My Top 3 Fingbox Alternatives That You’ll Love

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2018)

Fingbox is a device that monitors your Wi-Fi network, allowing you to sniff out unauthorized users trying to connect to your network, block devices, and even check the quality of your Internet connection.  Connect Fingbox to any part of your network and use the free mobile app to do all these easily.

Fingbox can:

  • Monitor users logged into your Wi-Fi network and see their activities and history.
  • Detect Wi-Fi attacks.
  • Block unauthorized connections.
  • Improve your network’s performance by making sure that each device gets reliable speeds, or by helping you find the best areas around your home with good and fast Wi-Fi signal.
  • Detect which devices are hogging your bandwidth.
  • Give you a list of devices that are nearby even if these are not connected to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Send you alerts when somebody connects to your Wi-Fi network, allowing you to catch unauthorized users.
  • Tell you about your Internet speed.
  • Give you access to more features while using the Fing Network Tools app, which scans your network and allows you to know different information related to your network and troubleshoot your connection.

Fingbox works like a charm, but it does not offer any home automation options.  It does not work with IFTTT recipes and the manufacturer has not made their API open for public use.

This is why there are people who would like to find alternatives to Fingbox.  There are also those who look for alternatives for their own reasons.

So what are the best Fingbox alternatives out there?

Bitdefender Box 2

Costing $249.99 (check here for the latest price), the Bitdefender Box 2 takes a more active role in protecting your network from attacks.  The Bitdefender Box 2 will protect your desktop computer, mobile devices, and smart appliances from being attacked by hackers or compromised by viruses and malware.

The Bitdefender Box 2 goes beyond just looking out for unauthorized users logging into your network but proactively secures all the smart devices connected to your Wi-Fi network.

For instance, you may not be able to install anti-malware or antivirus software on your smart refrigerator, but to a piece of malware, your refrigerator is just another computer that it could use.  The Bitdefender Box 2 will prevent brute force attempts to access your smart devices.

The Bitdefender Box 2 has a machine learning mechanism that can detect anomalies.  It would learn how each of the devices connected to the network behaves and what would count as normal activity for these devices.

When the Box 2 “knows” what normal behavior is or not, it can easily detect any activity that deviates from what is normal and then alert you when this happens.

Aside from this, the Bitdefender Box 2 scans your entire network to see if there are misconfigured or open ports, which may be exploited by cybercriminals who want to gain access to your network.

The Bitdefender Box 2 would also prevent credit card numbers, passwords, location, and other personal information from being transmitted over unencrypted traffic.

Furthermore, while Fingbox is more of a supplementary security appliance and cannot function as a router, you have the option to use the Box 2 as a standalone router.

The device is backed by Bitdefender Total Security, which is a highly rated security suite that is ranked highly when it comes to defending your computers from malware, viruses and other threats.  It is also one of the best tools against phishing

Keep your kids safe.The Bitdefender Box 2 has parental controls and features that allow you to keep your kids away from dangerous Web sites, and even limit the sites that a certain user can visit.

Parents can also pause their kids’ access to the Internet, which is very useful if you want them to do their homework, chores, or simply when it is time to eat.

And here is the good news: if your kids’ devices have Bitdefender’s software on it, your parental rules will still be enforced even when they leave the network.

This means that if you blocked them from accessing YouTube, they still would not be able to access the site even when they use their cellular or LTE connection.  Other security devices can only implement your security rules when the device is connected to the network.

Bitdefender Box 2 will also be able to protect your kids from predators and cyberbullies online as soon as this feature is added.

Central mobile app.The Bitdefender Box works with a mobile app called Central.  Using Central, you can see all the information you need to know about all the devices connected to your network.  You only need to open one app and you can get a comprehensive view of your network and its devices.

Using the app, managing your network becomes very easy.  The Bitdefender Box 2 will be able to show you all the devices on your network.  You can name these devices, group together similar ones, and even assign them to different users.  You can also turn Internet access to these devices on or off.

Final say about the Bitdefender Box 2

There are concerns that setting up the Bitdefender Box can be a bit tricky. However, there are helpful flowcharts and help materials for that.  The Bitdefender Box 2 can also be a little expensive.

On top of the $249.99 you pay for the device, you would need to pay $99 a year to remain protected (the first year’s subscription is part of the selling price).

But it does come with an unlimited license, which means you can install the Bitdefender Total Security Software on all of your devices.

The Bitdefender Box 2 also offers a wide range of features and better parental controls, as well as gives you the convenience of being able to control and manage all devices using just one app.

Moreover, if you need to secure your Wi-Fi network, this one is a good bet.  Not only can you actively secure your devices, but it can also learn about your devices’ normal behavior and alert you if it detects some anomaly.

Norton Core Router

The first thing you would notice and rave about with the Norton Core Router is how it looks.  If you like futuristic devices that look like it belongs on the set of a sci-fi movie, then the Norton Core Router would be right up your alley.

Like the Bitdefender Box 2, the Norton Core Router aims to secure all the devices connected to your Wi-Fi network.

That means there will be no chance for your TV to become part of a botnet, for your smart garage opener to be weaponized, or for your security cameras to give criminals a peek of what is happening inside your house.

While the Bitdefender Box 2 works more like a network security scanner and less of a router, the Norton Core primarily functions as a router that also keeps your network safe.

It uses cloud monitoring, site reputation, local scanning, and deep packet inspection to guard your network from viruses, malware,  and cyber attacks, as well as ransomware, phishing, identity theft, and spyware.

What’s more, you can be alerted whenever there are security issues.  It also uses an antivirus software as well as heuristic behavior scanning to detect attacks.

The first year for this software licenses are included in the purchase price of $279.99 (currently discounted to $249.99 – check here for the latest price).  After a year, you would need to pay a monthly fee of $10 to keep enjoying the full protection.

If you have young kids, the Norton Core also has a wide range of parental controls, allowing you to restrict access to pornography, drugs, violence, and other questionable content.

All you have to do is to assign users to a particular age group and rules for that particular age group would automatically be applied.  If any of your kids try to access undesirable sites, you would be alerted on the Core app.

What could be better

The Norton Core Router looks like a geodesic dome and can take up a lot of space measuring 6 inches by 6 inches by 5.2 inches.  You cannot mount it on walls, so there is no way to secure it if you have pets or kids running around the house.

Cats can easily knock them over, making them roll or drop from wherever you place them.  Also, Norton Core lets encrypted traffic pass through without scrutinizing it.  This can be a problem when you try to circumvent parental controls.

For instance, pornographic content can still be accessed using Google Image Search.  This is because Google delivers its image search results over an HTTPS site.

CUJO Smart Firewall

Another device worth considering isthe CUJO Smart Firewall.  This device also protects your smart devices, including computers, mobile devices and smart appliances, from outside threats.

It will redirect all traffic and analyze the packets that are transmitted and received by your devices.  Cujo is able to block threats automatically and you will see all threats that had stopped the companion mobile apps.

Cujo is able to monitor your entire network, check for issues, and tell your devices to block threats.  It also offers parental control features.  Cujo does not use any software, but checking your network traffic and security vulnerabilities are done via the apps and the Cujo device.

While Cujo cannot really replace your anti-virus software, it does give you more protection on top of your AV and anti-malware software.  Like the Bitdefender Box 2 and the Norton Core, Cujo will alert you if it detects any threat.

Cujo sells for $249 (check here for the latest price), but that includes an unlimited service plan.  There are no monthly subscription charges that you need to pay.  You can also opt to buy the Cujo device for $99 and then spend $9 for the subscription.

Here is how Cujo compares with both the Bitdefender Box 2 and the Norton Core:

FeaturesBox 2CujoCore
Yearly subscription cost$99None$120
Deep packet inspectionYesYesYes
Intrusion detectionYesYesYes
Intrusion preventionYesYesYes
Anomaly detectionYesNoNo
Device discoveryYesYesYes
URL Black ListYesYesYes
Vulnerability assessmentYesNoNo
Parental ControlsYesYesYes
Local protection (for desktop PCs, laptops and mobile devices)YesNoYes
100% Network CompatibilityYesNoNo
Works as Standalone Secure RouterYesNoYes
1.2 GHz DualCore ProcessorYesYesYes
4 GB Flash MemoryYesYesYes
Ethernet Ports224

The final say

If you are looking for Fingbox alternatives that would make your Wi-Fi network and all connected devices more secure, then you are better off choosing among Bitdefender Box 2, Cujo Smart Firewall, and Norton Core.  Among these three, you can get security for all your connected devices.

If you are looking for something that does not require a subscription, get Cujo.  If you need something that looks good and definitely different, then get the Core.

But if you want something that can watch out for vulnerability and anomalies, get the Box 2.  Most of the time, the security features offered by one are at par with those offered by the other.

Remember, however, that Fingbox is different because unlike these three products that are focused on online threats and malware, Fingbox is more focused on physical threats, such as unauthorized use and eavesdropping.  Also, Fingbox is not a router, while these three may act as a standalone router.

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