The VeraSecure Review: Is it Right for You?

VeraSecure is a home controller and security alarm hub that can be easily installed. The VeraSecure home controller works with security camera, smart locks, sensors and other devices to help secure your property. The good news is that it works with other manufacturer’s devices, so you are not locked into the company’s own products.

The VeraSecure Controller costs $299.95.

Features of VeraSecure

VeraSecure makes it easy for you to set up your home security system. Just buy the home controller, add the sensors you want it to monitor, and then add the devices you want it to control. It also offers the following features and capabilities:

  • Automatically schedule your devices to come on at a certain time. With VeraSecure, you can schedule your lights to turn on even when you are not yet home. For instance, if you get home from work at 6:30 in the evening, you can have VeraSecure turn on the lights for you at 6:15. You do not have to waste energy leaving the lights on all day just to make sure you do not come home to a dark house.
  • Motion detection. With a motion sensor or a Vista Cam, you can have your VeraSecure send you notifications if it detects movements near it.
  • Loud siren. The VeraSecure has a built-in siren to help scare away potential intruders.
  • Battery backup. What happens to your home security when the power is cut off? Does that mean that it goes offline? VeraSecure comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery backup so that it could continue monitoring your home even when the power is out, or when an intruder cuts off the power supply.
  • Cellular backup. In the event that your Internet connection at home goes offline, VeraSecure has a cellular backup. This would allow you to continuously see your camera’s feeds and get notifications if the sensors are tripped – even when the Wi-Fi is out.
  • Connectivity. You can use different protocols to connect different devices to VeraSecure, including Z-wave plus, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. You can even use USB. You can also have devices work on a special frequency with VeraLink.
  • Works on its own frequency. VeraSecure has VeraLink, allowing your entire home’s security system to work on its own frequency. That means less congestion, thus allowing your sensors and devices to operate without interference from other devices.

What’s in the box

Each package of VeraSecure comes with the Advanced Smart Home Security Controller and the following:

  • 2400mAh/18Wh Li-ion Battery
  • SIM Card
  • Power Supply
  • Ethernet Cable

Vera mobile app

You would need to download and install Vera’s iOS or Android app in order to self-monitor your security system. The free mobile app makes it very simple to activate sensors, check up on things, as well as control connected devices.

Using the app, you can also set e-mail or text alerts, and watch a live stream of what your security cameras are picking up.

The mobile app has several screens, including the dashboard that allows you to see the status of your security system and see if all devices are connected. It also allows you to easily set the security mode, whether you’re home or away, on vacation, or if it is night time. You can also see all the connected devices sorted by device type or sensor type, or by room. You can also view all connected devices as a list.

The mobile app also allows you to create scenes, giving you a way to control connected devices exactly the way you want it. For instance, you can create a scene that would scare away potential burglars, such that if a security camera or a motion sensor detects movement at night, you can set your VeraSecure to turn on your smart lights and trigger your outdoor alarms. You can also set VeraSecure to turn on the lights in the living room and adjust the thermostat the moment you get home from work and open the garage door.

Lastly, the mobile app allows you to set up geofencing. It uses your phone’s location to determine where you are, allowing VeraSecure to automatically operate your connected devices without you doing anything. For instance, once VeraSecure learns that you are 10 minutes away from home, it will open your garage door and turn on everything you want it to turn on.

VeraProtect professional monitoring

While there are no monthly fees to use VeraSecure, you can opt for professional security monitoring. These monitoring services will help keep track of the sensors that you have connected to your VeraSecure and will contact you if there are signs of trouble. It can also contact emergency responders if there is a perceived threat of fire, intrusion, and other emergencies.

If you press the panic button on your smartphone, the monitoring service will also call the fire department, police, or ambulance.

VeraProtect charges you $19.95 per month for this service and allows you to stop subscribing any time. This gives you round-the-clock security monitoring and tremendous peace of mind.

Products you can add to your VeraSecure home controller

Vera makes their own security cameras, currently offering four different cameras on their website. All of these have HD resolution, with varying fields of view. It also has a microphone so that you do not only see but also hear what’s happening. All Vera cameras have motion detection and night vision, as well as options for local storage.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of Vera’s Vista Cams:

Model  Vista Cam 700  Vista Cam 900  Vista Cam 1000  Vista Cam 1101
Camera Type  Indoor camera  Indoor camera  Outdoor camera  Outdoor camera 
Price  $99.95  $149.95  $149.95  $199.95 
Field of view (diagonal)  87°  135°  110°  135° 
Built in local storage  No  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Night vision  1 IR LED  2 IR LEDs  2 IR LEDs  2 IR LEDs 
Night vision range  15 feet  15 feet  15 feet  15 feet 
Maximum resolution  720 pixels  1080 pixels  720 pixels  1080 pixels 
30 frames per second  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Microphone  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Motion detection  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Motion detection range  15 feet  15 feet  15 feet  15 feet 
Internet Connectivity  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Weatherproof  No  No  Yes  Yes 
PoE  No  No  No  Yes 

Works with Vera

Aside from Vera’s own range of security cameras, there is a wide range of devices and sensors that work with VeraSecure and other Vera products.

VeraSecure works with a variety of sensors, including smoke and carbon monoxide, flood and water leaks, entry sensors, glass break, and motion detectors. It also works with Alexa, smart thermostats, bulbs, garage door openers, ovens, switches and dimmers, power outlets, weather stations, washers, vacuum cleaners, and refrigerators, along with other devices and appliances.

Other Vera home controllers that you can buy

Aside from VeraSecure, you can choose between VeraEdge and VeraPlus, both of which are more affordable than VeraSecure but have some features taken out.

For instance, the VeraEdge costs only $100 but has a lower RAM and only works with Z-Wave devices. It also has optional cellular and battery backups. It does not have Bluetooth connectivity. Meanwhile, the VeraPlus does not work with VeraLink, nor with optional battery and cellular backups.

Model  VeraEdge VeraPlus VeraSecure 
Price  $99.95  $149.95  $299.95 
CPU  600MHz MIPS SoC  880MHz MIPS SoC  880MHz Dual-Core MIPS SoC 
Flash Memory  NAND 128MB  NAND 128MB  NAND 128MB 
Memory  DDR2 128MB  DDR3 256MB  DDR3 512MB 
Z-Wave Plus  Yes  Yes  Yes 
ZigBee  N/A  HA 1.2  HA 1.2 
Bluetooth 4.0  No  Yes  Yes 
Bluetooth Low Energy  No  Yes  Yes 
Wi-Fi  802.11 b/g/n  802.11 a/b/g/n/ac  802.11 a/b/g/n/ac 
VeraLink  No  No  Yes 
Cellular Backup  Optional, External  Optional, External  Embedded 3G 
Battery Backup  Optional, External  Optional, External  Internal 2400mAh/18Wh 
USB 2.0  Yes  Yes  Yes 
WAN Port  10/100 Ethernet  Gigabit Ethernet  Gigabit Ethernet 
Maximum compatible devices  1200  1500  2000 

Vera Plugins

Another thing you would like about VeraSecure is that it allows you to use plugins. Plugins help you extend the functionality of your VeraSecure, as well as add more features. All that with just one click.

For instance, you can have your VeraSecure work with Nest Learning Thermostat, or Mios Weather. The company has its own Plugin Marketplace, making it easier for you to search for the plugin that you need for your device.

Final say about VeraSecure

VeraSecure works more like a smart home control hub similar to Samsung SmartThings, only it is more focused on security. This is very apparent with the mobile app, which shows you everything you need to know about what’s happening at home.

You would like how you can use other devices from other manufacturers with VeraSecure and how the mobile app makes it easier to be on top of your security cameras, sensors, and other devices.

If you like SmartThings, you might want to give VeraSecure a try because it focuses more on security rather than on just controlling your stuff. It is also a lot less stressful to use than SmartThings. Furthermore, it does most of the things that SmartThings can do. Perhaps, the only area where VeraSecure loses out to SmartThings is its price. It costs a lot more than the SmartThings hub. But the cellular backup you see on VeraSecure, as well as the Veralink and Vera plugins features and the VeraProtect service will still justify its higher price.

Overall, VeraSecure is very reliable as a home security system and is very easy to set up. For its price, it may prove to be quite an investment, but it is worth every cent because of its connectivity, the wide assortment of devices you can add to it, as well as the security-related services you can opt into.