Furbo Review – Is it Really a Better Treatcam for Dogs?

There are times when dog lovers would want to see what their beloved pets are doing at home while they are away, or check in on their canine companions and see what they are up to and then give them a treat for good behavior.

Pet parenting is serious business and pet parents would simply love to spend more time with their furry babies. Enter Furbo Dog Camera, which allows pet parents to see and talk to their dogs and even give them treats even when they are miles apart.

With Furbo Dog Camera, you no longer have to worry about leaving your dog at home while you work.  And it makes it easier for you to see your dog when you start missing it.

Furbo PetCam Features

Furbo started as an Indiegogo project that received more than 900% of its initial target funding.  The designers have said that this camera and smart feeder is designed for dogs and helps you look after your beloved pets when you are away from home.  Some of its notable features include:

  • Treats tosser.  The Furbo Dog Camera does not just drop treats into a bowl, but it tosses treats up in the air so that your dog can catch or run after these treats.
  • Camera.  The camera is located near the top of the unit and includes the speaker and microphone.  The camera has a resolution of 720 pixels, giving you a view in high definition.  It also comes with infrared LED night vision that allows you to check on your pets at night or even in low light conditions. The camera has a wide view, specifically a 120-degree FOV.  Meanwhile, you will enjoy 4x digital zoom so you could get a closer look when necessary.  More than just seeing your pet, you can also talk to your pets with the built-in microphone and speaker.
  • Bark alerts.  There is no other way to describe this feature than bark alerts.  When your dog barks, the camera would send a notification on your smartphone, so that you could check things out.
  • Treat calling.  The camera allows you to record your own voice and use it as a way to let your pets know that the unit is going to throw out a treat soon.  You can also turn off the treat calling feature.
  • Mobile app.  The mobile app is simple to figure out.  The home screen shows you the video feeds and there are four buttons that you can tap.  One button is the camera icon, which allows you to take a photo or record a video.  Then you have the microphone icon that allows you to speak to your dog.  You also have the gears icon that allows you to access the settings menu.  Lastly, you have the toss icon between the camera and the microphone icons that will dispense the treats.
  • Integration: When you take a photo or record a video, you can access the camera roll and share the photo or video on Facebook, Whatsapp, or LINE.  You can also send it via SMS messages or e-mail.

What’s inside the box

Every Furbo Dog Camera package includes:

  • Furbo camera unit
  • 7-foot USB cable
  • Power adapter
  • Quick start guide

What’s great about the Furbo Dog Camera

The camera allows you to play with your dog when you are away.  Not only does it allow you to talk to your pet but also to toss treats for it to chase or catch.

You would also love the Fubro camera’s design.  It has a sleek and slender form in glossy finish, with a wood top.  It also has LED indicators that let you know whether you are connected to the Wi-Fi.  The base of the Furbo camera also comes with three 3M foam tapes that gives it additional stability.

The barking alert is also a very nifty feature that allows you to check in when your dog barks so that you would know if there are potential problems at home or problems with your pet.  If your dog barks quite often, you can opt to stop repeat notifications or reduce the sensitivity of the barking detector.

Furbo also allows you to use your own treats but the manufacturer recommends round treats that have a diameter of approximately
one centimeter.

Further, you can use the Furbo Dog Camera to train your dog.  Several features here can help reinforce good habits.  The blue color of the LED catches the dog’s attention, while you can hear a clicking sound when you dispense the treats, similar to the clicking device used by professional dog trainers.

Lastly, you can ensure that nobody would be looking in on you using the privacy mode.  Using your phone’s Bluetooth and then turning on the privacy mode, the Furbo Dog Camera will automatically shut off when your phone gets within Bluetooth range.

It will automatically turn on once you leave the house and your phone goes out of Bluetooth range.  You would also love that you can use the app on an
Apple Watch.

What could be better?

Sounds: The sound quality could use some improvements.  Although the quality is comparable to other pet cameras out there, it does suffer from a bit of lag especially when your Wi-Fi connection is not that strong.

In addition, there is no way to disable the audio when you launch the app.  That means that you might need to mute your smartphone first before you check in on your pet as the app transmits all the sounds that the microphone picks up.

Only One Email Account: Furthermore, each Furbo unit corresponds only to one e-mail account.  That means if you have family members who would want to check out the family pet, to, you would have to set up his or her app using the same e-mail address that you used for your own.

Dispenser Jams: Lastly, the dispenser is known to jam quite easily so best to stick to the treats recommended by the manufacturer.

Also, you cannot record videos except when you are watching the live stream, so that means if one of your dogs chews on your shoes and you were not able to catch the action in real-time, then there is no way of knowing which one is the guilty party.

Alternatives to the Furbo Dog Camera

A security camera that allows you to interact with your dog is a nice device to have for dog lovers.  However, Furbo Dog Camera is certainly not the only device out there.

PetChatz: If you put a premium on your dog being able to see you and initiate a chat with you, then consider buying PetChatz.  It is more expensive (for the latest prices and discounts, check here), but it comes with a separate device that allows your dog to call you.

It also delivers 720p high definition videos and two-way videos, as well as audio streaming, even while letting it dispense a treat for your pet. It also has the Game Mode that will allow your pet to play puzzles and get rewarded
with treats.

This dog camera also has several unique features such as motion detection and comfort scent.

Petzi and Pawbo: You can also check out Petzi Treat Cam and Pawbo Pet Cam, which offer the same features as the Furbo Dog Camera and are also in the same price range. Furbo is available here for a good price (for the latest prices and discounts, check here)  while Petzi Treat Cam is slightly less here (for the latest prices and discounts, check here) and the Pawbo Pet Cam is slightly more here (for the latest prices and discounts, check here).

Pawbo Plus allows you to grant up to seven friends or family members access to your camera, allowing them to chat with your pet, too.  It also has a laser pointer game that can keep your pets occupied.

However, Furbo is the only dog camera that has the bark feature.  Therefore, if you want to comfort your dog when it is barking or when it is in distress, Furbo is the best for you.

Final thoughts on the Furbo Dog Camera

The Furbo Dog Camera is a great addition to every dog lover’s arsenal.  This treat-tossing dog camera is specially designed for dogs and includes features that appeal to their different senses.

The live stream in high definition helps you keep an eye on your dog.  Meanwhile, being able to communicate to your pet is a feature that allows you to be there for them even when you are out of the house.

It does have some things that could be improved, but when you consider the pros and the cons, the benefits you get from this dog camera outweigh
the imperfections.

In summary, you are getting an adequate security camera that allows you to interact remotely with your dog.

Furbo Dog Camera gives you a respectable HD camera with a wide angle of view and night vision, ensuring that you can see your dog day and night and without having to worry about where to place the dog camera.

Plus, it is available at a price that is comparable to other dog cameras.

However, it is really the little things that set the Furbo Dog Camera apart from its competitors.  It is obvious that each feature here, such as the clicking sound and the blue LED lights, was well researched and makes sense for your dog.