eco Mode is an option to operate your RoboMow with the minimum energy required for mowing the lawns.
  • Slope Control. RoboMow can easily take care of your slopey lawn too, with the capability of working with slopes of up to 35 percent.
  • Unique Edge Control. RoboMow is the only robotic mower on the market with heavy duty blades that reach to the very limits of its base. This mode allows the robomow to maximise coverage of your lawn, adding to the efficiency of the RoboMow RS612’s cut.
  • Multiple Zones. RoboMow cater for those with separate zones and large lawns to mow. The RoboMow can give separate zones individual cuts, all to your specification. This is easily configured with the RoboMow simple configuration settings.
  • Child Lock. For those with children, robotic lawn mowers are always a safety concern. Fear not, the little ones won’t be able to play with the RoboMow RS612 and harm themselves, as the RoboMow is fitted with an intelligent child lock, keeping even the most inquisitive children at bay.
  • Safety Features. Like many other robotic lawn mowers on the market, the RoboMow RS612 is fitted with top of the line safety features. When the RoboMow is lifted off the ground, whilst in operation, the blades stop immediately. When the RoboMow bumps into an obstacle (think pet toys, childrens toys, etc) the blades stop and the RoboMow changes its mowing direction.
  • Anti Theft. RoboMow know just how envious your neighbours will be after they see your perfectly manicured lawns, heck they might even try to steal it for their own lawns. The RS612 is fitted with an anti theft PIN code, to prevent others from operating it.

Why the RoboMow RS612 Might be Perfect for You

Combined with very competitive features, the RoboMow RS612 is a powerful robotic lawn mower that is so quiet that it allows you to enjoy reading on your lawn, or even sleep, while it’s getting the job done.

The RoboMow RS612 is a safety conscious robotic lawn mower that is designed with families in mind, with it’s premier safety features and remote access, it allows you to enjoy manicured gardens, from anywhere in the world, knowing your children or pets aren’t in harm’s way.

With it’s wide cutting blade, the RoboMow RS612 has time in mind. The powerful robotic lawn mower can cut your lawns in quicker periods of time than other mowers on the market and allows you to enjoy the lawn with your family for longer periods of time.

RoboMow understand that one size doesn’t fit all. You can easily adjust the height you’d like your lawn to be cut to, and the RoboMow will execute this with ease.

It looks great whilst doing it too, the RoboMow has a stunning modular design that allows easy serving and part replacement without the need to return the RoboMow to a service center.

The RoboMow certainly is a family conscious, environmentally friendly, safety oriented, and hands free robotic mower that would look at home docked under your patio.

Things to Consider Before you Buy

As with all great products on the market, there’s a price tag to follow. The RoboMow RS612 will set you back roughly $1,599.00 USD (see here for the latest pricing). It’s a fairly hefty price tag for a robotic lawn mower however the key features do have some weighting on this.

If you’re already paying someone to do your lawns, the RoboMow RS612 would be a smarter investment over a given period of time.

For the robotic lawn mowers that have their perimeters outlined by a wire, which most do, this is an issue to consider.

As you will be planting wire into your lawn, please be mindful of children and pets who have been to known to play with the wire which, in turn, has resulted in the RoboMow RS612 going completely off-course.

Trial runs are added points of confidence in ensuring the RoboMow RS612 will successfully mow the lawn whilst you’re at the office. It also allows you to remove any potential obstacles that the RoboMow might come across.

Final Thoughts – Is it Worth it?

There’s no doubt that the RoboMow RS612 is an excellent choice for a robotic lawnmower however as the market is becoming increasingly saturated, there’s also healthy competition out there.

If you haven’t already, I suggest you read my review on the Worx Landroid, as it’s a comparable unit and comes in at about $300.00 USD cheaper (see here) than the RoboMow RS612.

Obviously the RoboMow is not the cheapest robotic lawn mower on the market, but it does truly provide a hands-off service and is designed to cut grass with an expert’s touch. Whether you currently have someone mow your lawns, or you do it yourself, the RoboMow RS612 may be the right solution for you.

I’d love to know your thoughts on the RoboMow RS612, have you got your hands on one yet? Let me know in the comments.