RoboSnail Review – Introducing the RoboSnail Robotic Aquarium Cleaner

There is just something about a home with a beautiful aquarium filled with exotic fish that really stand out. An aquarium is an expensive addition to any home but when treated well and maintained properly, can be a focal point of any room.

One of the biggest issues for most aquarium owners is the difficulty in cleaning the inside of the tank while filled with water. Yes, you can move the fish and drain the water, but how many people have the time to do this once a month?

One alternative to having to do this or struggle with cleaning the inside of the glass by hand is a product from AquaGenisis called the Robosnail Automatic Aquarium Glass Cleaner.

This product hasn’t been out long, but has already been met with great response from those who own it already. This glass cleaner is easy to use and will allow you to do more with your time while the Robosnail does its job.

It is the first and only product of its kind that is on the market today and was designed and manufactured with the highest standards and state of the art technology that far exceeds that of any manual product.

This product was designed for an aquarium keeper that takes pride in their tank while not forcing them to sacrifice anything for cleanliness. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this revolutionary product from AquaGenisis.

Pros of the RoboSnail – Things I Liked

Quality Materials: The first thing that may grab your attention out of the package with this product is how it feels like it was made with high quality materials.

The way it was designed and manufactured makes it ideal for those aquarium keepers that simply don’t have the time to properly maintain their tanks any longer.

With that in mind, this is an item that is ideal for tanks of just about any size ranging from 55 to 150 gallons. There have even been some reports of the Robosnail even working on a 180 and 220 gallon aquariums.

Prevents Algae Buildup: The main reason why you would want to own this product if you own an aquarium is the ease in which you can prevent algae from building up on the glass.

The way the Robosnail does this is by automatically running once every 24 hours without any input from the user. Just take the unit out of the package, follow the simply instructions, and you will never see algae buildup in your aquarium again.

Those that are new to owning aquariums may think that their tank isn’t developing any algae so this product wouldn’t be needed, but that is not the case. Algae begin forming immediately in a clear form. Over time, those algae will continue to build up and become increasingly more difficult to clean.

The longer a person waits to clean their tank, the likelier the chances that you may scratch your tank by manually attempting to clean it and that normal 15 minute cleaning session could end up taking more than an hour.

Once you own the Robosnail, you will see that 15 minute session drop to nothing, allowing you more time to do the things you want to do.

Works with a Wide Variety of Tanks: There are countless types of aquariums that are available to the public and many may wonder if this product will work on theirs. For the most part, that answer would be yes.

It was designed to work on standard glass aquariums from 55 to 150 gallons or 208 to 500 liters when constructed with glass ranging in thickness from .25 inches to .39 inches. It can also work on rimless, freestanding, or in wall mounted aquariums.

Everything Included: When you get the Robosnail out of the package, you will get the unit itself, charger, sensors and instructions sheet that will arm you with all the needed tools to give your aquarium a clean and fresh look.

The battery life of this product per use is about 30 minutes and aside from the initial work required to get the Robosnail acclimated to your aquarium, will require no additional work on your end.

A Definite Time Saver: Watching the Robosnail work is something out of this world and the overall effect on the tank is amazing. Tanks that required daily manual maintenance to prevent algae and calcium buildup now require absolutely zero work on your end.

With everybody being so busy now-a-days, this is something that will end up saving countless hours throughout the life of your tank.

Excellent Customer Support: With a product that is this revolutionary and original, there are sure to be problems that come up. Everyone expects this as not 100 percent of products end up working the exact way they are supposed to. That being said, company’s need to know this and react accordingly.

AquaGenisis has ensured that their customers will be satisfied no matter what. There have been some instances where the switch on the unit will break, but after a call to customer service, a replacement part would be in your mailbox within days.

Before the invention of the Robosnail, time away from the house for work was a terrible thing. After a two week long trip, you would come home to an extremely dirty tank.

This is especially true for those that have intense lighting in their aquariums, but the Robosnail works like a charm and makes it seem like you just cleaned the glass yourself the day before.

Cons of the RoboSnail – Things That Aren’t So Great…

Tank Thickness MAY be Problematic: It has been difficult to find many people that have genuine issues with their Robosnail, but there are still some issues nonetheless that have come up and could be a great bother for some.

Users may try to use this product on their tank that is not the appropriate thickness. If you do this and your glass is less than .25 inches, you may need to add an additional trim on your frame to give the sensor something to hold onto.

Some Battery’s Have Issues: Just with any new invention, there are surely to be some manufacturing flaw that will appear. One of these flaws has been found on the battery. There are some battery’s that have malfunctioned from the start and the light never changes to green as the instructions state.

A replacement battery can fix this, but the hassle might turn some people off the brand and the product specifically in the future. UPDATE: AquaGenesis has since fixed this problem on new units, however, if you happen to by an older unit you may still see this problem.

Finicky Navigation Patterns: If you sit and watch the Robosnail actually complete the cleaning process, one thing you might notice and have an issue with is the way it turns. It has been known to get stuck while turning sometimes and doesn’t take great turns.

This often makes the path it needs to take to clean the entire glass a bit more problematic, but as long as it doesn’t get completely stuck, you should still be able to have a clean aquarium without the work.

Features of the RoboSnail

  • Prevents Algae from Building Up on Glass
  • Automatically Runs Every 24 Hours
  • Performs Memory Sequence for Each Cleaning Cycle
  • Works with Aquariums Ranging from 55 to 150 Gallons
  • Locates Edge of Aquarium to Ensure it Calculates the Appropriate Pattern for Optimal Cleaning
  • Battery Lasts 30 Minutes Per Use
  • Excellent Customer Service: Should Issues Arise with Product, Replacement Parts is Sent Promptly

Overall, this product is one that will forever change the way aquarium owners need to take care of their investment. With some expensive fish filling tanks around the world, something that can help keep them healthy while ensuring your glass is crystal clear has been needed for some time.

Never again will you need to worry about getting out the scraper to clean your aquariums or would you need to worry about coming home from a two week vacation to clean up algae and calcium that has been quickly building up.

The entire aquarium industry has changed forever because of this product and we couldn’t ask for any more.

When it comes down to it, the main purchasing factor for many people will come down to the cost.

The original suggested retail price of this product is about $300 and to many, this may seem a little steep, but when you take into consideration the amount of man hours that you are saving each week, month, and year by not having to manually clean your tank, it is money that is well spent.

If you are looking to save a bit, you can check out this listing for the latest deals.