Schlage Connect vs Schlage Sense Comparison – Which to Get?

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2018)

The beauty of smart locks is that it gives you more than just the ability to remotely lock or unlock your front door.  More importantly, it gives you peace of mind and it keeps you from continuously wondering whether you left the front door open while you are outside your home.  You can just take out your smartphone and lock your smart lock, regardless of where you are.

Now two of the best smart locks available today are the Schlage Connect and the Schlage Sense.  What are their differences?

Bottom Line Up Front:

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First Up: Schlage Connect

Schlage Connect is a smart lock that allows you to go keyless.  It comes with a keypad that asks you to input a PIN to open your door.  There is no question that it is as strong as your old deadbolt, and its smart features make it very convenient.

Looks and design

Schlage Connect has a refined and polished look that makes it attractive.  It uses top quality materials and is definitely not cheap- or flimsy-looking.

Schlage Connect has two trims.  The first is the Century trim that is available in five finishes: satin nickel, matte black, bright chrome, satin chrome, and aged bronze.  Then you have the Camelot trim, which has three finishes: bright brass, satin nickel, and aged bronze.

It also comes with a touchscreen display that is not prone to fingerprint smudges. 

Easy to install and set up

One of the selling points of the Schlage Connect is that it is very easy to install.  If you are comfortable with a screwdriver, then you should have no problems installing the device.

Once it is installed, you can start programming it.  If you do not have Z-Wave, you can still program the lock with a few steps.  For instance, to add a user code, you just enter the programming interface and key in the user code you like to add, then wait for two blinks and two beeps to confirm that the code has been successfully added.

In addition to adding codes, you can also delete codes, change the programming code, enable or disable vacation mode, and enable or disable the beeper, among other tasks, using the lock unit’s programming interface.  The programming interface is protected by a programming code that you should keep hidden.

Schlage makes all of these very easy when you connect your lock to your Z-Wave network.  For one, you can connect your Schlage Connect to a Wink Hub and easily program it from there.


Schlage Connect makes it more convenient to open and lock your doors.  While there is a key cylinder upfront, there are only a few times when you would need to use it.

To manually lock the door, you only have to push one button.  If you do not want to do that, you can activate the auto-lock feature.

Schlage Connect is Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association and American National Standards Institute Grade 1 certified, which is the highest rating for residential locks.  According to the manufacturer, the Schlage Connect is tested to deliver more than 250,000 uses.

Notable features

Schlage Connect comes with sensors that detect even the faintest vibrations on your door.  When it feels that your door is moving, it will sound a shrill alarm.  This is useful in the event that somebody tries to break into your house through the front door.

You can give up to 30 users their own pin so that they can get into your house without needing a physical key.  You can also give out temporary codes for family and friends who are visiting.  And you can connect lock and unlock it no matter where you are when you integrate it with Z-Wave.

With the mobile app, you can also see a log of when your Schlage Connect was locked and unlocked.

The Schlage Connect also gives you low battery notifications well ahead of time, so that you are not left with a smart bolt that won’t power on when you have to get into your house.

What could be better

  • Noise and Bulk: The Schlage Connect has a rather noisy motor and the housing placed inside your door can prove to be bulky.
  • Don’t Forget to Close the Door: The auto lock feature will automatically lock the Schlage Connect after 30 seconds.  However, it does not check first whether you have closed the door or not.  This means that if you are one of those people who always seem to forget to close the door behind them, you would have a security problem in your hands.
  • No Custom Timing Adjustment: Additionally, if you are letting in guests, the 30 seconds it takes for the auto lock feature might prove to be too fast.  You also cannot adjust the timing.  It is either you deactivate the smartlock feature or live with the fact that you have 30 seconds to unlock the door, get in or out, close the door and have it automatically locked behind you.
  • Requires Smart Hub to Use Mobile App: It also needs a smart hub to be connected to and accessed via the mobile app.  If the Schlage Connect worked with Wi-Fi to bypass having to connect to a Z-Wave network, it would have been a better option since some people might not have smart devices or a smart home and might not have Z-wave hubs. On the other hand, there are more people who have Wi-Fi networks at home.
  • Really Needs Mobile App: Plus, you really need the mobile app to make things a whole lot simpler and to fully take advantage of the Schlage Connect’s full range of features.  The lock itself, while having a touchscreen, does not display the information you can easily see on your mobile app.  That means, for instance, that if you have to access the alarm features or set up your smart lock, you might end up frustrated because you will have to rely on the touchscreen displaying three numeric codes to see if you have done it successfully or not.

Next Up: Schlage Sense

Schlage Sense is a Bluetooth-enabled smart lock  that also allows you to use a touchscreen keypad to open your doors.  No more fumbling for keys.

It is compatible with Apple HomeKit and that means you can just tell Siri to open the door for you.

Like the Schlage Connect, Schlage Sense is available in two forms: the Camelot and the Century.  The Camelot comes in aged bronze or satin nickel finish, while the Century comes in stain nickel and matte black finish.

It has a very simple installation guide.  You just download the Schlage Sense mobile app to your iPhone or iPad and watch the installation video to learn how to do it yourself.  After installing, you just pair it with your device and then do the system test to make sure everything is working fine.

If you do not have an iOS device, set the codes manually on the lock itself.  This can be a bit clunky and repetitive but it can be done.  Setting up the codes is easier with the mobile app, plus, using Bluetooth, you can also enjoy the full range of features that you cannot otherwise get without connecting to HomeKit.

HomeKit allows your Schlage Sense to work with other HomeKit devices.  It also allows you to remotely control the lock.  You can also view a log of when the Sense was opened and locked, program additional codes, and remotely lock or unlock the Sense.


The Schlage Sense works as promised.  Using the keypad, it is easier for you to open your doors.  The backlight makes it easier for you to unlock the door at night.

You can also unlock the Schlage Sense by telling Siri to open the door for you.

However, more than making it easy for you to open the door, Schlage Sense is also very secure and has also been given a grade 1 rating by the BHMA and ANSI.  It also features the built-in alarm that the Connect has.

What could be better

  • Price: The Sense has a list price of $229 on Amazon (as of this writing) and that is $50 more expensive the Schlage Connect.  It only works with iOS devices, so Android users should be looking for another lock if they want the remote control feature via the mobile app.
  • Needs to Be within Bluetooth Range: Schlage Sense may be unlocked using the mobile app, but you would need to be within Bluetooth range.  This means you cannot be farther than 30 feet from your door.  If you want to control it beyond that, you would need to have Apple TV.  Apple TV allows you to operate your smart lock remotely.

Alternatives Compared

If you want a touchscreen Schlage product that does not have smart capabilities, you can buy the Schlage Touch.  The Schlage Touch works like both the Sense and Connect but without the mobile app and remote control features.  It is also significantly cheaper than its connected sisters.

PriceCheck hereCheck hereCheck here
Illuminated touchscreen YesYesYes
Easy installationYesYesYes
Remote controlYesYesNo
Low battery warning YesYesYes
Number of user codes303019
Built-in alarm YesYesNo
Programmable with your smartphone YesYesNo

However, if you want a smart lock that you can control with your smartphone but do not require a Z-wave hub or an iOS device, there is the 5i-SN-B Deadbolt WiFi Lock.  This is a Wi-Fi enabled smart lock that allows you to remotely control your lock no matter where you are.  It connects to your current router and needs no additional equipment or bridges to work.

Some of its smart features include remote locking and unlocking, a list of who have entered the home, and text message notifications when the pass codes are used.  You can also use your smartphone or computer to create or delete pass codes.  This smart device may be a little bit more expensive at $249.95, but it has enough memory for up to 1,000 user codes, an option to disable all codes when you enter the privacy mode, and lockout functionality that activates after five incorrect attempts.

You can also set schedules or times when certain pass codes would work.  For instance, if you have a cleaning lady coming in every Wednesday to clean your house, you can give her a pass code that works only on Wednesdays.

Final say on Schlage Connect vs Schlage Sense

Both the Schlage Connect and Schlage Sense are capable home locks that are made out of the finest materials and are very secure as certified by the ANSI and the BHMA.  After all, they come from a company that has been manufacturing locks since the 1920s.

These smart locks help you do away with keys and makes unlocking your front door a whole lot more convenient.  Looking at their smarts, they deliver the functionalities that you would want from a smart lock, including being able to unlock or lock your door even when you are not home.

However, both the Schlage Connect and Sense are limited by their dependence on additional equipment such as Z-wave compatible hubs, HomeKit, and Apple TV.  If you do not have a Z-Wave network or an iOS device, then you would be better off buying the non-smart but cheaper Schlage Touch.

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