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Roomba 870 Review – Is it Worth Buying?

roomba 870 reviewThe Roomba 870 is a robotic vacuum that will clean your floors for you. It can be safely used on all flooring types. This includes carpet of varying heights, hardwood flooring, tile, and linoleum. It won’t scratch the flooring and it won’t damage furniture by bumping into it. There are soft edges that serve as bumpers to prevent that from occurring.

For anyone with pets, high traffic in their home, or allergies, this is a remarkable tool that will keep it looking and feeling amazing. This is a great tool that helps keep a home clean without you spending so much time to make it happen! Other vacuums can pick up dirt but they don’t get the same level of allergens and pet hair removed.

The Roomba 870 was just released on 03/17/14 and the orders are through the roof! Some websites are already out of stock. Others are taking orders but letting customers know it will be a couple of weeks before they are able to fulfill them. Such demand for them is very encouraging as it means customers like what they see offered! As you see all it offers, this is going to be a device you want to order too. UPDATE: Amazon has just begun carrying the Roomba 870 here, for those who are interested.


This is one of the top of the line robotic cleaners available. It features the best technology offered with the AeroForce system. It is able to remove up to 50% more dust, dirt, and allergens then its competitors. The AeroForce system features extractors that you don’t have to maintain. They aren’t going to get full of pet hair or other debris.

The Aeroforce design system also offers the highest level of suction power for a robotic vacuum. This is very important as it means that the dirt, dust, and debris on your floor can be quickly removed on the first pass by the Roomba 870.There is a sealed chamber that offers an airflow accelerator. There is 5 times more power offered with this model than the previous models that Roomba offers.

The robotic vacuum can be programmed very easily. It can be set to clean every single day of the week if you like. You can program it to clean certain rooms on certain days and at particular times. It is very quiet and that means you can have it working while you are sleeping or even when you are watching your favorite TV program.

It features a very large bin for holding debris. There is an indicator on the vacuum that tells you when it is full so you can empty it. That process only takes a few seconds to complete.


The technology of the Roomba 870 means that it can clean the floors in your home in about half the time of the previous models. If you have a large home or you need to clean them often, this is a very important element of this robotic vacuum. Getting results quickly and also efficiently means the device can last longer as it won’t be working as hard to complete the same tasks. Studies show that the Roomba 870 can clean an averages sized floor in about 10 minutes. That is a very good speed!

Comparison studies to competitor products show that the Roomba 870 can do the work in about ½ the time that the others can. They also noted that this model picks up more dirt, dust, and pet hair than the others. When the Roomba 870 was programmed to complete a room that a competitor just did, the amount of debris in the collection bin was unbelievable. Speed compared with quality results means this is a great product to consider!


The Roomba 870 features the XLife Battery. It offers twice the battery life of the previous Roomba models.  When cleaning is done, the Roomba 870 will automatically go back to the docking station. It will also start to recharge any battery life that it has used during the previous cleaning session.

Extra batteries for this product can be purchased for about $40. Having an extra on hand is a good idea if you have a large home to keep clean. The overall lifetime of the batter varies. It depends on the amount of use and the home environment. A backup battery on hand is a good idea. Then you aren’t stuck waiting to clean your floors until you get a replacement battery ordered and delivered. The battery is very easy to replace in this device.


The iAdapt Technology featured in the Roomba 870 allows it to clean better than its competitors. The software and the sensors allow it to successfully clean the rooms in your home. It doesn’t matter what size they are or what their shape is. The device will cover the entire area of flooring several times and the end result will be a very clean floor for you to enjoy!

This same technology also eliminates the robotic vacuum bumping into furniture or getting stuck. The sensors prevent it from getting stuck going from one floor in your home to the next. It also ensures that the device won’t be tumbling down stairs as it moves around to complete the cleaning. It is able to get under curtains and other items in your home too so that those areas don’t accumulate dust or debris.

The sensors also identify heavy traffic areas where in depth cleaning needs to take place. These areas will be vacuumed over more times than the rest of the flooring. It offers a back and forth pattern, the same as you would use if you were spending your time physically moving a vacuum cleaner back and forth over such areas of your flooring.

The round design of the Roomba 870 can be a turn off initially to some consumers. They worry that it won’t be able to clean well in the corners and along edges or under counters. However, this robotic cleaner has brushes that extend outward so it is able to get into all of the areas easily.

From time to time, the HEPA filters should be cleaned to keep the ultimate level of performance with the Roomba 870. They are easy to take out and to clean with an air compressor or even canned air for cleaning a computer system. There is also replacement HEPA filters for it offered in sets of three for about $25.

Don’t worry if you have several types of flooring in your home. The Roomba 870 is able to identify the different flooring types. The system will automatically adjust to create the right features for that particular floor it is cleaning. You don’t have to do anything at all to set it up for the different flooring types in your home.

The Roomba 870 features the Virtual Wall Program. This allows you to keep it in only the rooms that you want and out of others. If you would like it to clean only certain rooms in the house, this feature will allow you to get that type of performance.


The Roomba 870 costs about $600 directly at the retail site at iRobot which is a large investment for a vacuum for the average consumer. You can now save about 5% by ordering through this link at Amazon.Yet the amount of time it saves and the level of cleanliness that is offers make it more than worth the investment. Most consumers are very happy with the purchase and feel that it was money well spent. If you buy one online, look for those sites that offer free shipping.


There is a 1 year warranty offered with the Roomba 870. The battery comes with a 6 month warranty. The warranty on both will be void if the device hasn’t been used as it was designed. Make sure to read all of the details relating to the warranty information.


The Roomba 870 only weighs about 8 ½ pounds. It is very durable and it can get the job done in less time than you imagined! Your floors will be very clean – not only from dirt but also from dust and allergens. The product is easy to use but the advanced technology it features enables it to be programmed and to get outstanding results.

Programming is one of the frustrating elements of most robotic vacuums. It can be difficult to go through a complex set up to get it all in place. Especially when changes need to be made. The Roomba 870 though isn’t hard to program at all. It offers a simple, straight forward method that gets results. Consumers are very excited about this feature and the fact that it helps them get the most value from their robotic vacuum. You can View the Official Product Page for Purchasing Options.

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