Roomba 980 vs. Eufy RoboVac 11: Which Robot Vac is for You?

The range of robot vacuums available in the market today is outstanding.  You now have high-end robot vacuums that you can schedule to run on its own, that can clean the dirtiest spots around the house, and that can be told to start cleaning even when you are away.

You also have robot vacuums that deliver a magnificent job cleaning your floors without cleaning out your bank account.

The Roomba 980 is one of the high-end robot vacuums available today.  It is packed with all the features that most owners would want to see in their robot vacuums.

However, it comes with a high price tag that most people would frown on.  On the other end of the spectrum, you have the EufyRoboVac 11, which makes budget hunters smile.

How does one compare to the other?

Eufy RoboVac 11

The EufyRoboVac 11 comes from a Chinese company.  It is a very capable robot vacuum cleaner with a budget-friendly price tag.  It is very obvious that the makers of the EufyRoboVac 11 took their inspiration from Roomba’s iconic robotic cleaners, and this shows from the features it offers.

Three-stage cleaning

The EufyRoboVac 11 mimics Roomba’s three-stage cleaning system by using a main rolling brush that loosens the most stubborn dirt and debris, as well as two side brushes that take care of dirt hiding near the edges.

These brushes would sweep dirt in so that the powerful and efficient suction can send it to the dustbin.

Cleaning Modes

The budget robot vacuum has five cleaning modes that you can choose from.  The auto mode is the default and follows a map of your room in order to clean it.  In the auto mode, the EufyRobovac 11 cleans in a zigzag pattern.

The auto mode is also able to instantly switch to other cleaning modes as it goes over the room, to make each cleaning pass efficient.  You use the auto mode for your everyday cleaning.

The EufyRobovac 11 can also do some spot cleaning, where it concentrates over a small area.  If you spill something on the floor, the EufyRobovac 11 is able to clean it up in no time.  The robot vacuum also offers a max mode, where you can set the robot to work harder, especially on carpeted floors.

The EufyRobovac 11 also has a special edge cleaning mode that pays more attention to the edges of your walls and furniture, while the single room mode efficiently cleans one room.

Lithium-ion battery

Unlike other robot vacuums in its price range that use nickel metal hydride batteries, the EufyRoboVac 11 has the longer-lasting and more durable lithium-ion battery.  This battery gives the robot enough juice to clean for at least 1½ hours.

Remote control

The EufyRobovac 11 comes with a physical remote control that lets you do away with bending down.  This is good news for those people with mobility issues.  With the remote control, you can tell the robot to start or stop cleaning.

You can also use it to create cleaning schedules and direct the robot as to where to go.  That means if you see a spot it missed, you can just take the remote control and guide it to that dirty spot.

HEPA-Style Filter

If you have pets at home, you would certainly love the EufyRobovac11’HEPA-style filter.  It traps up to 90% of airborne particles, which means that even the finest dust particles get trapped inside the dustbin instead of going back into the air that you breathe.

Other features you would like about the EufyRobovac 11 are:

  • Automatic Recharge.The EufyRoboVac 11 finds its way back to the charging station when the battery runs low.
  • Quiet cleaning.The EufyRoboVac 11 can be very quiet, allowing you to watch TV at a normal volume as it cleans.
  • Large dustbin. The robot vacuum can easily hold 0.55 liter of dirt in the bin.
  • Low profile. The robot vacuum stands only 3 inches high, which is a good 0.7 inches lower than most Roombas.  This means that the EufyRoboVac 11 is able to clean underneath more furniture.
  • Sensor-assisted navigation. Your EufyRoboVac 11 will not fall down stairs nor will it bump into walls. The robot vacuum has several sensors that will help it avoid walls, furniture, and stairs or cliffs.
  • Elegant design. The EufyRobovac 11 has a tempered glass cover that gives it a more elegant look.  The cover is scratch-resistant as well, so you can have your robot vacuum looking good as new no matter how old it gets.
  • Low price.The EufyRoboVac 11 has all these features with a budget-friendly price tag of only $230. That price is even made more attractive by the “freebies” in the box.  Every package of the EufyRobovac 11 includes the remote control, the charging base, the power adapter, welcome guide, and warranty card.  It also comes with four side brushes, an extra HEPA filter, and a cleaning tool.  This means that you have everything you need to replace your side brushes and filter for the first time.

Roomba 980

When it comes to looks, the Roomba 980 is very similar to other Roombas and it has the same circular form as the EufyRobovac 11.  The Roomba 980 has a diameter of 13.8 inches and it stands 3.6 inches tall. That is more than half an inch taller than the Robovac 11.

The Roomba 980 has a price tag of $899.99 (check here for the latest price).  Yes, you can just add $20 and buy four EufyRoboVac 11 robots with that money!  But it certainly has some definitive advantages that you would love.  Here is a rundown of the Roomba 980’sfeatures as compared with those of EufyRobovac 11.

Side by side comparison of Roomba 980 and EufyRoboVac 11


Robot EufyRoboVac 11 Roomba 980
Price $229.99 (check here for the latest price) $899.99 (check here for the latest price)
Dimensions (dxh, inches) 13.0 x 3.0 13.0 x 3.6
Weight (lbs.) 5.8 8.7
Lithium ion battery Yes Yes
Battery life (minutes) 90 120
Minimum charging time (minutes) 300 180
Filter used HEPA-style AeroForce High Efficiency
Cliff sensors Yes Yes
Infrared sensors Yes Yes
Scheduling Yes Yes
3 stage cleaning Yes Yes
Navigation Sensor based iAdapt 2.0
Visual Localization and Mapping No Yes
Carpet boost No Yes
Dustbin capacity (liters) 0.55 0.6
Auto recharge Yes Yes
Auto resume after charging No Yes
Manual docking Yes Yes
Remote control via app No Yes
Connects to Wi-Fi No Yes
Compatible with Alexa No Yes

It is very easy to choose the EufyRobovac 11 if your only consideration is the price.  However, what are you missing out if you do this?

The Roomba 980 and the EufyRobovac 11 share the following features: a lithium-ion battery, cliff sensors, infrared sensors, three-stage cleaning process, a large dustbin, automatic recharging, scheduling and remote control.  But beyond the aspects and features that they share, the two have significant differences.

For one, Roomba 980 has an onboard camera that allows it to “see” and map the entire room that it has to clean.  This camera helps the Roomba 980 know where to go as well as ensure comprehensive coverage.  It also uses the iAdapt 2.0 navigation, which is the top navigation technology from iRobot, as well as the Aeroforce cleaning technology, which is the company’s most powerful cleaning technology.  The Roomba 980 also uses a wide range of optical and acoustic sensors.

Additionally, the Roomba 980 uses a debris extractor and a side brush to help sweep dirt and debris.  The Roomba 980 also has a very powerful suction that can pick up the most stubborn dirt off your floors.  And with itsAeroForce High Efficiency filters, the Roomba 980 can easily trap 99% of allergens that are 10 microns or bigger.In short, the Roomba 980 can efficiently and thoroughly clean every nook and cranny of your floors.

The Roomba 980 also uses a lithium-ion battery like the EufyRobovac 11.  However, with Roomba 980, you get a longer running time: 120 minutes vs. the 90 minutes you get from the Robovac11’s battery.  It also takes a shorter time to recharge the battery: 180 minutes vs. the 300 minutes you need to fully charge the Robovac11’s battery.

If you have carpets, you can turn on the Max cleaning mode on your EufyRobovac 11, which would use all of the motor’s power, to suck in the dirt hiding inside your carpet fibers.  But that does not compare to the Roomba 980’s carpet boost feature, which is the Roomba 980’s differentiating feature from all other Roombas.  Only Roomba 980 has the carpet boost feature, making it very effective and efficient in cleaning carpets.

While both robot vacuums automatically go to their charging docks to recharge when their battery runs low, the Roomba 980 is able to resume cleaning automatically after charging.  Imagine that your EufyRobovac 11 needs to recharge in the middle of a cleaning run, after five hours, it will stay on the charging dock, until you manually tell it to start cleaning again.  The Roomba 980, on the other hand, will know that it has a job left unfinished and will recharge itself for three hours and then set out to continue where it left off.  This means that you can leave the Roomba 980 and come back to a fully cleaned home.

More than this, the Roomba 980 is able to go from one room to the next.  Further, Roomba 980 allows you to customize your cleaning. For instance, Roomba 980 lets you specify the number of cleaning passes it makes, instead of just the usual single pass cleaning runs. You can also direct it to do a special edge cleaning session after it cleans your entire floor.  You can also tell it to either continue cleaning or to immediately stop once the dustbin becomes full.

But the biggest difference is that the Roomba 980 is able to connect to your Wi-Fi network.  This means that you can download a mobile app and this will act as your robot vacuum’s remote controller, allowing you to start, pause and stop cleaning, set up schedules, and even see a map of where your Roomba 980 has cleaned.  What’s more, you can use voice commands to operate your Roomba 980 if you have either an Amazon Alexa speaker or a Google Home device.

When the EufyRoboVac 11 is the better choice

The EufyRobovac 11 is a capable robot vacuum that delivers clean floors.  It may not be as feature-packed or as powerful as the Roomba 980, but it is still a good choice for those who have a tight budget.  It is also a good choice for those who have an upright vacuum and only need a robot vacuum to clean in between, as well as those who live in smaller homes.  If you want to be able to control your robot vacuum using your smartphone, you can check out the EufyRoboVac11c, which sells for $299.99 on Amazon and has the same features as the Robovac 11.  If you have carpets, you might want to consider the EufyRoboVac 11+ that features power boost and sells for $249.99 on Amazon.

When the Roomba 980 is the better buy

The Roomba 980 is the best robot vacuum, or among the best robot vacuums, that are available right now.  It has all the top technologies being offered by iRobot and comes with a more powerful suction, Amazon Alexa compatibility, and top-notch cleaning capabilities.  If the price is not a concern for you, then you should definitely get the Roomba 980.