Roomba 770 Review: Pros and Cons


The iRobot Roomba 770 is another tool in your robotic vacuuming arsenal. Having reviewed other models like the 780 series and the Neato, I was interested in seeing how the 770 measured up.

The following is a summary of the features before we dig in to the pros and cons and the full Roomba 770 review…

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The 770 does all the work for you. The sweeping and vacuuming done with just a touch of a button. The Roomba will collect all the dirt and debris from carpet, hardwood, tile and all types of floors. It will do the deep cleaning and hard work for you.

Roomba has a 3-stage cleaning system. The 3-stage cleaning system lifts deep dirt from carpets, tiles, linoleum and hardwood flooring. The iRobot Roomba has a spinning side brush that offers cleaning along wall edges. It will get all those dust bunnies that gather at the edges of your floor and walls.

The counter-rotating brushes performs like a broom and dust pan picking up and sweeping at the same time. The vacuum will suck all this dirt and dust into the canister for removing.

The iRobot Roomba comes with a self-adjusting cleaning head suspension. This allows Roomba to go from carpet to hardwood floors without any adjusting by you. It will self-adjust itself.

This is the perfect vacuum for homes with pets or owners with allergy suffers. This vacuum comes with AeroVAc Series 2 Technology. This technology is designed to remove pet hair, pet dander, hair, dirt and dust from your carpets and floors.

The Roomba also offers a dual HEPA filter that captures dust particles.

Many vacuums pick up dust and dirt, but then it re-circulates back out the vacuum into the room, but the Roomba will capture the dust and not let the dust escape and re-circulate back into your home. This leaves your home cleaner and breathing healthier air.

The Roomba 770 in action – Video review

Important Features of the 770

  • Vacuuming Bin: The vacuuming bin on the Roomba will pull hair off the brushes and put them into the vacuuming bin. With most vaccum cleaners, the hair wraps around the brushes, then eventually you have to take the brushes off to clean them.
  • On-Board Scheduling: The on-board scheduling allows you to pre-set your Roomba for cleaning. You are able to have the Roomba clean when your gone to work. Pre-set the Roomba for up to seven times a week.
  • Three Cleaning Modes: You can set your Roomba to three different types of cleaning modes. The clean, spot and scheduled cleaning modes allow you to have a quick cleaning or a spot cleaning. Pre-set your device with the scheduled mode.Self-
  • Adjusting sensors: The self-adjusting sensors goes under beds, furniture and even the edges of your curtains. The self-adjusting sensors detects dirt and gets all areas of the rooms.
  • Dual HEPA Filters: The Roomba offers dual HEPA filters to capture dust, dander and dirt without letting them escape and recirculate throughout the room.
  • Warranty: It comes with a 30-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with your Roomba in 30 days, then you can get a full refund. It also comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Pros of the iRobot Roomba 770

  1. The control pad is easy to use. You just control the Roomba with your fingertips.
  2. The self-charging is amazing. When the Roomba’s battery is low, then the vacuum will return to the dock and recharge itself.
  3. The full bin indicator lets you know when it is time to empty the bin.
  4. The cleaning strokes of the Roomba offers extensive cleaning in dirty areas. The back-and-forth motion gets all the dirt picked up.
  5. The Roomba gets the edges of the wall, curtains and under furniture. It does more cleaning than I would normally (this goes for all of the robotic vacuums).
  6. The dual HEPA filter gets all dust and dander off the floor.
  7. It allows for several room cleaning or a one room cleaning.
  8. A longer lasting battery.
  9. The scheduling allows up to seven times a week to be scheduled.
  10. A full 30-day warranty

The Cons

  1. The Roomba is louder than what I expected in this tiny vacuum.
  2. It doesn’t always get in fine lines. The cracks of wood floors is one area where if small sand is present, then it doesn’t pick up great in this area.
  3. It sometimes forgets where the dock is.
  4. The CD that is provided for a manual is a hassle if you have any questions or problem with the Roomba.
  5. The bin could be bigger. It picks up a lot of dirt and the bin fills up pretty fast.

Customer Reviews: What Other Users Have Said

While I have done my best to provide a thorough review, I felt it was important to include what other people have said as well…

“As a multi-pet owner, the iRobot Roomba 770 is an excellent vacuum. The Roomba picks up the pet hair. The carpets are clean when I return home from work. The house doesn’t smell like animals and there is no hair on the floor.”

“The best purchase I’ve ever made was with the Roomba. I program the Roomba to run while my family is asleep. We awake to clean rooms. The Roomba goes under the furniture and against the wall. I would recommend the iRobot Roomba to everyone.”

“I was so excited when my iRobot came. I charged the iRobot and tried it out. I was amazed on how much dirt and hair was in the bin with just one cleaning from the iRobot. It cleaned under my coffee table and chairs. It did an amazing job. I wish I would’ve purchased the iRobot sooner.”

“I had to have surgery and could not do any cleaning. My daughter purchased the iRobot Roomba 770 for me. My daughter set up daily cleaning with the iRobot Roomba. At the time it was set to clean the iRobot Roomba did the vacuuming. It went from the kitchen to the dining room with no problem.

The floors look amazing. I should have scheduled my surgery sooner so my daughter could have purchased the iRobot Roomba sooner. I love it!”

“I was looking for a vacuum that could handle the pet hair from my cats. The iRobot Roomba is the vacuum. The vacuum picked up so much hair that I was amazed that there was that much hair in my carpet.

I emptied the bin and it continued to pick up more cat hair. I feel like I can breathe easier now, without all the pet hair in my carpet. If you are a cat owner, then purchase this vacuum. It works wonders with cat hair.”

Conclusion – How Does the Roomba 770 Measure Up Overall?

This Roomba is one of the best robotic vacuums on the market, in terms of bot value and functionality. The 770 offers a three stage cleaning system that the other robotic vacuums doesn’t offer. It also resumes cleaning after being on the home base charger.

The Infinuvo doesn’t do this. The Infinuvo also doesn’t offer programming for their robotic vacuum. This is a similar case for many of the competitors.

The Mint (now Braava) isn’t a robotic vacuum, but more as a wet and dry floor cleaner. The Mint can’t always pick up larger particles as they push them across the floor and can leave streaks of crumbs.

The Neato Signature Pro is comparable in some ways to the Roomba 700 series. Feel free to check out my full review here. The “D” shaped design makes it better for cornering, but I still much prefer the Roomba for it’s overall cleaning effectiveness and scheduling abilities.

In short, while the 770 is not the latest Roomba, it’s still an excellent middle of the road option.

The price of the 770 is a bit higher in price compared to the Neato robotic vacuum, but the 770 offers many more advantages (be sure to check this listing for the latest deals). You get the suction power that you need to actually pick up the pet dander and hair.

This model actually finds the dock and the Neato has a hard time getting to the dock.

Alternatives to Consider (Updated April 2016)

With each new generation of robot vacuums, my thoughts evolve on the best “value” robot. I still think the Roomba 770 is a strong value proposition, but for prospective owners who are looking for a bit more, here’s a few options to consider:

Rooomba 860: One of the points that attracts many people to the 770 is the relatively reasonable price point.

The new Roomba 980 (review here), retails for close to $900. However, iRobot recently released the Roomba 860 to target value buyers. You can check out the full take here, or see below for my highlights.

  1. Tangle-Free Extractors – It offers new Tangle-Free Extractors which make the Roomba less prone to getting clogged. This is particularly useful for pet owners who often struggle with pet hair getting tangled and gumming up the works.
  2. 3-Stage Cleaning System – This is a more significant upgrade that boasts up to 50% enhanced overall cleaning capability. This just means that the Roomba 860 does a better job at picking up debris than the 770. In my experience, the difference is subtle but noticeable. I’d say 20% more effective is a more accurate real world expectation.

These two improvements might not seem like much, but they put the 860 in a tier solidly above the 770.

In short, the 860 provides some subtle – but important tech upgrades – while still not breaking the bank (like the 980 might). It’s only $75 more expensive than the 770 at this listing.

Where to Get the 770 for the Best Price

You can find the 770 series at the iRobot website, but the prices are about $50 more than the best prices we have seen on

You can pick up the  Roomba 770 on Amazon for the best prices. See the information box below for the latest pricing.